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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Anger in JennyVideo Home Library1975  
Baby OilVideo Home Library1974 X
Barbie's FantasyVideo Home Library1974 X
Bedroom BedlamVideo Home Library1973 X
Betrayed TeensVideo Home Library19771 
Beyond Your Wildest DreamsVideo Home Library1981 X
Big AbnerVideo Home Library1975 X
Big ThingVideo Home Library1973  
Birthday BallVideo Home Library1975  
Bizarre SorceressVideo Home Library1984  
Blow Some My WayVideo Home Library1975 X
Blue BalloonVideo Home Library1971 X
Call Me Angel SirVideo Home Library1975 X
China DollVideo Home Library19751X
Devil and Mr. JonesVideo Home Library1974  
DixieVideo Home Library19762X
Dominatrix Without MercyVideo Home Library19761X
Dr. Teen DillemmaVideo Home Library1975  
Dutch TreatVideo Home Library1975 X
Every Man's FantasyVideo Home Library1983 X
Fury in AliceVideo Home Library1976 X
Girl Scout CookiesVideo Home Library19771X
Girls in PassionVideo Home Library1978  
Go Fly a KiteVideo Home Library19741X
Hardy GirlsVideo Home Library1971 X
Her Total ResponseVideo Home Library1975 X
Lip ServiceVideo Home Library1975 X
Lisa Meets Mr. BigVideo Home Library1975  
Lust Flight 2000Video Home Library1978  
Maryanne's Honeymoon SweetVideo Home Library1974  
Pay OffVideo Home Library1970 X
Peach FuzzVideo Home Library1981 X
Pitfalls of BunnyVideo Home Library1977  
Pornocopia SensualVideo Home Library1976 X
Road ServiceVideo Home Library1973 X
Same Time Every YearVideo Home Library1981 X
School for Sexual ArtsVideo Home Library1975  
School Teachers Weekend VacationVideo Home Library1973 X
Schoolgirl's ReunionVideo Home Library1975  
Secluded PassionVideo Home Library1983  
Sensuous FlygirlsVideo Home Library1976  
Sex Drugs and Rock 'n RollVideo Home Library1985 X
Sexual Freedom In The OzarksVideo Home Library1975  
Stalag 69Video Home Library1982  
Story Of EloiseVideo Home Library1975  
Sue Prentiss R.N.Video Home Library1975 X
Summer of SuzanneVideo Home Library19761X
Sweet SixteenVideo Home Library1973 X
SwitchcraftVideo Home Library1974  
Taste of BetteVideo Home Library19771 
Teenage Step-motherVideo Home Library1975 X
Two Lives of JenniferVideo Home Library19781 
Two SenoritasVideo Home Library1975  
Tycoon's DaughterVideo Home Library1975  
Untamed VixensVideo Home Library1976  
Venture into the BizarreVideo Home Library19761 
Voluptuous PredatorsVideo Home Library1976  
Water PowerVideo Home Library19765X
Wild GirlsVideo Home Library1974  
Women in UniformVideo Home Library1977 X

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