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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
69 Sunset StripAlpha Blue Archives1973 X
Affair in the AirAlpha Blue Archives1970 X
Affairs of JaniceAlpha Blue Archives19751 
After School ExamsAlpha Blue Archives1973 X
All in the FamilyAlpha Blue Archives1972 X
Anal Assault 2Alpha Blue Archives2007 X
Andrea True CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Angie Undercover CopAlpha Blue Archives1979 X
Asian SlutsAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Baroness NicaAlpha Blue Archives1976  
Best Of Tamara LeeAlpha Blue Archives2013 X
Big Bust Babes 1Alpha Blue Archives1984 X
Big Bust Babes 2Alpha Blue Archives1984 X
Big Bust Babes 3Alpha Blue Archives1987 X
Big Bust Babes 5Alpha Blue Archives1990 X
Big RapeAlpha Blue Archives1974  
Big Tits and SplitsAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Black Bra Busters in the 70sAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Bridgette Monet CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Brooke West CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Buffy Davis CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Bunny Blue CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Busty Belle Bounces BackAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Busty Belle CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Busty Ladies In The 80s 4Alpha Blue Archives2011 X
Can't Get EnoughAlpha Blue Archives19841X
Candy And Uschi's Big Breast OrgyAlpha Blue Archives2003 X
Candy And Uschi's Lesbian SpecialAlpha Blue Archives2010 X
Cara Lott's Deep Throat AerobicsAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Carnal HavenAlpha Blue Archives1976 X
Carol Conners CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Chain LetterAlpha Blue Archives1978 X
Chessie Moore CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Chris Cassidy CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
City of SinAlpha Blue Archives1971 X
City WomenAlpha Blue Archives1971 X
Classified SexAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Come DeadlyAlpha Blue Archives1974 X
Connie Peters CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Cozy CoolAlpha Blue Archives19711X
Crooked ArrangementAlpha Blue Archives1978 X
Cult of the ScorpionAlpha Blue Archives1974  
Daddy's Baby SitterAlpha Blue Archives1971 X
Dirty BooksBijou Video Sales19811X
DiversionsAlpha Blue Archives19762X
Dorothy Lemay Taboo TeaserAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Double D Diamond Collection 1Alpha Blue Archives2006 X
Double D Diamond Collection 2Alpha Blue Archives2006 X
Double PleasuresAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
ElevatorAlpha Blue Archives1972 X
Everybody Goes ApeAlpha Blue Archives1970 X
Evil Ways Of LoveAlpha Blue Archives19721X
Fetishes of MoniqueAlpha Blue Archives1976  
Flossie: A Venus of FifteenAlpha Blue Archives1973  
French BlueAlpha Blue Archives1976 X
Fulfilling Young CupsAlpha Blue Archives1979  
Georgia PeachAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Getting Into HeavenAlpha Blue Archives1970 X
Gladys and Her All Girl BandAlpha Blue Archives1976 X
Great Rip-OffAlpha Blue Archives1979 X
HardgoreAlpha Blue Archives19741X
Helga Sven: 40+ Bra BusterAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Here Comes JohnnyAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
High School FantasiesAlpha Blue Archives19731 
Hogtied SlutsAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Hollywood BabylonAlpha Blue Archives1972 X
Honolulu HustleAlpha Blue Archives1974 X
House Is Not a HomeAlpha Blue Archives1971 X
Hungry Young WomenAlpha Blue Archives19741X
InvitationAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Janey Robbins CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Jeannie Pepper CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Junkyard SusieAlpha Blue Archives1987  
Kama Sutra '71Alpha Blue Archives1971  
Kandi Barbour CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Kathy Harcourt CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Kay Parker Collection 1Alpha Blue Archives2003 X
Kay Parker Collection 2Alpha Blue Archives2005 X
Kay Parker Collection 3Alpha Blue Archives2006 X
Keisha CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
King DongSelect-a-tape19851X
Kinky World of Annie SprinkleAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Kitten Natividad CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
Kristara Barrington CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Last Step DownAlpha Blue Archives1973 X
Lee Carroll CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
Legacy of SatanAlpha Blue Archives1974 X
Lesbian Bra Busters of the 80'sAlpha Blue Archives20041X
Leslie Bovee CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Librianna Bitch of the Black SeaAlpha Blue Archives19791X
Linda Can't StopAlpha Blue Archives1973  
Linda Lovelace CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Linda Shaw CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
Linda Wong CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2008 X
Lisa De Leeuw CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Lisa Melendez CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
Little Girl BlueAlpha Blue Archives1974 X
Little Oral Annie Back in the SaddleAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
Little Oral Annie Rides AgainAlpha Blue Archives2003 X
Little SistersAlpha Blue Archives1972 X
Loni Sanders: Sweet Little SexpotAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Lotta Top CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
Love and the Great GruntAlpha Blue Archives1973 X
Love NotesAlpha Blue Archives1977 X
MadamAlpha Blue Archives1969 X
Madam SatanAlpha Blue Archives1970  
Magic FingersAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Maharajah of BangmorAlpha Blue Archives1972 X
Massage ParlorAlpha Blue Archives1974 X
Maxine's Dating ServiceAlpha Blue Archives1974 X
Meter MaidsAlpha Blue Archives1976  
Midnight HustlerAlpha Blue Archives19741X
Mindy Rae CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
MistyAlpha Blue Archives1975  
Misty: Sweet Cherry PieAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Mona Page CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Monster Black CocksAlpha Blue Archives2008  
Moonshine GirlsAlpha Blue Archives1974 X
More Ways Than OneAlpha Blue Archives1973  
Most Valuable PussyAlpha Blue Archives1975  
Mother Knows BestAlpha Blue Archives1971 X
My Erotic FantasiesAlpha Blue Archives1976  
Nazi SexperimentsAlpha Blue Archives2003 X
Nymph TapesAlpha Blue Archives1973 X
On the StreetAlpha Blue Archives1976  
Pit of PerversionAlpha Blue Archives1971 X
Prison GirlsAlpha Blue Archives19721X
Prom Queen: Lysa Thatcher CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Pussy TalkAlpha France19751X
Rachel Ashley CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Rene Bond: Sex KittenAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Return of Teenage Christy CanyonAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Revenge and PunishmentAlpha Blue Archives1976  
Revolt of the Bondage ModelsAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Rose Marie CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
RosebudAlpha Blue Archives1971 X
Samantha Fox CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Samantha Strong CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Seduction of AmyAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Seeds of LustAlpha Blue Archives1971  
Seka Platinum SuperstarAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Seka's Anal EcstasyAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Seka's Burning DesireAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Seka's Oriental MassageAlpha Blue Archives20031X
Sex and the Single VampireAlpha Blue Archives1972 X
Sex PursuitsAlpha Blue Archives1972  
Sexual HeightsDiamond Films19801X
SexualistAlpha Blue Archives19751X
Sick SistersAlpha Blue Archives2013  
Snow BunniesAlpha Blue Archives1972 X
Spread It AroundAlpha Blue Archives1973  
Street Star Named DesireDreamworld1985 X
Suburban SatanistsAlpha Blue Archives1983  
SuckulaUnknown1973 X
Sulka's Shemale Encounters Alpha Blue Archives2008 X
Super BusenAlpha Blue Archives2010 X
SuperladyAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Susan Hart CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2008 X
Suzie's Super KnockersAlpha Blue Archives2010 X
Sweet and SourAlpha Blue Archives1975  
Swinger's MassacreAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Tales of a High Class HookerAlpha Blue Archives1972  
Tara Aire CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Tasha Gets FuckedAlpha Blue Archives2007 X
Tawny Pearl CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Teenage Christy CanyonAlpha Blue Archives20031X
TenderloinsAlpha Blue Archives1980 X
Thaw the Frigid BirdAlpha Blue Archives1970 X
Tijuana BlueAlpha Blue Archives1971 X
Tina Marie CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2006 X
TongueAlpha Blue Archives19742X
Too Young to CareAlpha Blue Archives1976 X
Travails of JuneAlpha Blue Archives19751X
Trinity Loren CollectionAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
Trinity Loren Collection 2Alpha Blue Archives2007 X
Vanessa Del Rio Collection: Vol 1Alpha Blue Archives2004 X
Vanessa Del Rio Collection: Vol 2Alpha Blue Archives2004  
Vanessa's Anal FiestaAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Velvet EdgeAlpha Blue Archives1976 X
Watermelon BabesAlpha Blue Archives2005 X
What's Behind the GroupiesAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Whipped to OrgasmAlpha Blue Archives2004 X
Winter HeatAlpha Blue Archives19751X
XXX Bra Busters in the 1970's 1Alpha Blue Archives2005 X
XXX Bra Busters in the 1970's 2Alpha Blue Archives2007 X
XXX Bra Busters in the 1980's 1Alpha Blue Archives2005 X
XXX Bra Busters in the 1980's 2Alpha Blue Archives2006 X
XXX Bra Busters in the 1980's 3Alpha Blue Archives2007 X
Young and AbusedAlpha Blue Archives1975 X
Young Seka's fulfillmentAlpha Blue Archives2009 X
Young TwinsAlpha Blue Archives2007 X

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