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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Airport GirlsVideo-X-Pix1975  
All About Angel CashVideo-X-Pix1982  
All About Gloria LeonardVideo-X-Pix19782X
All About Sharon KaneVideo-X-Pix2006 X
Amazing Dr. JekyllVideo-X-Pix19751X
Amber Lynn CollectionVideo-X-Pix2006 X
Angel BunsVideo-X-Pix19811X
Annie Sprinkle's Private Moments 1Video-X-Pix2006 X
Annie Sprinkle's Private Moments 2Video-X-Pix2007 X
Babylon BlueVideo-X-Pix1983 X
Bad PennyVideo-X-Pix1978 X
Bang Bang (II)Video-X-Pix2005  
Bang Bang You Got ItVideo-X-Pix19761X
Bedroom ThighsVideo-X-Pix1986 X
Bel AmiVideo-X-Pix19751X
Bimbo Hot BloodVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Blonde AmbitionVideo-X-Pix19802X
Blonde GoddessVideo-X-Pix1982 X
Blonde VelvetVideo-X-Pix19761X
Blow By BlowVideo-X-Pix1986 X
Blue JeansJack Rabbit Productions1981 X
Blue MagicVideo-X-Pix1981 X
Bon AppetitVideo-X-Pix19801X
Campus GirlsVideo-X-Pix1973 X
Careful He May Be WatchingCaballero Home Video1987 X
Centerfold FeverVideo-X-Pix1981 X
Coed TeasersVideo-X-Pix1982 X
College GirlsVideo-X-Pix1976 X
Come Fly With UsVideo-X-Pix1974 X
Consenting AdultsVideo-X-Pix1982 X
Critical PositionsVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Dallas SchoolgirlsVideo-X-Pix1981 X
Danish PastriesScanbox19731X
Deep Inside Annie SprinkleEvart Enterprises19813X
Deep Inside Joanna StormVideo-X-Pix2006 X
Deep Inside Rachel AshleyVideo-X-Pix2006 X
Deep Inside Rachel AshleyVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Deep InsidersVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Dental NursesVideo-X-Pix1975 X
Desperately Sleazy SusanVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Dirty BlondeVideo-X-Pix1984 X
Dirty LilyVideo-X-Pix1978 X
Double AgentVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Eaten AliveVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Ecstasy in BlueVideo-X-Pix19764X
Erotic Adventures of LolitaVideo-X-Pix19822X
Erotic World of Angel CashVideo-X-Pix19821X
Even More Women Without MenVidway1990 X
Every Inch a LadyVideo-X-Pix19751X
Expose Me LovelyVideo-X-Pix19762X
Fast BallVideo-X-Pix1975  
FeliciaVideo-X-Pix1975 X
Female AthletesVideo-X-Pix19792X
FireboxVideo-X-Pix1986 X
French Shampoo (Homage to W. B.) Video-X-Pix1978 X
FreshVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Girl's Best FriendVideo-X-Pix19811X
Gloria Leonard CollectionVideo-X-Pix2006 X
Head NurseVideo-X-Pix1975 X
Head SetVideo-X-Pix1973  
High RiseVideo-X-Pix19721X
Honey DrippersVideo-X-Pix19871X
Honeymoon HavenVideo-X-Pix1977 X
Horneymooners 1Video-X-Pix1988 X
Horneymooners 2Video-X-Pix1988  
Hot HoneyVideo-X-Pix1977 X
Hot StuffVideo-X-Pix1984 X
Hot WireVideo-X-Pix1985 X
In the PinkVideo-X-Pix1983 X
Initiation of CynthiaVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Inside Jennifer WellesVideo-X-Pix19772X
Inside Little Oral AnnieVideo-X-Pix19842X
Inside SekaEvart Enterprises19801X
Lady on the CouchDistribPix1978 X
Latin HeatVideo-X-Pix2007 X
Life and Times of Xaviera HollanderVideo-X-Pix1973 X
Little Oral Annie Takes ManhattanEvart Enterprises1985 X
Love BusVideo-X-Pix1974 X
Love HammerVideo-X-Pix1988  
Love Potion 9Video-X-Pix1987  
Love-In ArrangementVideo-X-Pix19811X
LusciousPlatinum Pictures19821X
Maraschino CherryVideo-X-Pix19786X
Master's DegreeVideo-X-Pix1971 X
Miami Vice GirlsVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Midnight DesiresVideo-X-Pix19762X
More Women Without MenVidway1989 X
Morning AfterVideo-X-Pix1970 X
My Party DollVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Once Over NightlyVideo-X-Pix1975 X
Oriental BlueVideo-X-Pix19752X
Panting at the OperaVideo-X-Pix1988 X
Parted LipsVideo-X-Pix1986 X
Passions of CarolVideo-X-Pix19753X
Pay The LadyVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Phone Sex FantasiesVideo-X-Pix1985 X
PorkedVideo-X-Pix1986 X
Postgraduate Course in Sexual LoveVideo-X-Pix1970 X
Primary PleasuresVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Princess Of PenetrationVideo-X-Pix1988 X
Puss 'n BootsVideo-X-Pix1982 X
Quick TurnoverVideo-X-Pix1976  
Raging HormonesVideo-X-Pix1988 X
Right Tool For The JobVideo-X-Pix19885X
Rings of PassionVideo-X-Pix1976 X
Round RobinVideo-X-Pix1973  
Satin SuiteVideo-X-Pix19791X
Scent of HeatherVideo-X-Pix19802X
Secrets of a Willing WifeVideo-X-Pix1979 X
SeductionVideo-X-Pix1974 X
Seven Minutes in HeavenVideo-X-Pix1986 X
Sex DriveVideo-X-Pix1985 X
SexpionageVideo-X-Pix1987 X
SexpotVideo-X-Pix1987 X
Sexstyles of the Rich and FamousVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Sexual Customs in ScandinaviaUnknown1972 X
Shacking UpVideo-X-Pix1985 X
She Loves the Four-X FeelingVideo-X-Pix1986 X
SilkyVideo-X-Pix1980 X
Sleepy HeadVideo-X-Pix1973 X
Slippery When WetVideo-X-Pix19761X
Slit SkirtsVideo-X-Pix1983 X
Sophie Says NoVideo-X-Pix1975  
SperminatorVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Stray CatsVideo-X-Pix19841X
SucculentVideo-X-Pix1984 X
Sweet SpreadVideo-X-Pix1986 X
Take OffVideo-X-Pix19783X
Taste of PinkVideo-X-Pix19853X
TeaserVideo-X-Pix1986 X
Tech SexVideo-X-Pix1988 X
Teenage CheerleaderVideo-X-Pix1974 X
Teenage CowgirlsVideo-X-Pix1973 X
Teenage DeviateVideo-X-Pix1975 X
That Lady from RioVideo-X-Pix1976 X
That Lucky StiffVideo-X-Pix19804X
Through the Looking GlassVideo-X-Pix19766X
Tight DelightVideo-X-Pix19851X
Tight EndVideo-X-Pix1988 X
Tigresses and Other Man-EatersVideo-X-Pix19792X
Time to LoveVideo-X-Pix19713X
Tongue TwisterVideo-X-Pix1986 X
Veronica Hart's Insatiable PleasuresVideo-X-Pix2007 X
Veronica's DiaryVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Violation of ClaudiaVideo-X-Pix19772X
Virgin SnowVideo-X-Pix1976 X
Wanda Whips Wall StreetVideo-X-Pix1981 X
White HotVideo-X-Pix1984 X
Wish BoneVideo-X-Pix1988 X
Wish You Were HereVideo-X-Pix1985 X
Women Without MenEvart Enterprises1985 X
Young StarletsVideo-X-Pix1976 X

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