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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
31 FlavasFlava Works2006 X
Baby Boy's DormFlava Works2006 X
Bad Boy Detention 4: Falling BehindFlava Works2013 X
Bad Boy Detention 5: Teachers PetFlava Works2014 X
Bad Boy Detentions 2: Bareback SessionFlava Works2012  
BareBack Booty BanditsFlava Works2012 X
Bareback Bussy 1Raw Rods Productions2014  
Bareback to School 1Flava Works2017 X
Big Black and Bareback (II)Flava Works2011  
Big Black Dick 1Flava Works2011  
Big Black Dick 2: Ouch!Flava Works2011 X
Big Black Dick 3: Third LegFlava Works2012 X
Big Black Dick 5: No Pain No GainFlava Works2014 X
Black in White 1Flava Works2012  
Black in White 2: Interracial BarebackFlava Works2016 X
Black in White 3: Black Loads MatterFlava Works2017 X
Black in White 4: FuckboysFlava Works2017 X
Breed It: Pussy BoysFlava Works2017 X
Breion in the RawFlava Works2005 X
Chino's DormFlava Works2005 X
Cody Kyler's Pinga ParadiseFlava Works2009 X
Cody Kyler's Pinga Paradise 2: Rio De JaneiroFlava Works2010 X
College Dorm Breeding 1Flava Works2018 X
College Dorm Breeding 2: Raw ExamsFlava Works2018 X
Dominant Raw Tops 6: Boy CremeFlava Works2013 X
Dominant Raw Tops 7Flava Works2014  
Don't Pull Out 1Flava Works2017 X
Don't Pull Out 2: Milking AssesFlava Works2018 X
Dorm Life 10: The House Next DoorFlava Works2007 X
Dorm Life 11: Revenge of Da NuttFlava Works2008 X
Dorm Life 12: Dick Addiction Flava Works2007 X
Dorm Life 13: Skipping Class For AssFlava Works2008 X
Dorm Life 14: The Dick DownFlava Works2009 X
Dorm Life 15: After School Fuck SessionsFlava Works2009 X
Dorm Life 16: Fucking For Extra CreditFlava Works2009 X
Dorm Life 17: Dick in DetentionFlava Works2009 X
Dorm Life 18: Cum Hard Or Fuck OffFlava Works2009 X
Dorm Life 19: Night VisionFlava Works2010 X
Dorm Life 22: Easy AFlava Works2012 X
Dorm Life 23: Fuck The A Outta MeFlava Works2012 X
Dorm Life 26: Interracial ExamsFlava Works2018  
Dorm Life 27: Breeding PartnersFlava Works2018 X
Dorm Life 4Flava Works2003 X
Dorm Life 5Flava Works2004 X
Dorm Life 6Flava Works2005 X
Dorm Life 8Flava Works2006 X
Dorm Life 9: Savor The NutFlava Works2006  
Feed and BreedFlava Works2014 X
Feed and Breed 2: Cum FreaksFlava Works2014  
Feed and Breed 4: Flood My HoleRaw Rods Productions2015  
Flavamen Freshman Year 3 and 4Flava Works2006 X
FlavaMen Junior YearFlava Works2008 X
Flavamen: Senior YearFlava Works2009 X
Fuck 'in Fill 2: Taking LoadsFlava Works2018 X
Get Shorty JFlava Works2005 X
I Fucked Your White Boyfriend 1Flava Works2012  
I Fucked Your White Boyfriend 3: Whiteboy SmashingFlava Works2014 X
J-Rock The Ass Slayer Flava Works2007 X
Latin Bareback BoysFlava Works2018 X
Miami Uncut 1: Papicock PresentsFlava Works2010  
Miami Uncut 2: Hot As HellFlava Works2011  
Miami Uncut 3: Tropical DicksFlava Works2011  
Miami Uncut 5: HeatwaveFlava Works2013 X
Mixxxed NutsFlava Works2009 X
Mixxxed Nuts 2: Taste The CrunchFlava Works2010 X
Mixxxed Nuts 3: Almond JoyFlava Works2011 X
Mixxxed Nuts 4: Nuts By the PoundFlava Works2011 X
Mixxxed Nuts 5: Sweet, Salty And StickyFlava Works2012 X
Mixxxed Nuts 6: Nut ExplosionsFlava Works2012 X
Mixxxed Nuts 7: Dark Nut RisesFlava Works2012 X
Mixxxed Nuts 8: CoconutsFlava Works2013 X
New Nuts on the Block 2Flava Works2012 X
Nightmare On Elmo StreetFlava Works2009 X
One Night With the PrinceFlava Works2007 X
Orgy FuckersFlava Works2012 X
Orgy Fuckers 2: Raw n JuicyFlava Works2013 X
Orgy Fuckers 4: You Aint ReadyFlava Works2016 X
P.J.'s DormFlava Works2006  
PJ's DormFlava Works2006  
Pump N GoFlava Works2013 X
Raw and NastyRaw Rods Productions2010  
Raw and Nasty 2: Milk These WallsFlava Works2011 X
Raw and Nasty 3: Gimmie Dat NuttFlava Works2011  
Raw Ass Pounders 2: Deep BreedingRaw Rods Productions2013  
Raw Ass Pounders 3: Bareback DreamsFlava Works2014 X
Raw Cum Dumpsters 2: Lick My NutRaw Rods Productions2012 X
Raw In Rio 3: Breeding In ParadiseFlava Works2018  
Raw in Rio 4: Cum Inside MeFlava Works2018 X
Raw Rods 1Rockafellaz Entertainment2008 X
Raw Rods 13: Breeding SessionsFlava Works2013 X
Raw Rods 2Flava Works2008 X
Raw Rods 4: Raw Beat DownFlava Works2009 X
Raw Rods 5: Deep ImpactFlava Works2009 X
Raw Rods 6: Just for The Fuck of ItFlava Works2010  
Raw Thugs 1Flava Works2005  
Raw Thugs 2Flava Works2006 X
Raw Thugs 3: Hittin It RawFlava Works2005 X
Romeo Must RideFlava Works2007 X
Santo Domingo 3: Dominican Dick DestructionFlava Works2009 X
Santo Domingo 4: Uncut Dominican HeatFlava Works2010  
Santo Domingo Uncut 1Flava Works2008 X
Santo Domingo Uncut 2Flava Works2008  
Saukei 2 You Flava Works2008 X
Snow Ballerz 1Flava Works2008 X
Snow Ballerz 2Flava Works2008 X
Snow Ballerz 3: AvalancheFlava Works2008 X
Snow Ballerz 4: 18 To Party, 21 To SwallowFlava Works2010 X
Snow Ballerz 5: Frosty LipsFlava Works2012 X
Sophomore YearFlava Works2006 X
Star StruckFlava Works20111X
SwaggersFlava Works2007 X
Swaggers 2: Dickin Down DeepFlava Works2010 X
Swaggers 3: Down To FuckFlava Works20111 
Swaggers 4: Smoke and FuckFlava Works2013 X
That Good Dick: TysonFlava Works2010 X
Thug Boy 8: Fuck What You HeardFlava Works2009 X
Thug Boy 9: All About The DickFlava Works2010 X
Thug Mansion: Breion Diamond's Crib Flava Works2007 X
Thug Mansion: Smooth's Crib Flava Works2007 X
Thugboy 10: Hood is GoodFlava Works2010 X
Thugboy 11: Running From The DickFlava Works2011 X
Thugboy 12: Banging Backs OutFlava Works2012 X
Thugboy 2: Errbody Wanna ThugFlava Works2006  
Thugboy 3: Layin Da PipeFlava Works2007 X
ThugBoy 4: Thugged OutFlava Works2006 X
ThugBoy 5: Dick fo Dayz Flava Works2007  
Thugboy 6: Playas in ActionFlava Works2008  
Thugboy 7: Built To FuckFlava Works2009 X
Twink BreedersFlava Works2018  
World of Flava: ParisFlava Works2009 X

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