distributors : southern shore

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Amore - BedroomSouthern Shore1995  
Amore - DanceSouthern Shore1995  
Amore - Photo SessionSouthern Shore1995  
AndreaSouthern Shore1992 X
Anjelica - Photo SessionSouthern Shore1994  
Anjelica: Dance and LingerieSouthern Shore1994  
April Hunter - Lotion And LaceSouthern Shore19961 
April Hunter - StripteaseSouthern Shore1997  
Becky SunshineSouthern Shore1993  
BiancaSouthern Shore1994 X
Brandy GoldSouthern Shore1992  
Brittany AndrewsSouthern Shore1997 X
Convention CutiesSouthern Shore19971 
Danni - Goes PublicSouthern Shore1997  
Danni - Lotion And LaceSouthern Shore1997  
Danni Ashe - Oil Me DownSouthern Shore19961 
Danni Ashe And FriendsSouthern Shore19971 
Danni At The Beach 2Southern Shore1992  
Danni At The MansionSouthern Shore1992 X
Danni At The ZooSouthern Shore1992  
Exposed A'sSouthern Shore1995  
Fawn Miller Solo 1Southern Shore19923 
Fawn Miller Solo 2Southern Shore19931 
Florida Femmes 1Southern Shore19991 
Florida Femmes 2Southern Shore19991 
J.R.Southern Shore1995 X
JordanSouthern Shore1995 X
KellySouthern Shore1994 X
Kimberly Behind the ScenesSouthern Shore1993 X
Kimberly KuppsSouthern Shore1993 X
KristaSouthern Shore1995 X
Leslie Wells... For My FansSouthern Shore19981 
Lingerie Show: Danni ReturnsSouthern Shore1995  
Lisa Ann: DanceSouthern Shore1994  
Lisa Ann: Lotion and LaceSouthern Shore1994  
Lisa Ann: PhotoSouthern Shore1994  
Lorissa McComas & MarilynSouthern Shore19991 
Lorissa McComis - Dance RoutinesSouthern Shore1997  
Lorissa McComis - Oil Me DownSouthern Shore19961 
LovetteSouthern Shore1995 X
Mason - BedroomSouthern Shore1995  
Mason - DanceSouthern Shore1995  
Mason - PhotoSouthern Shore1995  
Mason - ReturnsSouthern Shore1995  
Missy 1Southern Shore1991  
Missy 2Southern Shore1991  
Misty - Bed And BathSouthern Shore1994  
Misty - PhotoSouthern Shore1994  
Misty - Raised SkirtSouthern Shore1994  
Misty Rain DeluxeSouthern Shore20081 
Nikki DialSouthern Shore1992  
Pearl Necklace Video 14Southern Shore1992  
Pearl Necklace Video 5Southern Shore1992  
Rachel And BunnySouthern Shore1995  
Rachel LoveSouthern Shore1996  
SabrinaSouthern Shore1993 X
Sally and MelissaSouthern Shore1995  
Shelby (Jennifer)Southern Shore1993  
Suzie BoobiesSouthern Shore1991 X
Tabitha Gayle Solo / Kandi Kreme SoloSouthern Shore19971 
TamiSouthern Shore1996  
Tantalizing TrioSouthern Shore19961 
Vanessa At The BeachSouthern Shore1995  
WhitneySouthern Shore1995 X

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