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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
1 on 1 212/11/2008Adult DVD Talk
2 Chicks Same Time 110/25/2008Adult DVD Talk
8th Street Latinas 1612/19/2011Adult DVD Talk
A Sperm-Load a Day 201/27/2009Adult DVD Talk
Absolute Ass 606/13/2008Adult DVD Talk
Addicted 512/30/2008Adult DVD Talk
Ahhhhh Shit White Mama 704/25/2012Adult DVD Talk
Alektra's Dirty Mind03/14/2010Adult DVD Talk
All About Amy Ried04/16/2010Adult DVD Talk
All Girls Do It12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
All Internal 1208/07/2014Adult DVD Talk
All Internal 1812/22/2012Adult DVD Talk
All Teens 210/31/2007Adult DVD Talk
Allie07/19/2014Adult DVD Talk
Allie Haze: True Sex02/16/2012Adult DVD Talk
Amateur Porn Tryouts12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
American Daydreams 812/02/2011Adult DVD Talk
Anacondas and Lil Mamas 1004/12/2014Adult DVD Talk
Anal Ballerinas (Wicked)11/12/2009Adult DVD Talk
Anal Boot Camp08/25/2012Adult DVD Talk
Anal Car Wash Angels03/19/2013Adult DVD Talk
Anal Corruption07/27/2013Adult DVD Talk
Anal Delights 2 (Ass Factory)12/21/2011Adult DVD Talk
Anal Fanatic 311/29/2011Adult DVD Talk
Anal Fanatic 506/21/2013Adult DVD Talk
Anal Freaks 2 (Elegant Angel)10/23/2014Adult DVD Talk
Anal Intrusion04/04/2013Adult DVD Talk
Anal Invitation (Jules Jordan Video)05/05/2012Adult DVD Talk
Anal Occupation08/08/2012Adult DVD Talk
Anal P.O.V. (Bad Seed)09/10/2007Adult DVD Talk
Anal Playground (The Ass Factory)08/09/2011Adult DVD Talk
Anal Plungers11/24/2012Adult DVD Talk
Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video)12/27/2009Adult DVD Talk
Anal Rehab07/07/2010Adult DVD Talk
Anal Size My Wife 201/21/2012Adult DVD Talk
Anal Size My Wife 306/09/2012Adult DVD Talk
Anal Size My Wife 403/28/2013Adult DVD Talk
Anal Students 207/27/2013Adult DVD Talk
Anal Warriors12/27/2014Adult DVD Talk
Anal Workout 2 (Elegant Angel)02/08/2013Adult DVD Talk 
Anal Xcavators09/05/2007Adult DVD Talk
Angel Perverse 1004/22/2009Adult DVD Talk
Angel Perverse 1302/13/2010Adult DVD Talk
Are You For Hire?01/01/2010Adult DVD Talk
Asa Akira Is Insatiable10/09/2010Adult DVD Talk
Ashlynn and Friends 508/17/2008Adult DVD Talk
Asia 18 705/06/2009Adult DVD Talk
Asian Anal Assassins12/14/2012Adult DVD Talk
Asian Anal Assault08/29/2012Adult DVD Talk
Asian Complex02/24/2009Adult DVD Talk
Asian Eyes (Wicked)05/11/2010Adult DVD Talk
Asian Fever 2703/24/2009Adult DVD Talk
Asian Fuck Faces09/24/2011Adult DVD Talk
Asian Fuck Faces 202/18/2013Adult DVD Talk
Asian Fucking Nation 304/18/2009Adult DVD Talk
Asian Mouth Club 607/06/2011Adult DVD Talk
Asian Persuasion (Immoral Productions)10/20/2012Adult DVD Talk
Asian Persuasion 4 (Immoral Productions)11/14/2013Adult DVD Talk
Asian Persuasion 5 (Immoral Productions)11/28/2014Adult DVD Talk
Asians Love Anal01/18/2013Adult DVD Talk
Ass Cleavage 1109/15/2009Adult DVD Talk
Ass Cleavage 702/20/2009Adult DVD Talk
Ass Delivery05/14/2009Adult DVD Talk
Ass Factor (The Ass Factory)03/31/2012Adult DVD Talk
Ass Factor 3 (Ass Factory)06/13/2013Adult DVD Talk
Ass Factor 4 (Ass Factory)08/06/2013Adult DVD Talk
Ass Parade 3812/31/2012Adult DVD Talk
Ass the World Turns (3rd Degree)04/30/2010Adult DVD Talk
Ass Titans 601/28/2012Adult DVD Talk
Ass Worship 1108/12/2009Adult DVD Talk
Asstounding 2 (3rd Degree)12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Attack That Ass10/29/2007Adult DVD Talk
Baby Got Boobs 606/16/2011Adult DVD Talk
Baby Sitters Gang05/05/2012Adult DVD Talk
Baby's Mommas 303/29/2009Adult DVD Talk
Babysit My Ass07/18/2013Adult DVD Talk
Babysitter Diaries 608/28/2012Adult DVD Talk
Bachelorette Orgy 202/09/2012Adult DVD Talk
Backdoor Entry03/05/2011Adult DVD Talk
Balls Deep Anal Nymphos12/26/2012Adult DVD Talk
Balls Deep Anal Nymphos 207/29/2013Adult DVD Talk
Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 202/11/2008Adult DVD Talk
Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 403/20/2009Adult DVD Talk
Barely 18 3501/07/2008Adult DVD Talk
Barely Legal: Bachelor Party12/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Baristas01/10/2013Adult DVD Talk
Bartenders06/25/2010Adult DVD Talk
Battle Of The Asses 503/23/2013Adult DVD Talk
Beach Patrol (Jules Jordan)12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Best New Starlets 201201/06/2012Adult DVD Talk
Bet Your Ass 604/08/2009Adult DVD Talk
Bet Your Ass 710/01/2009Adult DVD Talk
Between The Cheeks (Harmony)11/05/2011Adult DVD Talk
Beyond Fucked: A Zombie Odyssey07/17/2013Adult DVD Talk
Beyond The Call Of Booty 412/16/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Anal Booties11/26/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Boob Orgy 407/30/2013Adult DVD Talk
Big Breast Nurses 608/04/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Butts Like It Big 1205/27/2013Adult DVD Talk
Big Butts Like it Big 410/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Butts Like It Big 503/12/2010Adult DVD Talk
Big Dick In An Asian Chick11/30/2012Adult DVD Talk
Big Night Sticks Little White Chicks 203/02/2013Adult DVD Talk
Big Rack Attack (Jules Jordan Video)02/29/2012Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits At School 1208/23/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits At School 503/24/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits At Work 11 (Brazzers)12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits At Work 14 (Brazzers)01/14/2012Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits at Work 6 (Brazzers)04/24/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits in Sports 305/18/2010Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits In Sports 409/24/2010Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits In Sports 512/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits in Sports 604/18/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits in Sports 709/10/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits On The Job08/02/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Titty Time04/24/2012Adult DVD Talk
Big Trouble In Porn Valley12/06/2012Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Asses 1908/12/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Asses 2012/26/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Butts 4 (Brazzers)06/04/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Butts 6 (Brazzers)05/11/2012Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Butts 8 (Brazzers)01/02/2013Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Butts 9 (Brazzers)03/13/2013Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Tits 805/24/2009Adult DVD Talk
Bikini-Clad Cum Sluts 204/06/2013Adult DVD Talk
Black Anal Beauties08/01/2011Adult DVD Talk
Black Anal Beauties 210/21/2011Adult DVD Talk
Black and White In Color12/19/2007Adult DVD Talk
Black Ass Master 511/19/2011Adult DVD Talk
Black Cheerleader Search 9111/02/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Fuck Faces04/27/2012Adult DVD Talk
Black GF 610/10/2015Adult DVD Talk
Black Girl Addiction 202/25/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Girl Gloryholes02/21/2011Adult DVD Talk 
Black Girl Gloryholes 304/25/2011Adult DVD Talk
Black Heat (Jules Jordan Video)02/23/2013Adult DVD Talk 
Black Heat 2 (Jules Jordan Video)09/25/2014Adult DVD Talk
Black Listed 4 (Vince Vouyer Unleashed)08/14/2014Adult DVD Talk
Black Market (Nxt Levl)05/24/2012Adult DVD Talk 
Black Teen Punishment 302/25/2012Adult DVD Talk
Black Teen Punishment 505/10/2012Adult DVD Talk
Bleached To the Bone07/30/2008Adult DVD Talk
Bleached To the Bone 202/28/2013Adult DVD Talk
Bleached To the Bone 302/06/2010Adult DVD Talk
Blondes Do It Better (Burning Angel)08/28/2014Adult DVD Talk
Blow Job Face12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Blow Me Sandwich 1209/16/2008Adult DVD Talk
Bombshells 2, The (Elegant Angel)08/05/2011Adult DVD Talk
Bombshells 3, The (Elegant Angel)11/24/2011Adult DVD Talk
Bombshells 4, The (Elegant Angel)08/25/2012Adult DVD Talk
Boob Bangers 803/17/2011Adult DVD Talk
Booty Talk 9402/24/2012Adult DVD Talk
Boss' Daughter11/05/2008Adult DVD Talk
Boy Fucks Girl 308/20/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bra Busters 2 (Jules Jordan)05/28/2011Adult DVD Talk
Bra Busters 4 (Jules Jordan)02/14/2014Adult DVD Talk
Bra, Panties, Scissors10/20/2011Adult DVD Talk
Brand New Faces 1009/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Brazzers Fan's Choice 200th DVD Special Edition (Blu-Ray + DVD Combo)04/03/2013Adult DVD Talk
Brazzers Presents: the Parodies02/05/2011Adult DVD Talk
Breakin 'Em In 1304/30/2011Adult DVD Talk
Breakin' 'em In 1410/28/2011Adult DVD Talk
Breakin' 'Em In 1503/23/2012Adult DVD Talk
Breakin' 'Em In 1711/03/2012Adult DVD Talk
Breakin' Em In 1804/12/2013Adult DVD Talk
Breast In Class 2: Counterfeit Racks08/11/2011Adult DVD Talk
Breast In Class: Naturally Gifted06/25/2011Adult DVD Talk
British School Girls 210/17/2015Adult DVD Talk
Brother Load 3, The (Jules Jordan)04/13/2012Adult DVD Talk
Brother Load 4, The (Jules Jordan)04/05/2013Adult DVD Talk 
Brown Bunnies 4 (Bang Bros.)03/28/2012Adult DVD Talk
Brown Sugar Rush03/31/2009Adult DVD Talk
Brown Sugar Rush 204/01/2009Adult DVD Talk
Brown Sugar Rush 309/08/2009Adult DVD Talk
Bum Rushed 205/29/2010Adult DVD Talk
Busty Housecalls07/21/2010Adult DVD Talk
Busty Nurses (Zero Tolerance)10/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Busty Nurses 201/19/2011Adult DVD Talk
Butthole Barrio Bitches11/24/2012Adult DVD Talk
Buttsex Nymphos08/03/2011Adult DVD Talk
Car Wash Girls 208/06/2011Adult DVD Talk
Chanel Preston No Limits03/03/2012Adult DVD Talk
Chemistry 301/18/2008Adult DVD Talk
Chicas 'n' Chocolate01/28/2012Adult DVD Talk
Chicas 212/29/2007Adult DVD Talk
Chicks and Salsa 509/11/2008Adult DVD Talk
Chocolate Chicks on Cracker Dicks04/16/2009Adult DVD Talk
Chocolate Chicks on Cracker Dicks 203/08/2009Adult DVD Talk
Chocolate Chicks on Cracker Dicks 305/21/2009Adult DVD Talk
Chop Shop Chicas11/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Church Of Bootyism 212/10/2011Adult DVD Talk
Cock Sucking Challenge 710/11/2011Adult DVD Talk
Cockasian 303/27/2009Adult DVD Talk
College Girls Like It Dirty01/21/2013Adult DVD Talk
College Sluts (Pornostatic)06/21/2014Adult DVD Talk
Confessions of a Virgin12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Cotton Candy (Cal Vista Classics)01/25/2010Adult DVD Talk
Cougars Kittens and Cock 307/05/2014Adult DVD Talk
Crack Addict 710/22/2007Adult DVD Talk
Crack Addict 808/07/2012Adult DVD Talk
Creampied Cheerleaders03/21/2010Adult DVD Talk
Creampied Cheerleaders 210/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Creature Feature12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Cum Bang 312/31/2012Adult DVD Talk
Cum For Cover 1008/08/2013Adult DVD Talk
Cum Fu 404/06/2011Adult DVD Talk
Cum Fu 501/16/2011Adult DVD Talk
Cum Fu 710/26/2013Adult DVD Talk
Cum Fu 805/30/2011Adult DVD Talk
Cum Stained Casting Couch 1208/17/2008Adult DVD Talk
Curvies12/24/2010Adult DVD Talk
Da Vinci Load 2, The: Angels and Semen (Hustler)07/02/2007Adult DVD Talk
Dangerous Curves (Jules Jordan Video)12/31/2010Adult DVD Talk
Dark Desires (Daring)09/24/2010Adult DVD Talk
Dark Perversions 209/28/2013Adult DVD Talk
Day With A Pornstar08/10/2012Adult DVD Talk
Dear Diary...I Love Sex11/11/2013Adult DVD Talk
Deep Anal Drilling10/17/2010Adult DVD Talk
Deep Anal Drilling 310/04/2011Adult DVD Talk
Deep Anal Drilling 402/15/2013Adult DVD Talk
Deep In Latin Cheeks 311/29/2008Adult DVD Talk
Desi-Desires 204/08/2010Adult DVD Talk 
Dippin' Chocolate 703/21/2008Adult DVD Talk
Dirty Little Stories 212/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Dirty Masseur 203/08/2013Adult DVD Talk
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 401/22/2011Adult DVD Talk
Doctor 205/24/2011Adult DVD Talk
Doctor Adventures 212/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Doctor Adventures 302/22/2009Adult DVD Talk
Doctor Adventures 608/09/2014Adult DVD Talk
Doctor Adventures 810/11/2010Adult DVD Talk
Doll House 3, The (Zero Tolerance)03/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Don't Let Daddy Know 208/23/2007Adult DVD Talk
Double Black Penetration04/11/2013Adult DVD Talk
Double Decker Sandwich 1305/08/2009Adult DVD Talk
Down To Fuck 3 (Vince Vouyer Unleashed)02/21/2013Adult DVD Talk
Down Town Girls 212/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
DP Fanatic05/03/2012Adult DVD Talk
DP My Wife With Me07/19/2013Adult DVD Talk
Elastic Assholes 909/09/2011Adult DVD Talk
Escaladies 2 (Digital Playground) (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack)09/24/2011Adult DVD Talk
European Ethnic Honeyz 304/28/2009Adult DVD Talk
Eva Angelina No Limits08/31/2012Adult DVD Talk
Everybody Loves Audrey Bitoni02/19/2011Adult DVD Talk 
Everybody Loves Nikki Benz06/06/2011Adult DVD Talk 
Evil Anal 1304/16/2011Adult DVD Talk
Evil Anal 1408/05/2011Adult DVD Talk
Evil Anal 607/30/2008Adult DVD Talk
Evil Anal 804/14/2009Adult DVD Talk
Eye Fucked Them All05/26/2012Adult DVD Talk
Eye Fucked Them All 201/12/2013Adult DVD Talk
Faces Loaded (Jules Jordan Video)08/15/2014Adult DVD Talk
Fantastic 2 (Immoral Productions)01/04/2014Adult DVD Talk
Fast Times at Naughty America University 1103/21/2013Adult DVD Talk
Feeling Black 1002/08/2008Adult DVD Talk
Fetish Fucks 310/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Fishnets 811/16/2008Adult DVD Talk
Fitness MILFs01/01/2014Adult DVD Talk
Flash Brown02/18/2012Adult DVD Talk
Flavas Of Lust03/14/2012Adult DVD Talk
Fluffers 1004/12/2012Adult DVD Talk
FornicAsian (Diabolic)11/11/2011Adult DVD Talk
Fresh Outta High School 1801/17/2010Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Fiends02/24/2008Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Me Harder White Boy 203/17/2009Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Me Like a Whore12/15/2012Adult DVD Talk
Fuck My Filthy Hole05/29/2009Adult DVD Talk
Fucked At Random04/05/2008Adult DVD Talk
Fucking Me POV 208/26/2007Adult DVD Talk
Fucking Me POV 408/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
Gallery For Sex07/29/2011Adult DVD Talk
Gangbang Her Little White Thang 1002/03/2012Adult DVD Talk
Gangbanged 6 (Elegant Angel)07/02/2013Adult DVD Talk
Gangland 7505/17/2012Adult DVD Talk
Gangland 8104/20/2012Adult DVD Talk
Gaped Crusaders 209/06/2007Adult DVD Talk
Giant Dicks In Asian Chicks10/17/2015Adult DVD Talk
Gimme the Finger04/03/2008Adult DVD Talk
Great American Slut Off06/29/2013Adult DVD Talk
Great American Slut Off 210/12/2013Adult DVD Talk
Gym Angels09/23/2014Adult DVD Talk
Hall Pass Ass03/09/2013Adult DVD Talk
Handy Man 2, The (PornoStatic)07/31/2014Adult DVD Talk
Hard Day's Work02/18/2012Adult DVD Talk
Hard Play Karma10/29/2014Adult DVD Talk
Hard-Fi Sex 102/17/2014Adult DVD Talk
Hardcore Club Babes 409/03/2009Adult DVD Talk
Head Case 303/04/2008Adult DVD Talk
Hello Nurse08/24/2008Adult DVD Talk
Here's Daddy08/22/2015Adult DVD Talk
High Class Ass (Jules Jordan Video / Live Gonzo)02/11/2012Adult DVD Talk
Hitch Hikers (3rd Degree)06/14/2010Adult DVD Talk
Holiday Office Party12/27/2012Adult DVD Talk
Hollywood Heartbreakers10/06/2012Adult DVD Talk
Hollywood Heartbreakers 201/29/2013Adult DVD Talk
Honey Trap08/01/2011Adult DVD Talk
Honeymoaners, The: A XXX Parody12/23/2011Adult DVD Talk
Hook-Ups 1206/07/2008Adult DVD Talk
Hooker Experience04/01/2013Adult DVD Talk
Hot Anal Injection07/27/2011Adult DVD Talk
Hot Anal Injection 203/21/2012Adult DVD Talk
Hot Body Ink06/14/2013Adult DVD Talk
Hot Indian Pussy 603/30/2009Adult DVD Talk
Hot Sauce 609/14/2008Adult DVD Talk
Hot Sauce 701/20/2009Adult DVD Talk
Hot Sauce 808/31/2009Adult DVD Talk
House Of Ass 1307/28/2010Adult DVD Talk
House Of Ass 1404/20/2011Adult DVD Talk
House Of Ass 803/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
House Of Pleasure (Daring)11/12/2012Adult DVD Talk 
Housewife 1 on 1 1103/26/2009Adult DVD Talk
Housewife 1 on 1 2412/07/2012Adult DVD Talk
Housewife 1 On 1 3409/03/2014Adult DVD Talk
Housewives Gone Black 1302/01/2012Adult DVD Talk
Housewives Gone Black 1407/28/2012Adult DVD Talk
How To Pick Up Black Chicks 212/01/2009Adult DVD Talk
How To Train A Delinquent Teen01/27/2012Adult DVD Talk
How To Train A Delinquent Teen 208/17/2012Adult DVD Talk
Hustler's Hardcore Cuties12/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Hustler's Taboo 501/24/2010Adult DVD Talk
I Eat White Meat 403/16/2012Adult DVD Talk
I Have a Wife 1310/10/2011Adult DVD Talk
I Have a Wife 1604/14/2012Adult DVD Talk
I Have a Wife 1801/25/2013Adult DVD Talk
I Have a Wife 1911/03/2012Adult DVD Talk
I Have a Wife 405/20/2009Adult DVD Talk
I'm Dreaming Of Genie 204/08/2010Adult DVD Talk
I've Been Sodomized 307/07/2007Adult DVD Talk
Illegal Ass 308/30/2012Adult DVD Talk
In Anal Sluts We Trust 405/12/2012Adult DVD Talk
In Anal Sluts We Trust 905/10/2014Adult DVD Talk
Informers10/01/2011Adult DVD Talk
Ink Stains12/29/2012Adult DVD Talk
Innocence Of Youth 206/29/2012Adult DVD Talk
Innocent Until Proven Filthy 605/02/2010Adult DVD Talk
Innocent Until Proven Filthy 802/26/2011Adult DVD Talk
Inside the Orient 411/12/2011Adult DVD Talk
Inside the Orient 711/25/2011Adult DVD Talk
Internal Damnation 403/25/2011Adult DVD Talk
Internal Investigation06/09/2012Adult DVD Talk
Interracial Anal Love 903/24/2012Adult DVD Talk
Interracial Cheerleader Orgy 202/28/2013Adult DVD Talk
Interracial Internal05/19/2012Adult DVD Talk
Interracial Pickups 602/28/2012Adult DVD Talk
Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody12/09/2011Adult DVD Talk
It Takes Two 308/17/2007Adult DVD Talk
Jack's Asian Adventure 403/15/2011Adult DVD Talk
Jade Lo05/29/2010Adult DVD Talk
Jailbait 9 (Jules Jordan Video)06/30/2012Adult DVD Talk
Jenna 9.501/21/2008Adult DVD Talk
Jeny's A Pervert12/15/2010Adult DVD Talk
Jerkoff Material 508/19/2010Adult DVD Talk
Jerkoff Material 712/10/2011Adult DVD Talk
Jessie Lee Goes to College08/27/2012Adult DVD Talk
Jessie Rogers: Unbreakable03/15/2013Adult DVD Talk
Juicy Wet Asses 602/25/2012Adult DVD Talk
Just Jenna10/08/2010Adult DVD Talk
Just Jenna 209/24/2011Adult DVD Talk
Just Over Eighteen 1904/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Jynx Maze Is A Sex Addict01/20/2012Adult DVD Talk
Kara Davis 209/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Katwoman XXX11/12/2011Adult DVD Talk
Keepin' It Fresh 212/05/2008Adult DVD Talk
Kill Jill 210/10/2007Adult DVD Talk
King Of Coochie 405/26/2009Adult DVD Talk
Kinky Photobox11/11/2014Adult DVD Talk
Kinky Sex (Penthouse)02/28/2011Adult DVD Talk
Kristina Rose: Dirty Girl12/28/2008Adult DVD Talk
Kung Fu Nurses a Go-Go 203/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Kung Fu Pussy10/22/2011Adult DVD Talk
L For London10/08/2011Adult DVD Talk
Ladies of Pleasure11/20/2009Adult DVD Talk
Lascivious Latinas 603/27/2013Adult DVD Talk
Latin Adultery 1307/30/2011Adult DVD Talk
Latin Adultery 1402/14/2013Adult DVD Talk
Latin Adultery 1510/29/2011Adult DVD Talk
Latin Adultery 1605/18/2012Adult DVD Talk
Latin Adultery 1808/09/2012Adult DVD Talk
Latin Adultery 701/28/2009Adult DVD Talk
Latin Adultery 908/31/2011Adult DVD Talk
Latina Dayworkers01/07/2008Adult DVD Talk
Latina Heat (Evolution)04/29/2009Adult DVD Talk
Latina Hollywood Hookers07/19/2008Adult DVD Talk
Latina Sex Tapes 401/22/2013Adult DVD Talk
Legend Of the Magic Taco09/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Let's Try Anal10/27/2012Adult DVD Talk
Let's Try Anal 507/15/2013Adult DVD Talk
LeWood Anal Hazing Crew12/31/2012Adult DVD Talk 
LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 407/20/2013Adult DVD Talk
Lex on Blondes 208/13/2015Adult DVD Talk
Lex Turns Evil04/19/2013Adult DVD Talk
Lil' Mamas03/01/2013Adult DVD Talk
Limousine07/19/2011Adult DVD Talk
Lost Tapes 3, The (Jules Jordan)10/11/2012Adult DVD Talk 
Lost Tapes, The (Jules Jordan)01/26/2012Adult DVD Talk
Love at 1st Fuck 304/06/2008Adult DVD Talk
Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience04/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Mammoth Dick Brothers 202/08/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mammoth Dick Brothers 311/10/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mammoth Dick Brothers 406/22/2013Adult DVD Talk
Mandingo Massacre01/03/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mandingo Massacre 201/14/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mandingo Massacre 305/02/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mandingo Massacre 406/21/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mandingo Massacre 508/29/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mandingo Massacre 612/08/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mandingo Massacre 703/16/2013Adult DVD Talk
Mandingo Unchained08/05/2013Adult DVD Talk
Match Mates10/12/2010Adult DVD Talk
Me Luv U Long Time 1207/25/2008Adult DVD Talk
Meet Bonnie11/03/2012Adult DVD Talk
Meet Brea06/04/2008Adult DVD Talk
Meet Nikki Kane01/30/2008Adult DVD Talk
Meet the Fuckers 1001/11/2013Adult DVD Talk
Meet the Fuckers 701/23/2008Adult DVD Talk
Meet the Fuckers 809/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Meggan Does Malibu03/18/2010Adult DVD Talk
Meggan's Sexy Stories03/16/2010Adult DVD Talk
Mercedez Takes Control08/20/2007Adult DVD Talk
Michelle Thorne XXXposed10/05/2013Adult DVD Talk
MILF Thing 702/20/2012Adult DVD Talk
MILFs Like It Big 210/31/2009Adult DVD Talk
MILFs Like It Big 511/27/2009Adult DVD Talk
MILFs Like It Big 911/17/2011Adult DVD Talk
Minority Rules 212/14/2007Adult DVD Talk
Mom's Black Fucking Diary02/11/2012Adult DVD Talk
Monster Curves 1612/15/2011Adult DVD Talk
Monster Curves 2005/31/2013Adult DVD Talk
Monster Wet Anal Asses01/13/2012Adult DVD Talk
Monster Wet Anal Asses 201/31/2013Adult DVD Talk
Mother Load 6 (Zero Tolerance)04/27/2011Adult DVD Talk
Muy Caliente 301/22/2008Adult DVD Talk
Muy Caliente 407/22/2008Adult DVD Talk
Muy Caliente 604/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
My Dad's Hot Girlfriend 308/27/2011Adult DVD Talk
My Dad's Hot Girlfriend 508/27/2011Adult DVD Talk
My First Gangbang (3rd Degree)08/08/2011Adult DVD Talk
My First Orgy09/24/2010Adult DVD Talk
My First Sex Teacher 2312/03/2011Adult DVD Talk
My First Sex Teacher 2606/22/2012Adult DVD Talk
My Wife's Hot Friend 1302/27/2013Adult DVD Talk
My Wife's Hot Friend 1409/15/2012Adult DVD Talk
Mya Luanna's Sexual Disorder01/18/2008Adult DVD Talk
Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX03/28/2014Adult DVD Talk
Naked Aces 305/17/2009Adult DVD Talk
Naughty and Nice (Penthouse)03/12/2011Adult DVD Talk
Naughty College School Girls 4901/23/2009Adult DVD Talk
Naughty Noobies07/23/2008Adult DVD Talk
Naughty Office 1608/25/2009Adult DVD Talk
Naughty Office 2606/02/2012Adult DVD Talk
Naughty Office 2810/06/2012Adult DVD Talk
Neighbor Affair 705/31/2008Adult DVD Talk
New Girl In Town 9 (Porno Dan Presents)04/06/2013Adult DVD Talk 
New To the Game 3 (Diabolic)07/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Nikki Benz Jungle Fever11/06/2014Adult DVD Talk
No Panties Allowed 306/20/2012Adult DVD Talk
No Pill No Condom No Problem 406/19/2012Adult DVD Talk
Nylons 8 (3rd Degree)03/19/2011Adult DVD Talk
Obscene Behavior 210/18/2007Adult DVD Talk
Obsessed 2 (413 Productions / Porn Fidelity)08/22/2015Adult DVD Talk
Octopussy 3-D: A XXX Parody05/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Office Perverts 804/28/2012Adult DVD Talk
Official Bounty Hunter Parody04/27/2010Adult DVD Talk
Official Californication Parody04/04/2011Adult DVD Talk
Official Deal Or No Deal Parody05/02/2011Adult DVD Talk
Official Judge Joe Brown Parody08/10/2011Adult DVD Talk
Official Shaft Parody03/26/2011Adult DVD Talk
Official Sons Of Anarchy Parody05/07/2011Adult DVD Talk
Oil Covered Asses 204/19/2012Adult DVD Talk
Oil Overload 606/06/2012Adult DVD Talk
Oil Overload 702/02/2013Adult DVD Talk
OMG... It's The Ghost XXX Parody12/28/2012Adult DVD Talk
On a Dogging Mission 2601/11/2014Adult DVD Talk
On a Dogging Mission 2703/29/2014Adult DVD Talk
One Night In the Valley (Brazzers)02/01/2013Adult DVD Talk 
Open Meat03/29/2012Adult DVD Talk
Orgasm, The (Penthouse)04/11/2011Adult DVD Talk
Orgy Masters 6 (Jules Jordan Video)10/10/2015Adult DVD Talk
Original Sinners06/12/2010Adult DVD Talk
Past Times07/11/2011Adult DVD Talk
Performers Of The Year 201202/04/2012Adult DVD Talk
Performers Of The Year 201301/30/2013Adult DVD Talk
Pervs On Patrol05/04/2011Adult DVD Talk
Pervs on Patrol 1503/27/2014Adult DVD Talk
Pervs On Patrol 307/25/2011Adult DVD Talk
Pervs on Patrol 903/14/2013Adult DVD Talk
Phone Fucks08/27/2010Adult DVD Talk
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