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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
1 Dick 2 Chicks12/04/2003Xcritic 
1 Dick 2 Chicks11/30/2003Xcritic 
1 in the Pink 1 in the Stink 212/21/2003Xcritic
1 Night In Paris06/15/2004Xcritic
100% All-Star Blow Jobs 1211/15/2003Xcritic 
100% All-Star Blowjobs 1301/15/2004Xcritic 
100% Anal 310/05/2004Xcritic
100% Masturbations 210/27/2003Xcritic
18 Year Old Pussy 810/06/2010Xcritic
19 Year Old Cuties 303/16/2009Xcritic 
2 Dicks 1 Hole01/04/2009Xcritic 
2 Dicks in 1 Chick 511/17/2003Xcritic
2 New03/06/2009Xcritic 
20 and Natural11/24/2003Xcritic
3 Blowin' Me P.O.V. Style01/05/2009Xcritic 
3 Into Kira01/24/2003Xcritic 
3 Way Buffet08/31/2010Xcritic 
3-Legged Bitches01/14/2005Xcritic 
5 Star Dyanna Lauren12/28/2003Xcritic 
7 the Hardway12/01/2002Xcritic 
A Cum Sucking Whore Named Shyla09/26/2004Xcritic 
A Good Source of Iron12/18/2003Xcritic 
A Group Thing 311/22/2003Xcritic 
Adventure Sex 202/14/2005Xcritic
Adventure Sex 305/21/2005Xcritic
All American Cream Pie03/13/2009Xcritic 
All American Cream Pie 208/18/2008Xcritic
All Ditz and Jumbo Tits 303/19/2009Xcritic
All Girl Review 206/24/2009Xcritic 
All Star: Anal12/07/2003Xcritic
All Star: Latinas12/01/2003Xcritic 
All Star: Oral10/08/2003Xcritic
All Star: Teens11/22/2003Xcritic 
Allysin Unchayned09/05/2003Xcritic
Amateur Angels 1211/26/2003Xcritic
Amateur Angels 1608/22/2004Xcritic
Amber Smith: R.A.W.12/22/2003Xcritic 
Anal Addicts 1210/06/2003Xcritic
Anal Beauties11/28/2004Xcritic 
Anal Cherry Busters08/10/2010Xcritic
Anal Expedition 201/25/2004Xcritic
Anal Friendly04/05/2004Xcritic
Anal Fuck Auditions 212/13/2008Xcritic
Anal Intensive 1001/19/2004Xcritic
Anal Intensive 1102/16/2004Xcritic
Anal Intensive 1306/16/2004Xcritic
Anal Intensive 911/24/2003Xcritic
Anal Prostitutes on Video09/20/2004Xcritic 
Anal Teen Tryouts 610/14/2004Xcritic
Anal Thrills 202/08/2004Xcritic
Anal Trainer 511/16/2003Xcritic
Angel X12/06/2003Xcritic
Angela Volume Three09/27/2017Xcritic
Angels of Debauchery09/06/2004Xcritic
Aria and Friends12/22/2003Xcritic 
Army of Ass02/20/2004Xcritic
Art of Anal10/05/2004Xcritic 
Art of Ass02/21/2004Xcritic
Asian Fever 1108/28/2003Xcritic
Asian Fever 1308/25/2003Xcritic
Ass Angels05/16/2004Xcritic 
Ass Angels 411/16/2003Xcritic 
Ass Cleavage 302/20/2004Xcritic
Ass Obsession02/21/2004Xcritic 
Ass Slaves 210/18/2004Xcritic
Ass Stretchers 312/23/2003Xcritic
Ass Wide Open 206/14/2004Xcritic 
Ass Worship 502/21/2004Xcritic
Assman 2305/16/2004Xcritic
Baby Doll Nurses07/26/2004Xcritic 
Balls Deep 108/02/2009Xcritic
Bang Bang Breakin' the Law01/12/2005Xcritic
Banned! Anal Edition08/08/2004Xcritic 
Barely Legal 18 and Easy06/26/2008Xcritic
Barely Legal 3606/28/2003Xcritic
Barely Legal 3910/02/2003Xcritic
Barely Legal 4302/07/2004Xcritic
Barely Legal 8407/16/2008Xcritic
Barely Legal All-Stars 210/23/2004Xcritic
Barely Legal Baby Fat09/11/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal Bad Girls05/06/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal Double Down06/24/2008Xcritic
Barely Legal Latinas07/28/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal Oral Education08/28/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal Spoiled Brats09/21/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal Young and Nasty 310/10/2009Xcritic 
Bell Bottoms01/31/2004Xcritic 
Belladonna's Evil Pink As Tickler - Blaster01/13/2009Xcritic 
Belladonna's Evil Pink Ass Tickler - Smooth01/13/2009Xcritic 
Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Smooth01/18/2009Xcritic 
Below Tha Belt09/05/2003Xcritic
Best of Chloe Vevrier04/11/2004Xcritic
Best of Gangland 309/06/2004Xcritic 
Best of the Gangbang Girl Series 604/13/2004Xcritic 
Between The Lines04/08/2003Xcritic
Big Black Beast08/10/2004Xcritic 
Big Blowout03/03/2003Xcritic
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 208/22/2004Xcritic
Big Omar's Housewives Gang Bang12/22/2003Xcritic 
Big Pretty Titties 305/01/2009Xcritic
Biggz and the Beauties 806/09/2004Xcritic
Bikini Booty Bounce03/02/2009Xcritic
Black and Blonde 304/01/2004Xcritic
Black and Wild 812/03/2003Xcritic
Black Cream11/15/2003Xcritic
Black Girls Who Crave White Cock 106/08/2004Xcritic 
Black in the Ass05/16/2004Xcritic 
Black in the Ass 306/09/2004Xcritic
Black Spice12/16/2003Xcritic
Blow Me Sandwich 1011/01/2008Xcritic
Blow Me Sandwich 312/09/2003Xcritic
Blue Movie: Special Edition02/19/2004Xcritic 
Boobs Ahoy04/06/2004Xcritic
Breakin' Em In 906/20/2009Xcritic
Broken English08/21/2004Xcritic
Buttman VS Buttwoman02/03/2004Xcritic 
Calendar Girl05/20/2003Xcritic
Call Girls Undercover12/20/2003Xcritic 
Campus Confessions 612/09/2003Xcritic
Carmen Goes To College 310/14/2003Xcritic
Casting Couch 1010/03/2010Xcritic
Celebrator Mini Vibrator08/06/2008Xcritic 
Centerfolds Caught In Action 208/03/2008Xcritic
Cheating Wives Tales 707/10/2009Xcritic
Cheating Wives Tales 909/16/2010Xcritic
Cheerleader School12/06/2003Xcritic
Cherry Pickers 202/20/2004Xcritic 
Chin Knockers09/16/2010Xcritic 
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 1302/29/2004Xcritic
Cinema Obscura08/20/2004Xcritic
Club Fantasy06/25/2003Xcritic 
Club Freak06/30/2003Xcritic
Club Inferno09/22/2003Xcritic 
Co-Ed Cum Eaters07/20/2010Xcritic
Cock Craving Cuties08/25/2010Xcritic 
Cock Craving Cuties 208/13/2010Xcritic
Cocksucking Cherries03/07/2004Xcritic 
Cocksucking Cherries 203/07/2004Xcritic 
Coconut Holiday11/18/2003Xcritic 
College Girls Reunion11/25/2004Xcritic
College Invasion 410/24/2004Xcritic
College Invasion 501/05/2005Xcritic
College Invasion 604/29/2005Xcritic
Come To Mommy09/29/2010Xcritic
Coming From Behind12/09/2004Xcritic
Conquest: Special Edition02/19/2004Xcritic 
Cotton Panties 309/12/2009Xcritic
Couples Seduce Teens 907/11/2008Xcritic
Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party Captive10/17/2009Xcritic 
Covered In Cum04/02/2009Xcritic
Craving Big Cocks 208/10/2004Xcritic
Cream My Crack 305/31/2009Xcritic
Cream Pie Blowout 207/11/2008Xcritic
Cum Coat My Throat 405/08/2009Xcritic
Cum Drippers 509/05/2003Xcritic
Cum Drops08/22/2003Xcritic
Cum Fiesta 407/25/2009Xcritic
Cum Filled Asshole Overload10/05/2004Xcritic 
Cum Oozing Holes 210/07/2010Xcritic
Cum Stained Casting Couch 1208/09/2008Xcritic
Cum Swallow09/30/2008Xcritic
Cum Swapping Sluts 604/02/2004Xcritic
Cytherea iz Squirtwoman07/27/2004Xcritic 
Dangerous Lives of Blondes 203/16/2004Xcritic
Dark Deception09/20/2004Xcritic
Debbie Goes to War10/07/2003Xcritic
Deep Inside Chelsea Sinclaire02/01/2003Xcritic 
Deep Inside Misty Rain12/23/2003Xcritic
Deep Inside Nicole Sheridan11/14/2003Xcritic 
Desires of the Innocent12/21/2003Xcritic
Devinn Lane Show Episode 2,The04/14/2004Xcritic 
Devinn Lane Show Episode 411/29/2003Xcritic 
Dirty Blondes and Black Cocks07/05/2004Xcritic 
Dirty Girlz06/19/2003Xcritic
Don't Let Daddy Know 410/09/2010Xcritic
Don't Tell My Parents09/05/2003Xcritic 
Double Cocked03/13/2004Xcritic 
Double Decker Sandwich 302/29/2004Xcritic
Double Parked 501/02/2004Xcritic 
Double Stuffed 205/30/2004Xcritic
Double Stuffed 308/04/2004Xcritic
Drip Lube06/29/2008Xcritic 
Dude, That's My Mom!09/21/2009Xcritic
E-Love Wanted11/01/2003Xcritic
Elastic Assholes07/26/2004Xcritic 
Erotica XXX 411/30/2003Xcritic
Erotica XXX 502/29/2004Xcritic
Euro Angels Hardball 2202/02/2004Xcritic 
Euro Girls Never Say No 301/07/2004Xcritic
Euroglam: An American In Europe Final Chapter12/09/2003Xcritic 
European Mail Order Brides02/08/2004Xcritic 
Exposed Featuring Dee01/23/2005Xcritic
Eye Candy 309/27/2004Xcritic 
Eye Spy Cassidey09/15/2003Xcritic
Eye Spy Jenna04/19/2003Xcritic 
Fatt Entertainment Digital Magazine 103/07/2004Xcritic
Fatt Entertainment Digital Magazine 405/05/2004Xcritic
Fetish Circus04/24/2004Xcritic
Fetish Garden11/17/2003Xcritic 
Fetish: I Know Your Dreams12/07/2003Xcritic 
Filthy Frank's Real Amateur Porn 1710/18/2003Xcritic 
First Class Euro Sluts 202/29/2004Xcritic
First Time Auditions 502/18/2009Xcritic
For Women Only 1: Girls On Guys01/03/2003Xcritic
Foreign Assets11/09/2003Xcritic
Fresh Anal Panty Girls07/02/2008Xcritic
Fresh New Faces 302/29/2004Xcritic
Fresh New Faces 405/04/2004Xcritic
Fresh Newcummers 304/01/2009Xcritic
Fresh Outta High School 1009/03/2008Xcritic
Fresh Pussy 309/23/2010Xcritic
Fuck My Ass -N- Make Me Cum 209/25/2004Xcritic
Full Anal Access 212/15/2003Xcritic
Full Throttle Anal12/23/2003Xcritic
Gangland 4808/04/2004Xcritic
Gangland 5112/05/2004Xcritic
Gangland Cream Pie 207/07/2004Xcritic
Ghetto Booty 1106/16/2004Xcritic
Ghetto Girl P.O.V.06/05/2004Xcritic 
Gimme An Asian10/26/2003Xcritic 
Gina's Very Merry Christmas Orgy12/02/2002Xcritic
Girl of My Dreams01/13/2003Xcritic
Girls of Amateur Pages02/02/2004Xcritic 
Girls On Girls 508/08/2010Xcritic
Golden Girls 311/02/2003Xcritic 
Gonzo Jenna Haze Style05/29/2005Xcritic
Good Girls Doing Bad Things 311/30/2003Xcritic
Grand Theft Anal10/18/2003Xcritic 
Grand Theft Anal 302/20/2004Xcritic
Grrl Power! 1303/31/2003Xcritic
Gypsy Woman05/30/2004Xcritic
Happily Never After12/15/2003Xcritic
Hard as Diamonds/Smooth as Satin05/30/2004Xcritic 
Harder Faster 302/26/2004Xcritic
Hollywood Orgies: Asia Carrera08/15/2003Xcritic 
Hollywood Orgies: Dasha09/17/2003Xcritic 
Hollywood Orgies: Dyanna Lauren01/03/2004Xcritic 
Hollywood Orgies: Kira Kener02/03/2003Xcritic 
Hollywood Orgies: Kobe Tai02/07/2003Xcritic 
Hollywood Orgies: Mimi Miyagi08/23/2003Xcritic 
Hollywood Spa08/05/2003Xcritic
Hook-Ups 211/01/2003Xcritic
Hot Showers 1109/07/2003Xcritic
Hot Showers 1212/26/2003Xcritic
Hot Showers 1301/23/2004Xcritic
Housewife Bangers 910/09/2010Xcritic
Housewife Bangers Volume 1007/23/2010Xcritic 
Hustler XXX Video 2010/06/2003Xcritic 
Hustler XXX Video 2111/30/2003Xcritic 
Hustler XXX Video 2202/08/2004Xcritic 
I Am Angela11/05/2018Xcritic
I Know You're Watching11/29/2003Xcritic
I'm Into Anal01/16/2004Xcritic
I'm Into Teens02/20/2004Xcritic 
I'm Your Slut 312/09/2004Xcritic
If It Ain't Black...Take It Back 210/16/2004Xcritic
In It Goes Out It Cums 407/27/2010Xcritic
Internal Cumbustion 301/25/2004Xcritic
It Barely Fits!08/02/2009Xcritic 
It Takes Two 609/23/2009Xcritic
Italian Sausage II10/11/2003Xcritic 
Jail House Girls01/17/2005Xcritic 
Jenna's Loving Touch09/30/2008Xcritic 
Jezebelle and Friends03/04/2003Xcritic 
Joey Silvera's New Girls06/02/2003Xcritic 
Joey Silvera's She-Male Road Trip 909/06/2004Xcritic 
Just Anal Sex 211/18/2003Xcritic
Just Another Porn 401/08/2004Xcritic 
Lacie Heart Desire08/22/2008Xcritic 
Late Night Hookups 207/21/2010Xcritic
Latin Brotha Lovers 101/23/2005Xcritic
Latina Fever06/16/2004Xcritic
Leg Affair 403/16/2004Xcritic
Leg Sex Hardcore: Extreme Fantasies03/28/2004Xcritic 
Lesbian Swirl Fest 404/05/2004Xcritic
Lessons in Lust 211/10/2003Xcritic
Let Me Taste It 206/13/2004Xcritic 
Let's Play Anal Twistie12/08/2003Xcritic 
Liquid City 211/26/2003Xcritic
Little Latina Cum Queens10/09/2010Xcritic
London Shaggers 511/01/2003Xcritic
Lost Angels: Wanda Curtis12/14/2003Xcritic
Love Stories11/30/2003Xcritic
Lusty Legs11/12/2003Xcritic 
Mafia Princess07/11/2003Xcritic 
Magic Sex Genie09/06/2004Xcritic
Make My Butt Cum01/31/2004Xcritic
Mamacitas 404/09/2004Xcritic
Manhammer 211/30/2004Xcritic
Mature Kink 2003/13/2004Xcritic
Max Candy's Candy Girls 108/08/2010Xcritic 
Midnight Kiss07/02/2003Xcritic
Mighty Maxi Brute - Extra Slim Xtral Long 9 Inch Vibe11/16/2008Xcritic 
Milf Cruiser06/27/2005Xcritic 
MILF Eye for Teen Pie Volume 307/24/2010Xcritic 
MILF Lessons 206/14/2005Xcritic
MILFs Gone Anal 301/18/2009Xcritic
MILFs Take Diesel 306/27/2008Xcritic
Monsters of Cock 1608/11/2008Xcritic
More Than She Expected11/13/2003Xcritic 
Morgan Sex Project10/06/2003Xcritic
Mr. Pete's POV Perversions01/10/2004Xcritic
Mrs. Jones10/03/2003Xcritic
Multiple P.O.V. 211/26/2003Xcritic
My Friend's Hot Mom 1308/18/2008Xcritic
My Horny Valentine09/20/2004Xcritic
My Virtual Twins05/05/2003Xcritic
Nasty As I Wanna Be01/02/2004Xcritic 
Nasty As I Wanna Be04/05/2004Xcritic 
Nasty As I Wanna Be12/14/2003Xcritic 
Nasty Girls 2305/16/2004Xcritic 
Naughty Bedtime Stories 211/19/2003Xcritic
Naughty College School Girls 3011/29/2003Xcritic
Naughty College School Girls 3207/30/2004Xcritic
New Girls in Town 405/13/2003Xcritic
Nice Rack 907/02/2003Xcritic
Nikki Tyler Uncensored08/24/2003Xcritic 
No Cum Dodging Allowed 212/21/2003Xcritic
Not Another Teen Porno11/10/2003Xcritic 
Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie 201/30/2004Xcritic
Nothing Underneath02/10/2004Xcritic 
Nurses in Heat09/23/2003Xcritic
One True Chance01/03/2004Xcritic
Only The Best Of Seymore Butts 310/17/2004Xcritic
Oops! I Came On Your Tits11/28/2003Xcritic 
Open Up and Say Ahhh12/26/2003Xcritic 
Out Numbered 202/20/2004Xcritic
Pacific Rim University04/10/2004Xcritic
Paradise Lost12/28/2003Xcritic 
Pay to Play02/01/2004Xcritic
Peach Dream Girls11/25/2002Xcritic 
Perfect Specimens02/01/2004Xcritic 
Phatt Bootys01/17/2005Xcritic
Pick Up Babes 1002/01/2004Xcritic
Please! Cum Inside Me 1603/07/2004Xcritic
Pleasures of the Flesh 511/16/2003Xcritic
Prague by Night12/03/2003Xcritic 
Prague by Night 208/20/2004Xcritic 
Precious Pink Body Business 1110/08/2003Xcritic 
Precious Pink Body Business 1302/09/2004Xcritic 
Private Castings 27: Gili Sky05/30/2004Xcritic 
Private Castings 29: Karma05/30/2004Xcritic 
Private Fetish 4-Pack11/25/2003Xcritic 
Private Gladiator 206/02/2003Xcritic 
Private Life Laura Angel01/31/2004Xcritic 
Private Life of Lea deMae01/01/2004Xcritic
Private Stories 211/20/2003Xcritic
Private Stories 402/08/2004Xcritic
ProfessiAnals 101/18/2004Xcritic
ProfessiAnals 203/16/2004Xcritic
ProfessiAnals 305/16/2004Xcritic
Punch Club10/14/2003Xcritic
Pure 18 Volume 307/01/2010Xcritic 
Pussy Is Not Enough 202/22/2004Xcritic
Racquel in Paradise09/13/2003Xcritic
Raunchy Road Trip 3: Cunt Hunt12/07/2003Xcritic 
Raw Footage: Stephanie Swift Is Making A Scene09/30/2003Xcritic 
Real Briana Banks12/20/2003Xcritic 
Real Chasey Lain01/02/2004Xcritic
Real College Girls 1010/10/2003Xcritic
Real Girlfriends 103/04/2003Xcritic
Real Girlfriends 203/31/2003Xcritic 
Reel Joe09/28/2004Xcritic
Retro Files11/19/2003Xcritic 
Riviera Heat02/19/2004Xcritic
Rocco Ravishes Russia02/02/2004Xcritic
Rocco: Animal Trainer 1404/05/2004Xcritic
Rogue Adventures 2301/13/2005Xcritic
Rogue Adventures 2405/08/2005Xcritic
Rump Riders11/06/2003Xcritic
Runaround Sue11/01/2004Xcritic
Sci-Fi Sex01/28/2004Xcritic 
Security Cam Chronicles 102/14/2005Xcritic
Seductions 1310/04/2004Xcritic 
Semen Sippers11/25/2003Xcritic 
Semen Sippers 204/05/2004Xcritic
Sex Across America01/29/2005Xcritic 
Sex and Guns12/29/2003Xcritic
Sex Bullets02/09/2004Xcritic
Sex Experiment03/07/2004Xcritic 
Sex Tape Scandal12/09/2003Xcritic 
Sex, Lies and Internet03/08/2004Xcritic
Sexual Desires of Jenna J. Ross09/22/2014Xcritic
Seymore Butt's The Tushy Girls Slumber Party08/22/2004Xcritic 
Seymore Butts' Behind the Sphinc Door05/30/2004Xcritic 
Seymore Butts' How Could I Forget That Asshole?04/17/2009Xcritic 
Seymore Butts' It's Raining Tushy Girls!05/30/2004Xcritic 
Seymore Butts' Lip Service10/01/2004Xcritic 
Seymore Butts' Performing Ass04/05/2004Xcritic 
Seymore Butts' Tongue in Cheeks05/30/2004Xcritic 
Shades of Sex 311/18/2003Xcritic 
Shane's World 29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 312/17/2002Xcritic
Shane's World 35: Swingers09/20/2004Xcritic
She Said "Blow Me" 205/07/2005Xcritic
Shut Up and Blow Me!12/25/2003Xcritic 
Signature Series 7: Nikita Denise12/27/2003Xcritic
Sins of Asia 5: Severe Asian Fantasy03/13/2004Xcritic 
Sins of Asia 603/13/2004Xcritic 
Sista 1911/30/2004Xcritic
Snow Sluts02/08/2004Xcritic 
Sodomy - Law of The Land10/16/2004Xcritic
Sole Sistas 407/05/2004Xcritic
Sopornos 512/16/2003Xcritic
Sorority Pink04/13/2009Xcritic 
Space Nuts10/23/2003Xcritic
Sport Babes 111/29/2003Xcritic
Sport Fucking 212/18/2003Xcritic
Spread Your Legs10/15/2004Xcritic
Stick it Where the Sun Don't Shine!01/18/2004Xcritic
Stocking Secrets 508/21/2004Xcritic
Strip and Give Me 1001/17/2005Xcritic
Strip Tease Then Fuck 212/09/2003Xcritic
Sunrise: Extreme Close Up01/15/2004Xcritic
Superfuckers 1-612/29/2003Xcritic
Superfuckers 2210/26/2003Xcritic
Superfuckers 2311/29/2003Xcritic
Swallow My Pride 309/25/2003Xcritic
Sweet and Petite 310/09/2010Xcritic
Sweet Lolika05/30/2005Xcritic 
T-Girls 208/13/2005Xcritic
Tag Teamed01/25/2004Xcritic
Take It Black01/24/2005Xcritic
Tap That Ass!11/29/2003Xcritic
Taya: Extreme Close Up02/10/2004Xcritic
Teen America: Mission 112/05/2004Xcritic 
Teen Idol 510/05/2010Xcritic
Teen Tryouts: Audition 3711/02/2004Xcritic
Teen X Two01/25/2004Xcritic 
Teenage Anal Princess11/08/2004Xcritic 
Teenage Brotha Lovers 208/12/2004Xcritic
Teenage Peach Fuzz 504/13/2009Xcritic
Teens Goin' Wild 1002/01/2004Xcritic
Teens Make You Cum the Most 209/25/2003Xcritic
Teens Make You Cum the Most 207/29/2004Xcritic
Teens Make You Cum the Most 212/28/2003Xcritic
Teens Make You Cum the Most 208/13/2004Xcritic
Teens Revealed04/22/2003Xcritic 
Text Book Pussies 509/17/2009Xcritic
Three For All 311/29/2003Xcritic
Three Nasty Roses01/22/2005Xcritic
Thrills Part 208/24/2003Xcritic 
Throat Yogurt 212/19/2004Xcritic
Tiny Tits09/13/2003Xcritic 
Too Young To Fall In Love 202/12/2009Xcritic 
Torrid Tramps09/05/2003Xcritic
Toss My Salad 4: The Ascension05/16/2004Xcritic 
Trash Talking Teens07/11/2010Xcritic
Travel Sluts 206/13/2004Xcritic
Tropical Deluxe Boxset 105/11/2005Xcritic 
Truly Nice Ass 401/02/2004Xcritic 
Trust No One12/30/2003Xcritic 
Ultimate Asses 201/09/2004Xcritic
Ultimate Briana Banks12/01/2002Xcritic 
Ultimate Chelsea Sinclaire12/27/2003Xcritic 
Unbelievable Sex02/16/2003Xcritic 
Under Contract: Cheyenne Silver08/28/2003Xcritic 
Under Contract: Dasha12/21/2003Xcritic 
Under Contract: Janine11/30/2003Xcritic
Unfound Item03/28/2004Xcritic 
Up and Cummers 1104/09/2004Xcritic
Up and Cummers 12102/08/2004Xcritic
Vanity Superstar08/01/2005Xcritic
Virgin Teen Lesbians 209/21/2009Xcritic
Virtually Yours10/27/2003Xcritic 
Vivid Girl Confidential: Cassidey12/09/2003Xcritic 
Vivid Girl Confidential: Devon02/08/2004Xcritic