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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
AddictionJocks Studio20031X
Addiction 2Jocks Studio2003 X
All Night LongJocks Studio1996 X
BackdropJocks Studio1992  
BackwoodsJocks Studio1996 X
Bang BangJocks Studio20052X
Best Friends 2Elite Male1987 X
Big As They Come 3Jocks Studio2001  
Big DeliveryJocks Studio1992 X
Big HurtJocks Studio1985  
Bigger Than HugeJocks Studio19881X
Break AwayJocks Studio1994 X
Built ToughJocks Studio1995 X
ChasersJocks Studio1997  
Come and Get ItJocks Studio2012 X
Convictions 1Jocks Studio1999 X
Cowboy JacksJocks Studio1997 X
Cuming Of AgeJocks Studio1980  
DeceptionJocks Studio20023X
Deception 2Jocks Studio2002  
Desert DriftersJocks Studio1992 X
Desert HartJocks Studio1998 X
Double CrossedJocks Studio1994 X
DriverJocks Studio2005 X
EscapeJocks Studio2011  
EscapeJocks Studio2012  
Family SecretsJocks Studio19961X
FantasizeJocks Studio1984  
First TimeJocks Studio19914X
Fit For A ManJocks Studio1998 X
FlexJocks Studio2005  
Four Card StudJocks Studio1998 X
Full PackageJocks Studio1996 X
Full UpJocks Studio19991X
Getting ItJocks Studio1985 X
Getting It in the EndJocks Studio2005 X
Getting It StraightJocks Studio2004 X
Giants: It's So Much Larger Than LifeJohn Summers Productions1987  
Gold Rush BoysJocks Studio1983 X
Greased UpJocks Studio1996 X
HandymenJocks Studio1982 X
Hard DriveJocks Studio1984 X
Hard To HoldJocks Studio2000 X
HardlineJocks Studio1997  
HazedJocks Studio2001 X
HeadgamesJocks Studio2002 X
Hold Me AgainJocks Studio1993 X
HookedJocks Studio2001 X
Hot TuesdayJocks Studio1985  
Hot WheelsJocks Studio1997 X
Hotel CaliforniaJocks Studio1999 X
I DoJocks Studio19841 
Jesse's GetawayJocks Studio2011 X
Jocks Videologue 4Jocks Studio2001  
JockstrappedJocks Studio1996 X
Junior Varsity 1Jocks Studio1993  
Longshot… Making The GameJocks Studio2004 X
Maximum CruiseJocks Studio1997 X
Midnight RunJocks Studio1994 X
MirageFalcon1993 X
Phoenix RisingJocks Studio1999 X
Piece of CakeJocks Studio1992 X
PlayerJocks Studio19971X
Plugged InFalcon20001X
Quarterback SackJocks Studio20031 
RamchargerJocks Studio1984 X
Ready For MoreJocks Studio2001 X
RimshotJocks Studio1991 X
Road Trip 1: Russian RiverJocks Studio2007 X
Road Trip 10: Las VegasJocks Studio2009 X
Road Trip 11: San FranciscoJocks Studio2009 X
Road Trip 12: Lake ShastaJocks Studio2009 X
Road Trip 14: HollywoodJocks Studio2010 X
Road Trip 2: Santa CruzFalcon2007 X
Road Trip 3: YosemiteJocks Studio2008 X
Road Trip 6: Temptation RanchJocks Studio2008 X
Roll In The HayJocks Studio1994 X
RoommatesTrade!Mark Studio1980 X
ServicedJocks Studio2000  
Sex, Guys And VideotapeFalcon1992 X
ShootJocks Studio1993 X
Sit TightJocks Studio19981X
Smoldering HotJocks Studio2012 X
Snow Trip 9: Lake TahoeJocks Studio2009 X
SoakedJocks Studio1998 X
Someone's WatchingJocks Studio1990 X
SprungJocks Studio20001X
Stiff CompetitionJocks Studio19901X
Stock: ReleasedJocks Studio1999 X
Stock: SentencedJocks Studio1999 X
Summer FantasyJocks Studio1982  
Summer of Scott NollJocks Studio1981 X
Super SoakedJocks Studio2005  
SweatboxJocks Studio1982 X
Sweet In The BootieJocks Studio1990  
Sweet Meat - Lost InnocenceJocks Studio1989  
Taken Down UnderJocks Studio2000 X
This End UpJocks Studio1994 X
ThrustedJocks Studio19991 
Tough TerrainJocks Studio1993 X
Twin HeatJocks Studio2012 X
Two Handfuls 2Jocks Studio1989  
Violation 1: SeizedJocks Studio2001  
Violation 2: SurrenderJocks Studio2000  
Wet LoadFalcon19931X
WinnersElite Pictures1988 X

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