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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
A Sailor In SydneyKristen Bjorn1990  
ActionKristen Bjorn2008 X
Amazon AdventureKristen Bjorn19971 
Anchor HotelKristen Bjorn1997  
Bare to the Bone 1Kristen Bjorn2016  
Bare to the Bone 2Kristen Bjorn2016 X
Behind the Curtain: Making of MoscowSarava Productions20021 
Bone IslandKristen Bjorn20031X
Call of the WildKristen Bjorn1992 X
Caracas AdventureKristen Bjorn1994 X
Caribbean BeatKristen Bjorn19901 
Carnaval in RioKristen Bjorn19891 
Casting Couch (II)Kristen Bjorn2008  
Casting Couch 11Kristen Bjorn2013 X
Casting Couch 12Kristen Bjorn2013 X
Casting Couch 2Kristen Bjorn2008 X
Casting Couch 5Kristen Bjorn20111X
Casting Couch 6Kristen Bjorn20111X
ChampsKristen Bjorn1989 X
Comrades In ArmsKristen Bjorn19952 
Costa Brava: The Wild CoastKristen Bjorn2010 X
Crossroads of DesireKristen Bjorn20031X
Deep and RawKristen Bjorn2018  
Dreamers: An Erotic JourneyKristen Bjorn20021X
El RanchoKristen Bjorn2007 X
Fire DanceKristen Bjorn20052X
First Time 1Kristen Bjorn2013  
First Time 2Kristen Bjorn2013 X
Full of SpunkKristen Bjorn2018 X
Horn DogsKristen Bjorn2017 X
Horn Dogs 2Kristen Bjorn2018  
Horns Of PlentyKristen Bjorn2008 X
Hot StuffSarava Productions2017 X
Hot Stuff 2Kristen Bjorn2018  
Hot Times In Little HavanaKristen Bjorn19981 
HungariansSarava Productions1998 X
Hungary For MenKristen Bjorn1996  
In The Flesh 1Kristen Bjorn2017 X
In The Flesh 2Kristen Bjorn2017 X
Island FeverKristen Bjorn19891X
Isle Of MenKristen Bjorn20022X
Italian StyleSarava Productions20011X
JackaroosKristen Bjorn19912 
Jagged MountainKristen Bjorn2012  
Jagged Mountain 2Kristen Bjorn2012  
Jungle HeatKristen Bjorn1993 X
Kristen Bjorn's Video HighlightsKristen Bjorn1998  
Male TalesKristen Bjorn2005 X
Manhattan LatinKristen Bjorn19901X
Manly BeachKristen Bjorn1991 X
Manly SeductionKristen Bjorn2012 X
Manville: The City of MenKristen Bjorn2006 X
ManWatcherKristen Bjorn19971 
Meat MenKristen Bjorn2017 X
Meat RackKristen Bjorn2018  
Men Amongst The RuinsKristen Bjorn2004 X
Men in the City 1Sarava Productions2015  
Men in the City 2Sarava Productions2015  
Moscow: The Power of SubmissionSarava Productions20001X
Mystery MenKristen Bjorn1994 X
On the Prowl (II)Kristen Bjorn2015 X
On the Prowl 2Kristen Bjorn2015 X
On the Prowl 3Kristen Bjorn2015 X
Out in TuscanySarava Productions20021X
Paradise PlantationKristen Bjorn1994 X
PrideKristen Bjorn2009 X
Pride 2Kristen Bjorn2009 X
Raw Adventures 1Kristen Bjorn2016 X
Raw Adventures 2Sarava Productions2016 X
Raw Adventures Training DayKristen Bjorn2015  
Raw Fuck FestKristen Bjorn2018 X
Raw HungerKristen Bjorn2018  
Rocks and Hard PlacesKristen Bjorn2007  
Sands of TimeSarava Productions2013  
Secret GiftKristen Bjorn2014 X
Sex City 1Kristen Bjorn2011 X
Sex City 2Kristen Bjorn20113X
Sex MenKristen Bjorn2018 X
Skin Deep Kristen Bjorn2008 X
Skin Deep 2Kristen Bjorn2008 X
Skins 1Kristen Bjorn2016 X
Strangers in PragueKristen Bjorn2013  
Strangers in Prague 2Kristen Bjorn2014  
Thick As ThievesKristen Bjorn19995 
Tropical AdventureKristen Bjorn2009 X
Tropical Adventure 2Kristen Bjorn2009 X
Tropical HeatwaveKristen Bjorn1988  
Under The Big TopKristen Bjorn2003 X
Vampire of BudapestKristen Bjorn1995  
Wet Dreams 1Kristen Bjorn1999 X
Wet Dreams 2Kristen Bjorn1999 X
Wild Attraction 1Kristen Bjorn2012  
Wild Attraction 2Kristen Bjorn2012 X
Wild SeedKristen Bjorn2018 X
World of MenKristen Bjorn19962 

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