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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
2 Scoops Double DippedFusxion2005 X
All About Eva Angelina Fusxion2008 X
All About Eva Angelina 2Fusxion20091X
America's Next Top BodyFusxion2010 X
American Ass 1Fusxion20033X
American Ass 2Fusxion20044X
American Ass 3Fusxion2004 X
American Ass 4Fusxion20052X
Anal BrigadeFusxion20062X
Anal VixensFusxion20053X
Ass Slaves 3Fusxion20053X
Ass Takers 1Fusxion2005 X
Ass Takers 2Fusxion20063X
Ass Takers 3Fusxion20061X
Ass Takers 4Fusxion20071X
Ass Watcher 1Fusxion20042X
Ass Watcher 3Fusxion20052X
Ass Watcher 4Fusxion20052X
Blonde SideFusxion20101X
Bottomless 1Fusxion20042X
Bottomless 2Fusxion20043X
Bottomless 3Fusxion20041X
Bottomless 4Fusxion20052X
Bottomless 5Fusxion20052X
Brunettes: The DarksideFusxion2009 X
Dirrty 1Fusxion20033X
Dirrty 2Fusxion20044X
Dirrty 3Fusxion20041X
Dirrty 4Fusxion2005 X
Dirrty 5Fusxion20061X
Disturbed 1Fusxion20034X
Disturbed 2Fusxion2004 X
Disturbed 3Fusxion20052X
Disturbed 4Fusxion20062X
Disturbed 5Fusxion20062X
Double Impact 1Fusxion20042X
Double Impact 2Fusxion20042X
Early Entries 1Fusxion20032X
Early Entries 4Fusxion2005 X
Early Entries 5Fusxion2006 X
Early Entries 6Fusxion20061X
Fusxion FetishFusxion2008 X
Home Schooled 1Fusxion20041X
Home Schooled 2Fusxion20051X
Home Schooled 3Fusxion20051X
Home Schooled 4Fusxion20062X
Home Schooled 5Fusxion20071X
Juicy 2Fusxion20041X
Juicy 3Fusxion20051X
Just My Ass Please 1Fusxion20041X
Just My Ass Please 3Fusxion2005 X
Just My Ass Please 4Fusxion20052X
Lethal Injections 2Fusxion2004 X
Lethal Injections 3Fusxion2005 X
Lethal Injections 4Fusxion2007 X
Lethal Injections 5Fusxion2007 X
Lusting for LatinasFusxion20053X
MILF Mayhem (II)Fusxion2016 X
Myne Tease 1Fusxion20041X
Myne Tease 2Fusxion20043X
Myne Tease 3Fusxion2004 X
Nightmare 1Fusxion20045X
Nightmare 2Fusxion20051X
Nightmare 3Fusxion20051X
Nightmare 4Fusxion20063X
Nightmare 5Fusxion20061X
Panty Party 2Fusxion20062X
Panty Party 3Fusxion20062X
Pat Myne's POVFusxion20061X
Planet Silver 1Interseleccion S.L.20041X
Pussy Off LimitsFusxion2003  
Sex FiendsFusxion20063X
Sorority Splash 2Fusxion2004 X
Sorority Splash 3Fusxion2005 X
Sorority Splash 5Fusxion20061X
Stick It 1Fusxion20042X
Stick It 2Fusxion20043X
Swallow MyneFusxion20061X
Teenage Anal Princess 1Fusxion2005 X
Teenage Anal Princess 2Fusxion2005 X
Terrible Teens 2Fusxion20041X
Terrible Teens 4Fusxion20052X
Terrible Teens 5Fusxion2007 X
Tight Ass BlondesFusxion20051X
Voracious 1Fusxion20042X
Voracious 2Fusxion20052X
Voracious 3Fusxion2007 X
Warning I Fuck On The First Date 2Fusxion20043X
Warning I Fuck On The First Date 3Fusxion20051X
Young Cummers 2Fusxion2005 X
Young Cummers 3Fusxion20062X
Young Cummers 4Fusxion2007 X

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