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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Agency 1Marie Madison Media20032 
Agency 2Marie Madison Media20042 
Agency 3Marie Madison Media20042 
Agency 4Marie Madison Media20051 
All Girls Taste DifferentMarie Madison Media20091X
All the Way to the ThroatMaddy G. Productions20093X
Best of Diana Pilova: World Class WhoreMarie Madison Media2009 X
Best of Wendy KennedyMarie Madison Media2010 X
Blackmail SocietyMarie Madison Media2010 X
Blood of OhmaMarie Madison Media2011  
Bubble Gum FantasiesMarie Madison Media2007 X
Bubbles Balloons and Other Things That Go Pop in My MouthMarie Madison Media2011 X
Cock WorshipMarie Madison Media2007 X
Cock Worship 2Marie Madison Media2007 X
Cock Worship 3Marie Madison Media2007 X
Cock Worship 4Marie Madison Media2007  
Cock Worship 5Marie Madison Media2008 X
Connaissance CharnelleMarie Madison Media2007 X
Daily FacialsMarie Madison Media2001 X
Daily Facials 2Marie Madison Media2002 X
Daily Facials 3Marie Madison Media2009 X
Dirty MoviesMarie Madison Media2010 X
Dirty ThingsMarie Madison Media20041 
Dress CodeMarie Madison Media20051X
Forced FeedingsMarie Madison Media20051X
Forced Feedings 2Marie Madison Media2004  
Forced Feedings 3Marie Madison Media2009  
ForgivenMarie Madison Media2004  
Girlfriends (II)Marie Madison Media2001 X
Girlfriends TooMarie Madison Media2003 X
IndiscretionsMarie Madison Media20035X
Inside Marie's Play Place 1Marie Madison Media20093X
Inside Marie's Play Place 2Marie Madison Media20093X
Inside Marie's Play Place 3Marie Madison Media2009 X
Inside Marie's Play Place 4Marie Madison Media2010 X
Inside Marie's Play Place: Thanksgiving SpecialMarie Madison Media2010 X
It Ain't Gonna Lick ItselfMarie Madison Media2007 X
It Ain't Gonna Lick Itself: The Second HelpingMarie Madison Media2008 X
Jenny and Marie's Award Show FiascoMarie Madison Media2010 X
Lil' Marie MadisonMarie Madison Media2001  
Marie Madison's 80 LoadsMarie Madison Media2007 X
Marie Madison's Fuck My Face P.O.V.Marie Madison Media20102X
Marie Madison's Just BubblesMarie Madison Media2010 X
Marie Madison's Naughty Bits 1Marie Madison Media20071X
Marie Madison's Naughty Bits 2Marie Madison Media2007 X
Marie Madison's Naughty Bits 3Marie Madison Media2008 X
Marie Madison's Naughty Bits 4Marie Madison Media2010  
MILF's from the Third DimensionMaddy G. Productions2011 X
Molly's Mixed Up AdventureMarie Madison Media2009 X
Mouth Whore AdventuresMarie Madison Media2011 X
Nasty FriendsMarie Madison Media2002  
Nasty Friends 2Marie Madison Media20031 
Nasty Friends 3Marie Madison Media2003  
Nice In The AssMarie Madison Media20031X
Nice In The Ass 2Marie Madison Media20042X
Oral ServitudeMarie Madison Media2008 X
Oral Servitude 2Marie Madison Media20101X
Oral Servitude 3Marie Madison Media2010 X
Orally FixatedMarie Madison Media20011X
Place on Your FaceMarie Madison Media2011 X
PlumberMarie Madison Media2008 X
Poet: A Black Cock FantasyMarie Madison Media2004 X
Private BubblesMarie Madison Media2009 X
Regarding JennyMarie Madison Media20093X
Regarding Jenny 2Marie Madison Media2011  
Slave Trade: My Life in CaptivityMarie Madison Media2005 X
Smoke Junkies 1Marie Madison Media20044X
Smoke Junkies 2Marie Madison Media20043X
Stick GirlsMaddy G. Productions2012 X
Sweet TreatsMarie Madison Media20011X
Talon's Reign 1: The King's DungeonMarie Madison Media2003  
Talon's Reign 2: A Pirate's BountyMarie Madison Media2003  
Tractor Vs. MarieMarie Madison Media2006 X
War DogsMarie Madison Media2011  
Where There's Smoke 1Marie Madison Media20031 
Where There's Smoke 2Marie Madison Media2006 X
Witch HuntMarie Madison Media2005 X
World Class WhoresMarie Madison Media2003 X
World Class Whores 2Marie Madison Media2009 X
World Class Whores 3Marie Madison Media2009 X
Yeah, I SwallowMarie Madison Media20011X
Yeah, I Swallow 2Marie Madison Media20031X
Yeah, I Swallow 3: The Last GulpMarie Madison Media2003  
You Gonna Blow Me, Or What?Marie Madison Media2002 X

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