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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Aussie Exchange GirlsMarlowe Sales1990  
Aussie Maid in AmericaMarlowe Sales1990 X
Aussie ViceMarlowe Sales1989  
Australian ConnectionMarlowe Sales1990  
Best of Alice Springs 1Cosmo Erotica Video1991  
Best of Alice Springs 2Marlowe Sales19911 
Best of Deidre HollandMarlowe Sales1990  
Best of Kelly BlueMarlowe Sales1990  
Blonde Dominas 1Marlowe Sales1991  
BushwhackersMarlowe Sales1989 X
Dark and SweetMarlowe Sales1988 X
Dial A SailorMarlowe Sales19901X
Dick TracerMarlowe Sales1989 X
Dildo BabesMarlowe Sales1986 X
Dildo Babes 2Marlowe Sales1988  
Dirty Blondes 1Marlowe Sales1987 X
Drawing TricksMarlowe Sales1986  
Finger Friggin'Marlowe Sales1986  
Finger Friggin' 2Marlowe Sales1988  
Geisha GirlsMarlowe Sales1985 X
Giving It to BarbiMarlowe Sales1990  
Good VibrationsMarlowe Sales1987 X
Images Of DesireMarlowe Sales19901 
Lesbian Lovers 1Marlowe Sales1986  
Lesbian Lovers 2Marlowe Sales1989 X
Lesbian Seduction 1Marlowe Sales1990 X
Lonesome Ladies 1Marlowe Sales1987  
Phone Sex Girls AustraliaMarlowe Sales1989 X
Samantha StrongMarlowe Sales1988  
Shaved 1Marlowe Sales1985  
She Males International Amateur 7Marlowe Sales1994  
She Males International Amateur 8Marlowe Sales1994  
Singles HolidayParliament Video19901 
Sweet Starlets 1Marlowe Sales1986  
Sweet Starlets 2Marlowe Sales1991  
Three ScoreMarlowe Sales1990  
Transsexual International Amateur 3Marlowe Sales1994  
Transsexual International Amateur 4Marlowe Sales1994  
True BlueMarlowe Sales1989 X
Why Do You Want To Be In Adult Video ?Marlowe Sales1990  
Wrestling StudsDriveshaft Video1986  

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