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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Adventures of Max the Naughty DogSinthetic Video1997  
Asian Sex Superstars 1Sinthetic Video19973X
Bubblegum FantasiesSinthetic Video20013X
Diva X BrittanySinthetic Video19994 
Diva X KaoruSinthetic Video20001X
Diva X Taylor MooreSinthetic Video20002X
Diva X The MovieGen XXX19991X
From Bunny With LuvSinthetic Video20011 
More Lovers Caught on TapeSinthetic Video1999 X
Pornostar 1Sinthetic Video19974X
Private Vignettes 1Sinthetic Video2000  
Pure Sex 1Lolita Entertainment19992X
Pure Sex 2Lolita Entertainment19994X
Surveillance SexSinthetic Video19983X
Virtual Pornstar: Bunny LuvSinthetic Video20012X

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