distributors : puppy productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Bare Ass BandidosPuppy Productions2006  
Bare Bottoms Up in London 1Puppy Productions2006 X
Bare Bottoms Up in London 2Puppy Productions2006  
Bare Brazilian GamesPuppy Productions2006  
Bare Brit Brawler BoysPuppy Productions2006  
Bareback Auditions 1Puppy Productions2002 X
Bareback Auditions 2Puppy Productions2003 X
Bareback Auditions 3Puppy Productions2004 X
Bareback Auditions 4Puppy Productions2004 X
Bareback Auditions 5Puppy Productions2008 X
Bareback Auditions 6Puppy Productions2008 X
Bareback Cabin BoysPuppy Productions2006  
Bareback Campers DelightPuppy Productions2006  
Bareback Journey to Amsterdam 2Puppy Productions2007  
Bareback LoversPuppy Productions2002 X
Bareback Mountain: The Raw TruthPuppy Productions2006  
Bathhouse Ballin' With The Bareback BoysPuppy Productions2006  
Best of Forced Entry ClubPuppy Productions2007  
Big Load 2Puppy Productions2006  
Billy's Bareback AdventuresPuppy Productions2002 X
Brazilian Heat: Raw and UncutPuppy Productions2005  
Brothers of the SwordPuppy Productions2007 X
Czechers: A Bareback GamePuppy Productions2006  
Fire in My HolePuppy Productions2008 X
Flying Solo With Thomas BjornPuppy Productions2002  
Forced Entry ClubPuppy Productions2001  
Forced Entry Club 2: The UnmaskingPuppy Productions2003  
Forced Entry Club 3Puppy Productions2004 X
GroomsmenPuppy Productions2007 X
Hands 'n' AssPuppy Productions2002  
Latin SplasshPuppy Productions2005 X
London Britches Falling DownPuppy Productions2007  
Looking For ItPuppy Productions1995 X
Lustful EyesPuppy Productions1994  
Nasty KneadsPuppy Productions2008  
Puppy's Bareback PlayroomPuppy Productions2003  
Puppy's Greatest Bareback Moments 1Puppy Productions2003  
Puppy's Greatest Bareback Moments 2Puppy Productions2004  
Puppy's Greatest Bareback Moments 3Puppy Productions2005  
Ram Inn RawPuppy Productions2007  
Raw Czech Mates 1Puppy Productions2006  
Raw Czech Mates 2Puppy Productions2006 X
Raw Czech Mates 3Puppy Productions2007 X
Raw Czech PointPuppy Productions2007 X
Raw Photo SpreadPuppy Productions2007 X
Raw Roof Top SlutsPuppy Productions2007 X
Robin Hood's Band Of BarebackersPuppy Productions2009 X
Rookie RookiePuppy Productions1995 X
Royal Raw Auditions 1Puppy Productions2006  
Royal Raw Auditions 2Puppy Productions2006 X
Royal Raw Auditions 3Puppy Productions2007 X
Sons Of PoseidonPuppy Productions2007 X
Still Oh So TenderPuppy Productions2000 X
Wild And CandidPuppy Productions1996 X
Workers CumpensationPuppy Productions2007 X
Young Memories 2Puppy Productions20002X

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