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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
A Love StoryForum Studios19971X
BartenderForum Studios1995 X
Before And AfterForum Studios1998 X
Behind the Scenes: The Making of "A Love Story"Forum Studios1997 X
Best of Leather 1Forum Studios1997 X
Best of Leather 2Forum Studios1997 X
Best of Leather 3Forum Studios1997 X
Best of Sam AbdulForum Studios1993 X
Bi-ConflictForum Studios1995 X
Club 18-23Forum Studios19971 
Come with MeForum Studios1994 X
Conflict Of InterestForum Studios1994 X
Cut Vs. Uncut: A CompetitionForum Studios1993  
EscortForum Studios19945X
Five YearsForum Studios1998  
For Your PleasureForum Studios1995 X
Forum Video MagazineForum Studios1994 X
Forum Video Magazine 2: Men of ForumForum Studios1994  
Games We PlayForum Studios1997 X
Getting Even With DavidForum Studios1994 X
Getting In TightForum Studios1994 X
Getting It FirmForum Studios1993 X
HardForum Studios19981X
Hard 2Forum Studios1998  
He's Worth ItForum Studios1996 X
HideawayForum Studios1994 X
Hot Guys 1Forum Studios1998  
Hot Guys 2Forum Studios1998 X
Hot Guys 3Forum Studios1998  
Hot Guys 4Forum Studios1998 X
How To Get A Man In BedForum Studios1995 X
Imagination: Action Gone WildForum Studios1993 X
In the JeansForum Studios1993 X
IndulgeForum Studios19961X
Indulge 2Forum Studios1997  
InsertionForum Studios1997 X
Into LeatherForum Studios1996 X
Into Leather 2: Wall To Wall SexForum Studios1996 X
It Happened One DayForum Studios1995  
Just One FavorForum Studios1995 X
Latin Class: The Best of Marcelo ReevesForum Studios1998 X
Leather BoundForum Studios1998 X
Leather NightForum Studios1996  
Leather Obsession 1Forum Studios1995  
Leather Obsession 2: The Sex PitForum Studios1995 X
Leather Obsession 3: IllusionForum Studios1995 X
Leather Obsession 4: ForeverForum Studios1995 X
Leather Obsession 5: Mission: PossibleForum Studios1996 X
Leather Obsession 6: The SearchForum Studios1997 X
Leather WorldForum Studios1997 X
Letter to Three MenForum Studios1995 X
Made to Get LaidForum Studios1993 X
Men 4 Men: On the NetForum Studios1997 X
Military Issue 1Forum Studios1993 X
Military Issue 3: Ask And I'll TellForum Studios1996 X
Night We MetForum Studios1995 X
Obsessively CompulsiveForum Studios1993 X
One More TimeForum Studios1993 X
Orgies 2Forum Studios1997 X
Orgies 3Forum Studios2001 X
OverchargedForum Studios1994 X
Romeo and Julian: A Love StoryForum Studios1993  
SelectionDeluxe Entertainment1996 X
Selection 2Deluxe Entertainment1997  
Selection 3Deluxe Entertainment1997  
Selection 4Deluxe Entertainment1998  
Selection 5Deluxe Entertainment1998  
Selection 6Deluxe Entertainment1998  
Sex FilesForum Studios1996 X
Single For The WeekendForum Studios1994 X
Thrust FaultForum Studios1994 X
Together AgainForum Studios1994 X
Tom KattForum Studios1997 X
Tomorrow Will ComeForum Studios1997 X
Vacation SpotForum Studios19961X
VisitForum Studios1998 X
We've Got Them AllForum Studios1998 X
Wet Warehouse 1Forum Studios1995 X
Wet Warehouse 2: DrenchedForum Studios1997 X
Wet Warehouse 3: The PartyForum Studios1998 X
Young GuysForum Studios1998 X
Young ShootersForum Studios1998 X

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