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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Bad AssLive Video Inc1987 X
Best of Frank VickersLive Video Inc1991  
BizzareLive Video Inc1991  
Born To ServeLive Video Inc1994 X
Christopher Rage's First Party TapeLive Video Inc1990  
Colored BoysLive Video Inc1986  
Custom 1: Piss FreaksLive Video Inc1985  
Custom 10: 4XLive Video Inc1988  
Custom 2: The Wettest of Christopher RageLive Video Inc1985  
Custom 3: BrownLive Video Inc1986  
Custom 4: Sweet TortureLive Video Inc1986  
Custom 5: Easy AssplayLive Video Inc1987  
Custom 6: More ShitLive Video Inc1987  
Custom 7: Erotic History Of Christopher Rage 1Live Video Inc1988  
Custom 8: Erotic History Of Christopher Rage 2Live Video Inc1988  
Custom 9: Best FistLive Video Inc1990  
Dickey LickeyLive Video Inc1990  
Easy AssplayLive Video Inc1991  
Forty PlusLive Video Inc1987  
Frank Vickers 1Live Video Inc1986  
Frank Vickers 2: WorshipLive Video Inc1988  
Frank Vickers 3: Man After ManLive Video Inc1989  
Fucked UpLive Video Inc1986 X
Hidden CameraLive Video Inc1990 X
J.D. Slater Top to BottomLive Video Inc1991  
Kiss ItLive Video Inc1987 X
LoversLive Video Inc1992 X
ManholesLive Video Inc1985 X
Master HydeLive Video Inc1987  
My MastersLive Video Inc1986  
Queer: The MovieLive Video Inc1990  
Raunch 1Live Video Inc1984  
Raunch 2Live Video Inc1986 X
S.M.U.T.Live Video Inc1994 X
ScumLive Video Inc1992 X
Sex JunkiesLive Video Inc1991 X
ShaftLive Video Inc1987 X
SlavesLive Video Inc1988 X
Solo JerkLive Video Inc1981  
Superstars 2Live Video Inc1991 X
Sweet TortureLive Video Inc1991  
The ShaftLive Video Inc1990 X
Three Little PigsLive Video Inc1989  
ToiletsLive Video Inc1985  
UncutMale Media1984 X
WettestLive Video Inc1995  
While I Was Shooting StarsLive Video Inc1988  
WildsideLive Video Inc19841X

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