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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
2 Girls For Every Guy (Acid Rain)03/06/2006Adult DVD Talk
A List07/10/2006Adult DVD Talk
A-List 204/29/2007Adult DVD Talk
A2M 11 (The Art Of Ass To Mouth)08/01/2007Adult DVD Talk
All In12/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Alone In the Dark 407/09/2007Adult DVD Talk
Altered Assholes 311/16/2005Adult DVD Talk
Anal Expedition 812/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Anal MILF Cream Pie07/24/2006Adult DVD Talk
Angel Perverse 705/30/2007Adult DVD Talk
Apprentass06/28/2004Adult DVD Talk
Art Of Interracial Group Sex06/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ass 2 Mouth 310/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ass 2 Mouth 406/05/2006Adult DVD Talk
Ass Cleavage 801/28/2007Adult DVD Talk
Ass Crackin' 504/16/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ass Watcher 403/02/2006Adult DVD Talk
Ass Wide Open 703/06/2006Adult DVD Talk
Ass Wide Open 804/15/2006Adult DVD Talk
Ass Worship 707/18/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ass Wreckage01/01/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ass Wreckage 212/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
Backstage (Evil Angel)01/01/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bangin' It... Euro Style12/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Be My Bitch (Red Light District)02/14/2006Adult DVD Talk
Be My Bitch 308/20/2007Adult DVD Talk
Best by Private : Ass to Mouth11/30/2005Adult DVD Talk
Between the Cheeks10/17/2006Adult DVD Talk
Big Tit Anal Whores05/27/2005Adult DVD Talk
Big Tit Anal Whores 306/06/2006Adult DVD Talk
Big Toys No Boys 410/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Asses 1004/30/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bitch (Metro)01/07/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bitch Banging Bitch10/01/2006Adult DVD Talk
Black Domination07/21/2006Adult DVD Talk
Black In the Ass 807/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Black Pipe Layers 210/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Black Pipe Layers 403/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 111/23/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bomb Ass White Booty09/09/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Brazilian Ass Feast12/23/2006Adult DVD Talk
Brianna Love Oversexed07/02/2006Adult DVD Talk
Britney Foster's Nightmare06/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
Britney Foster's Nightmare 407/24/2006Adult DVD Talk
Butt Blassted 303/04/2006Adult DVD Talk
Chateau 1: The Struggle For Power07/06/2005Adult DVD Talk
Chateau 2: A Shady Past09/16/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cheek Freaks11/03/2005Adult DVD Talk
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 1905/08/2005Adult DVD Talk
Corruption11/10/2006Adult DVD Talk
Crack Her Jack 407/12/2005Adult DVD Talk
Creamery 212/14/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Crush That Ass 309/16/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Beggers01/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Fart Cocktails 301/03/2006Adult DVD Talk
Cum Filled Asshole Overload 206/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Hungry Leave Full05/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth 412/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Different Point Of View11/12/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dirt Pipe Milkshakes04/17/2006Adult DVD Talk
Disturbed 311/07/2005Adult DVD Talk
Don't Tell My Daddy12/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Double Anal Climax 211/13/2004Adult DVD Talk
Double Decker Sandwich 808/26/2006Adult DVD Talk
Double Shocker 109/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Double the Fun: 2 on 1 2 (NJ Films)05/30/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dreamgirlz10/22/2007Adult DVD Talk
Drive Thru 412/28/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dual Invasion 207/06/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dual Invasion 310/02/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dual Invasion 409/06/2006Adult DVD Talk
Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U05/09/2006Adult DVD Talk
Euro Angels Hardball 2607/11/2005Adult DVD Talk
Euro Domination 202/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Euro Domination 304/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Evilution05/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
eXXXtraordinary eurobabes 103/25/2005Adult DVD Talk
F To the A 205/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Filthy (3rd Degree)10/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
Fishnets 512/07/2006Adult DVD Talk
Four on the Whore 207/02/2006Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Dolls 603/13/2006Adult DVD Talk
Fuck My Ass (Platinum X Pictures)10/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Fuck My Ass-N-Make Me Cum06/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Fuck V.I.P. Cockaine06/19/2007Adult DVD Talk
Furious Fuckers06/04/2007Adult DVD Talk
Gangland 5604/14/2006Adult DVD Talk
Gangland Cream Pie 908/26/2006Adult DVD Talk
Girl Bang (New Sensations)01/28/2007Adult DVD Talk
Girl Crazy 404/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Girl Crazy 607/27/2005Adult DVD Talk
Girl Crazy 711/30/2005Adult DVD Talk
Girl on Girl10/03/2004Adult DVD Talk
Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Combat Zone)11/05/2007Adult DVD Talk
Girls on Girls 1108/02/2007Adult DVD Talk
Girls on Girls 5 (New Sensations)10/31/2005Adult DVD Talk
Girls on Girls 8 (New Sensations)10/30/2006Adult DVD Talk
Girlvana 210/30/2006Adult DVD Talk
Girlvana 309/30/2007Adult DVD Talk
Gothix12/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Grand Theft Anal 709/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Heavy Metal 411/07/2004Adult DVD Talk
High Class Eurosex 206/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Home Schooled11/21/2004Adult DVD Talk
Hot Dam09/26/2006Adult DVD Talk
Hustler's Girl + Girl 712/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
I Got Five On It05/30/2006Adult DVD Talk
I Love Black Dick 305/29/2007Adult DVD Talk
I Love MILFs08/21/2007Adult DVD Talk
I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ass Cream10/18/2004Adult DVD Talk
Illegal Ass05/03/2006Adult DVD Talk
In Thru the Back Door 412/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Internal Anal Pleasure04/23/2006Adult DVD Talk
Internal Cumbustion 710/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Julia Ann: Hardcore01/16/2007Adult DVD Talk
Just Fuckin'01/16/2005Adult DVD Talk
Just Fuckin' 208/08/2005Adult DVD Talk
Kaylani Unleashed05/22/2007Adult DVD Talk
Kinky Sex (Simon Wolf)08/20/2005Adult DVD Talk
Lady Lust (Digital Sin)09/25/2005Adult DVD Talk
Les Perversions 706/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Lick Her Ass Off My Dick06/04/2006Adult DVD Talk
Lick It Up 2 (3rd Degree)12/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Liquid Ass-sets 209/06/2006Adult DVD Talk
Lusty Legs 312/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Lusty Legs 407/31/2005Adult DVD Talk
Manhammer 209/27/2004Adult DVD Talk
Meat Pushin in the Seat Cushion 301/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
MILFs Night Out03/13/2007Adult DVD Talk
Millionaire11/03/2004Adult DVD Talk
Millionaire 201/31/2005Adult DVD Talk
Muff Edition 103/06/2005Adult DVD Talk 
My Dear Sophie Moone03/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Nasty Universe 303/13/2007Adult DVD Talk
Night Zone04/08/2007Adult DVD Talk
No Cocks Allowed 204/11/2006Adult DVD Talk
Obedience School03/28/2006Adult DVD Talk
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 909/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Open For Anal 203/30/2006Adult DVD Talk
Overflowing Assholes03/28/2006Adult DVD Talk
Party, The (Evil Angel)11/01/2007Adult DVD Talk
PervAsian12/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Photo Erotica12/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Pirate Fetish Machine 28: Kinky Sex Berlin07/06/2007Adult DVD Talk
Pirate Fetish Machine 29: Susi Medusa's Fetish Obsessions08/26/2007Adult DVD Talk
Pornutopia 205/20/2007Adult DVD Talk
Predator07/06/2007Adult DVD Talk
Private Black Label 48: Sexy Santa12/26/2006Adult DVD Talk
Private Black Label 49: Anal Dancing02/06/2007Adult DVD Talk
Private Black Label 56: I Love Silvia Saint10/08/2007Adult DVD Talk
Private Gold 78: Sex City10/09/2006Adult DVD Talk
Private Gold 79: Sex City 210/16/2006Adult DVD Talk
Private Gold 82: Porn Wars11/22/2006Adult DVD Talk
Private Gold 91: Evil Geishas Hotel08/27/2007Adult DVD Talk
Private Life Of Cristina Bella04/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private Life Of Jane Darling11/14/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private Life of Lara Stevens01/20/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Private Life Of Liz Honey10/28/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Private Life of Maria Bellucci07/09/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Private Life of Nikki Sun11/05/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Private Life of Priva06/18/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Private Life Of Sandra Iron12/28/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private Life Of Stacy Silver04/30/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private Movies 39: Dreams In White 312/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Private Sports 4: Snow Sluts12/18/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private Story Of Lucy Lee04/27/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private X-Treme 18: Eurobabes Take It To the Xtreme05/01/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private X-Treme 29: Gonzo Style10/01/2006Adult DVD Talk
Private X-Treme: Anal Love Stories10/10/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private X-treme: Hot Property07/21/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private XXX 26: Good Things Cum In 3's12/03/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private XXX 36: Fuck Me Wild06/26/2007Adult DVD Talk
Private XXX 37: Stars In Heat08/01/2007Adult DVD Talk
Private: Body XXX01/18/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private: Lesbian Games10/02/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Private: Lingerie A Go-Go10/02/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Professianals 1004/04/2006Adult DVD Talk
Professianals 911/29/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ready Wet Go 410/08/2007Adult DVD Talk
Riding the Curves04/21/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island10/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Round Butt Sluts05/01/2006Adult DVD Talk
Russian Angels10/23/2007Adult DVD Talk
Sensory Overload12/11/2006Adult DVD Talk
Seymore Butts' Brunettes Have More Anal Fun05/28/2005Adult DVD Talk
Seymore Butts' Flower Power12/09/2005Adult DVD Talk
Share the Load 202/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Short and Sleazy01/15/2006Adult DVD Talk
Slave Dolls 208/07/2006Adult DVD Talk
Slut Puppies01/01/2006Adult DVD Talk
Sorority Splash06/21/2004Adult DVD Talk
Spanish Harlem (3rd Degree)12/27/2005Adult DVD Talk
Steve Holmes' Perversions 2 (Platinum X Pictures)04/03/2005Adult DVD Talk
Strapon-Toyz03/10/2006Adult DVD Talk
Stuff My Ass Full Of Cum 410/03/2005Adult DVD Talk
Superwhores 1: Collector's Edition (Mercenary)08/27/2005Adult DVD Talk
Swallow the Leader 202/13/2006Adult DVD Talk
Swank XXX Toyland 211/23/2006Adult DVD Talk
Through Her Eyes05/22/2007Adult DVD Talk
Ties That Bind02/04/2007Adult DVD Talk
Too Much Is Never Enough11/27/2006Adult DVD Talk
Twisted Youth04/22/2006Adult DVD Talk
Ultimate Asses 402/08/2005Adult DVD Talk
Up Your Ass 2811/08/2007Adult DVD Talk
Up'R Class 302/22/2006Adult DVD Talk
Weapons of Ass Destruction 306/29/2005Adult DVD Talk
Wet Dreams Cum True 405/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Wet Dreams Cum True 506/12/2006Adult DVD Talk
What Gets You Off 306/05/2006Adult DVD Talk
When Porn Stars Play: Sluts in the Sun11/26/2004Adult DVD Talk
White Bubble Butt Sluts 212/11/2006Adult DVD Talk
Who's Your Momma? 212/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Whore De France12/15/2006Adult DVD Talk
X The Series 1: Anal08/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
X-Vision 103/11/2005Adult DVD Talk
You've Got a Mother Thing Cumming09/30/2007Adult DVD Talk