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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
18 and Aching for CockMidnight Video2002 X
18 and Amateur 3Midnight Video19991 
18 In Vegas 1Midnight Video1999 X
18 In Vegas 2Midnight Video1999 X
18 In Vegas 3Midnight Video2000  
18 In Vegas 4: Poke Her AnyoneMidnight Video2000  
2 Hung 2 TongueMidnight Video1992 X
976-HottMidnight Video1993  
976-Hott 2Midnight Video1999  
Afro American Dreamgirls 1Midnight Video1996  
Afro American Dreamgirls 2Midnight Video1996  
Anal After HoursMidnight Video1998 X
Anal And Amateur 1Midnight Video19991 
Anal And Amateur 2Midnight Video19991 
Anal AttitudeMidnight Video1999  
Anal BlitzMidnight Video1991 X
Anal DecadenceMidnight Video2005 X
Anal SplatzMidnight Video2000 X
Anals of HistoryMidnight Video1992 X
Anals of History 2Midnight Video1992 X
Area 51 Anal AttemptMidnight Video2000  
Babes Bangin Boys 1Midnight Video2000 X
Babes Bangin Boys 2Midnight Video20001X
Babes Bangin Boys 3Midnight Video2000 X
Babes Bangin Boys 4Midnight Video2002 X
Babes Bangin Boys 5Midnight Video2003 X
Babes Bangin Boys 7Midnight Video2003 X
BeachedMidnight Video1983 X
Beached BlondeMidnight Video1994  
Bedroom BuddiesMidnight Video1994  
Bedtime TailsMidnight Video1995 X
Beef JerkyMidnight Video1997 X
Behind the Black Door 2Midnight Video1993  
Behind the Black Door 3Midnight Video1994  
Behind the Black Door 4Midnight Video1994  
Behind the ScenesMidnight Video1992 X
Bi The BookMidnight Video19961 
Bi-guy 2Midnight Video1994  
Big Black and BitchyMidnight Video2003  
Big PinkMidnight Video19952X
Black Amateurs in the Hood 1Midnight Video19991 
Black Bedtime StoriesMidnight Video1994  
Black Bedtime Stories 2Midnight Video1994  
Black Bite 1Midnight Video1993  
Black Bite 2Midnight Video1993  
Black Butt Sisters Do BaltimoreMidnight Video1995 X
Black Butt Sisters Do BostonMidnight Video1995  
Black Butt Sisters Do ChicagoMidnight Video1995  
Black Butt Sisters Do DetroitMidnight Video1995  
Black Butt Sisters Do HoustonMidnight Video1996  
Black Butt Sisters Do LAMidnight Video1995  
Black Butt Sisters Do MiamiMidnight Video1995  
Black Butt Sisters Do New OrleansMidnight Video1996  
Black Butt Sisters Do New YorkMidnight Video1995  
Black Butt Sisters Do PhiladelphiaMidnight Video1995  
Black Butt Sisters Do SeattleMidnight Video19961 
Black Centerfold Amateurs 1Midnight Video1996  
Black Centerfold Amateurs 2Midnight Video1996  
Black Centerfolds 3Midnight Video1996  
Black Centerfolds 4Midnight Video19971 
Black Centerfolds 5: Melrose PlaceMidnight Video1997  
Black Centerfolds 6: Times SquareMidnight Video1997  
Black Centerfolds 7: Park AvenueMidnight Video1997  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 1Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 10Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 11Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 12Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 13Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 14Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 15Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 16Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 17Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 18Midnight Video1996  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 19Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 2Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 20Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 21Midnight Video1996  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 22Midnight Video1996  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 23Midnight Video1996  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 24Midnight Video1996  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 25Midnight Video1996  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 26Midnight Video1996  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 3Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 4Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 5Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 6Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 7Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 8Midnight Video1995  
Black Hollywood Amateurs 9Midnight Video1995  
Black InstinctsMidnight Video2001 X
Black KatMidnight Video1999  
Black Office TempsMidnight Video1998  
Black on Black (III)Midnight Video1994  
Black To BlackMidnight Video1995 X
BlackaliciousMidnight Video2003 X
BladeMidnight Video1996 X
Blazing BonersMidnight Video1992 X
Blonde Party GirlsMidnight Video2003 X
Blue MoonMidnight Video1997 X
Bone AloneMidnight Video1994 X
Boob TubeMidnight Video1997 X
Book Of SexMidnight Video1998 X
BoomerwangMidnight Video1992  
Boys Behind Bars 4Midnight Video1995 X
Boys in the Sand 2Midnight Video1986  
Brown SugarMidnight Video1995 X
Bumpin DonutsMidnight Video2002 X
Butt SistersMidnight Video1993  
Butt Sisters Do BaltimoreMidnight Video1995 X
Butt Sisters Do BostonMidnight Video1995  
Butt Sisters Do ChicagoMidnight Video1995 X
Butt Sisters Do ClevelandMidnight Video1994 X
Butt Sisters Do DaytonaMidnight Video1995 X
Butt Sisters Do DenverMidnight Video1995 X
Butt Sisters Do DetroitMidnight Video1994 X
Butt Sisters Do HawaiiMidnight Video1995 X
Butt Sisters Do HoustonMidnight Video19961X
Butt Sisters Do LAMidnight Video1993 X
Butt Sisters Do Las VegasMidnight Video1994 X
Butt Sisters Do New OrleansMidnight Video1996 X
Butt Sisters Do New YorkMidnight Video1994 X
Butt Sisters Do PhiladelphiaMidnight Video19951X
Butt Sisters Do SeattleMidnight Video1995 X
Butt Sisters Do SturgisMidnight Video1994 X
Butt Sisters Do The Twin CitiesMidnight Video1996  
Butt Sisters Do Washington, D.C.Midnight Video1996 X
Cabin FeverMidnight Video1995 X
California BlondeMidnight Video1994  
CampeggioMidnight Video1992  
Cat Tails 1Midnight Video19981 
Cat Tails 2Midnight Video1998  
Cat Tails 3Midnight Video1998  
Cat Tails 4Midnight Video19981 
Catalina's Lucky WinnersMidnight Video1999 X
Chantelle's Intimate TherapyMidnight Video1999  
Cooler GirlsMidnight Video1994 X
Coyote CutiesMidnight Video2000 X
Crack Whores Of AmericaMidnight Video1997  
CuntrolMidnight Video19942X
Danger AssMidnight Video1992 X
Dark AngelsMidnight Video1998 X
Dark SecretsMidnight Video1995 X
Deep ButtMidnight Video1994 X
Deep Inside Anna MalleMidnight Video19991 
Delicious (II)Midnight Video1993  
DickheadsMidnight Video1993 X
Dicksy ChicksMidnight Video2002 X
Dirty DyannaMidnight Video1996  
Dirty Talkin' SlutsMidnight Video20002X
Do Me Like ThatMidnight Video2001 X
Double CrossedMidnight Video19951X
Double SadieMidnight Video1998 X
Dr. Max Back in AmericaMidnight Video1995  
Erectnophobia 1Midnight Video1991 X
Erectnophobia 2Midnight Video1992 X
Erotic Newcummers 1Midnight Video2000  
Erotic Newcummers 2Midnight Video2000  
Erotic Newcummers 3Midnight Video2000 X
Erotic Newcummers 4Midnight Video2000 X
Erotic Newcummers 5Midnight Video2000  
Erotic Newcummers 6Midnight Video2000  
Erotic Newcummers 7Midnight Video2000  
Erotic Newcummers 8Midnight Video2000  
EuronymphMidnight Video2001 X
Every Woman Wants a Penis 1Midnight Video19961X
Every Woman Wants a Penis 2Midnight Video1996 X
Every Woman Wants a Penis 3Midnight Video2002 X
Every Woman Wants a Penis 4Midnight Video2002 X
Every Woman Wants a Penis 5Midnight Video2003  
Every Woman Wants a Penis 6Midnight Video2003 X
Every Woman Wants Two PenisesMidnight Video19971X
Farrah's FarewellMidnight Video1998 X
Fashion PlayMidnight Video1997  
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 1Midnight Video1999 X
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 10Midnight Video2001  
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 2Midnight Video19992X
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 3Midnight Video19991X
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 4Midnight Video19991X
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 5Midnight Video1999  
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 6Midnight Video2000 X
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 7Midnight Video2000  
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 8Midnight Video2000 X
Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 9Midnight Video2000 X
Filthy Talkin' Cuntlickers 1Midnight Video19991 
Filthy Talkin' Cuntlickers 2Midnight Video19991 
Filthy Talkin' Cuntlickers 3Midnight Video20001 
Filthy Talkin' Cuntlickers 4Midnight Video2000  
Filthy Talking 3-Way FuckersMidnight Video2001  
Filthy Talking 69'ersMidnight Video2001 X
Filthy Talking Anal FuckersMidnight Video2001 X
Final Anal TeaseMidnight Video1992  
Finding FarrahMidnight Video19981X
FirmMidnight Video1993  
Flesh Shopping NetworkMidnight Video1995 X
Fluff Whores 1Midnight Video1998  
Fluff Whores 2Midnight Video1998  
From Asia With LoveMidnight Video19972X
From Japan With LoveMidnight Video1992  
Garters and LaceMidnight Mayhem2004 X
Ghetto AssMidnight Video2002 X
Girls And GunsMidnight Video19933 
Good Girls Gone BadMidnight Video2002 X
Group Las Vegas Raw Gang BangMidnight Video2000  
Hannibal LickterMidnight Video1992 X
Hard UpMidnight Video1996  
HarlotsMidnight Video1993  
Heat Goes OnMidnight Video1985 X
Her ObsessionMidnight Video1991  
Hills Have ThighsMidnight Video1992 X
Ho' Lotta LoveMidnight Video1993 X
Ho' Lotta Love 2Midnight Video1994  
Ho' Lotta Love 3Midnight Video1994  
Ho' Lotta Love 4Midnight Video1994  
Holly Body RawMidnight Video1999 X
Hollywood Amateurs 1Midnight Video1994 X
Hollywood Amateurs 10Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 11Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 12Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 13Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 14Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 16Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 17Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 18Midnight Video19951X
Hollywood Amateurs 19Midnight Video1995  
Hollywood Amateurs 2Midnight Video1994 X
Hollywood Amateurs 20Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 21Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 22Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 23Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 24Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 25Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 26Midnight Video1995 X
Hollywood Amateurs 27Midnight Video1996  
Hollywood Amateurs 28Midnight Video1996 X
Hollywood Amateurs 29Midnight Video1996 X
Hollywood Amateurs 3Midnight Video1994 X
Hollywood Amateurs 30Midnight Video1996 X
Hollywood Amateurs 31Midnight Video1996  
Hollywood Amateurs 32Midnight Video1997  
Hollywood Amateurs 33Midnight Video1996  
Hollywood Amateurs 4Midnight Video1994 X
Hollywood Amateurs 5Midnight Video1994 X
Hollywood Amateurs 6Midnight Video1994 X
Hollywood Amateurs 7Midnight Video1994 X
Hollywood Amateurs 8Midnight Video1994 X
Hollywood Amateurs 9Midnight Video1995 X
Honey I Blew Everybody 1Midnight Video19922X
Honey I Blew Everybody 2Midnight Video1992  
Honey I Blew Everybody 3Midnight Video2002 X
HootersMidnight Video1996 X
Hot Chocolate 1Midnight Video1998 X
Hot Chocolate 2Midnight Video2001 X
Hotel CaliforniaMidnight Video1996 X
HusbandMidnight Video1995  
HustlersMidnight Video19943X
I Blew It In VegasMidnight Video2000 X
I'm A Lying Fucking WhoreMidnight Video2002 X
Icy HotMidnight Video1989  
In By MidnightMidnight Video1996  
In DeepMidnight Video1988 X
Inside Baby SisterMidnight Video1977  
Itty Bitty Black TittyMidnight Video1997 X
Jailhouse SadieMidnight Video19981X
Johnny Does ParisMidnight Video1981 X
Joy Dick ClubMidnight Video1994  
L.A. Bad GirlzMidnight Video2003 X
L.A. BustMidnight Video1997 X
L.A.D.P.: Life Between the SheetsMidnight Video1998  
La BimbaMidnight Video1994  
Last of the Mo FuckersMidnight Video1993  
Late Night Sex with Jonathan Morgan: Starring Sadie SextonMidnight Video1998  
Late Night Sex with Jonathon Morgan: Starring FarrahMidnight Video19981 
LatinassMidnight Video2002 X
Latinass 2Midnight Video2003  
Lawnmower WomanMidnight Video1992 X
Letter XMidnight Video1996  
Letter X 2Midnight Video19961 
Letter X 3Midnight Video19971 
Long JohnsMidnight Video1985 X
Love JiveMidnight Video1997  
Mad Jack Shoots The StarsMidnight Video1999  
Mad Jack's House Party RawMidnight Video2000  
Mad Jack's Road TripMidnight Video2000 X
Mad Jack's Vegas Pool PartyMidnight Video2000  
Maid for AnalMidnight Video19981X
Maiden Heaven 1Midnight Video1992  
Maiden Heaven 2Midnight Video1993  
Mexican Whorehouse LiveMidnight Video19981 
Midnight Angels 1Midnight Video1993  
Midnight Angels 2Midnight Video1993  
Midnight Angels 3Midnight Video19931 
Midnight Angels 4Midnight Video1993  
Midnight CallerMidnight Video1992 X
Midnight OrgyMidnight Video1993 X
Mila's Vegas Fucking MadnessMidnight Video1999 X
Mind GamesMidnight Video1995 X
MisfitMidnight Video19961 
Mo Azz 2000Midnight Video2000  
Mojo BootyMidnight Video1998  
Monica's CigarMidnight Video19991X
Mr. Holland's OrgyMidnight Video19971X
My ObsessionMidnight Video19981 
Native TongueMidnight Video1999 X
Naughty NursesMidnight Video2003 X
Neighborhood Sluts 1Midnight Video1999 X
Neighborhood Sluts 2Midnight Video1999 X
Never EnoughMidnight Video1997 X
Nicole's RevengeMidnight Video1995  
Night With A VampireMidnight Video1991  
No MotiveMidnight Video19945X
Nurse SadieMidnight Video1998 X
Nurse ShannaMidnight Video19981 
Oh My God, I Married An Anal QueenMidnight Video19932X
On The Come LineMidnight Video1993 X
Only In Your Fuckin' DreamsMidnight Video1999 X
P.J. Sparxx On FireMidnight Video1994  
Party GirlMidnight Video1988 X
Party With FarrahMidnight Video1999 X
PeekersMidnight Video1993  
Playful ThingsMidnight Video2002 X
Prima 11: Dr. Max in HollywoodMidnight Video1995  
Prima 14: Hotel EuropaMax Bellocchio Prod.1995  
PudsuckerMidnight Video1994  
Pure SadieMidnight Video1998  
Purely FarrahMidnight Video19991X
Rebel Without A CondomMidnight Video1996 X
Renee, Summer of 69Midnight Video1995 X
Return of the DickheadsMidnight Video1994 X
Sadie Does Las VegasMidnight Video19981X
Salsa Chicks And Black DicksMidnight Video19981 
Santa Monica BoulevardMidnight Video1985 X
Secret Diary Chapter 2Midnight Video1995 X
Secret Fantasies 1Midnight Video1993  
Secret Fantasies 2Midnight Video1993 X
Secret Fantasies 3 (Gay)Midnight Video1993  
Senecca Takes Las VegasMidnight Video19991X
Sex in PublicMidnight Video2002 X
Sex QuestMidnight Video1997 X
Sex Secrets Of High Priced Call GirlsMidnight Video1995 X
Sexcercise 2Midnight Video2002  
Sexcercise 3Midnight Video2003  
SexerciseMidnight Video2001 X
Sexton ReportMidnight Video2000  
Sexual HealingMidnight Video2002 X
Shady LadyMidnight Video2001  
Short ShortsMidnight Video1999 X
Silky ThighsMidnight Video1994  
Single White NymphoMidnight Video1992  
SirenaMidnight Video1997  
Slutty Professor (II)Midnight Video19971 
Sodomize Me 1Midnight Video1996 X
Sodomize Me 2Midnight Video19971X
Sodomize Me 3Midnight Video2002 X
Sodomize Me 4Midnight Video2002 X
Sodomize Me 5Midnight Video2003 X
Spank MeMidnight Video2001 X
SparxxMidnight Video1993  
Star GirlMidnight Video19961 
Street MeatMidnight Video1995 X
StudmaniaVizuns Video1993  
Summer BluesMidnight Video1995  
Summer HeatMidnight Video1992 X
Summer Heat 2Midnight Video1994 X
Super Hornio BrothersMidnight Video1993 X
Super Hornio Brothers 2Midnight Video1993  
Sweat 'n BulletsMidnight Video19954X
Sweet As MoneyMidnight Video1995 X
Sweet As PieMidnight Video2003 X
Sweet LicksMidnight Video1992  
Take The A TrainMidnight Video1993 X
Tease Me 1Midnight Video19981X
Tease Me 2Midnight Video1998 X
Tease Me 3Midnight Video19981X
Tease Me 4Midnight Video1999 X
Thank You For ComingMidnight Video1997  
Thick and CreamyMidnight Video2002 X
Thunder And LightningMidnight Video19961X
Tiffany Mynx, WildcatMidnight Video1994  
Tight SqueezeMidnight Video19971X
Too SexyMidnight Video1992 X
Topless StewardessesMidnight Video19951X
ToyzMidnight Video1993  
TrampsMidnight Video1996  
Trampy Little WhoresMidnight Video1999  
Trans AngelsMidnight Video20021X
Trans Gender Bender 1Midnight Video2001 X
Trans Gender Bender 2Midnight Video20021X
Trans Gender Bender 3Midnight Video2002 X
Trans Gender Bender 4Midnight Video2003 X
Vegas ReporterMidnight Video20011X
Vegas VixensMidnight Video2000  
Video RouletteMidnight Video1994  
VirginsMidnight Video1995 X
Weekend With HowieMidnight Video1993  
Wet DreamsMidnight Video1994 X
Wet SpotMidnight Video1997  
Wildlife 5: L.A. Comeback SplashMidnight Video19992 
Wildlife 6: Lifestyles and SwingersMidnight Video1999  
Wildlife 7: Night Moves Tampa FloridaMidnight Video19991X
Wildlife 8: Las Vegas 2000Midnight Video2000  
Will And Ed Are Geeks In HeatMidnight Video1994  
Will And Ed The Curse Of PoonaMidnight Video1994  
Will And Ed's Back 2 ClassMidnight Video1992 X
Will And Ed's Bogus Gang BangsMidnight Video1991  
Will And Ed's Excellent Boner ChristmasMidnight Video1991 X
Will And Ed's Keister EasterMidnight Video1992  
Winter HeatMidnight Video1994 X
World's Biggest Anal Gang BangMidnight Video19981 
X-Rated TruthMidnight Video1995  
X-teamMidnight Video1984 X
X-treme FarrahMidnight Video19981X
X-treme SadieMidnight Video1998 X
You Bet Your AssMidnight Video19971X
Young and NaturalMidnight Video2003 X
Young BunsMidnight Video1999 X

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