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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
1 On 1 410/18/2009Xcritic
110% Natural 1909/07/2009Xcritic
3 Blowin' Me 212/21/2009Xcritic
All Star Big Boobs (Blu-Ray)04/01/2010Xcritic 
Amateur Introductions 209/08/2013Xcritic
Amateur POV Auditions 311/14/2013Xcritic
Amateur Street Pickups 209/03/2013Xcritic
Amazing Headlights 206/04/2012Xcritic
Anal Annihilations 407/21/2012Xcritic
Anal Teens 207/30/2012Xcritic 
Ashton Loves Jenna05/14/2010Xcritic
Asian Fixation05/10/2010Xcritic 
Asian Party Sluts01/24/2010Xcritic 
Asian Party Sluts 308/03/2012Xcritic
Asian-Stravaganza! 208/07/2010Xcritic
Asians Are Cumming!04/20/2012Xcritic 
Ass Candy03/12/2012Xcritic 
Ass Trap 301/11/2010Xcritic
Assault That Ass 1311/28/2009Xcritic
Baby Got Boobs10/18/2009Xcritic 
Baby Got Boobs 1006/25/2013Xcritic
Baby Got Boobs 201/24/2010Xcritic
Baby Got Boobs 306/29/2010Xcritic
Baby Got Boobs 409/27/2010Xcritic
Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 503/08/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 10001/11/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 10203/14/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 12312/19/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal 13210/15/2013Xcritic
Barely Legal 9301/11/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 9810/25/2009Xcritic
Barely Legal 98 (Blu-Ray)10/26/2009Xcritic 
Barely Legal 9901/11/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal Brazil09/07/2009Xcritic
Barely Legal P.O.V. 1006/04/2012Xcritic
Barely Legal POV 1310/29/2013Xcritic
Barely Legal School Girls 501/24/2010Xcritic
Best of Incumming11/02/2009Xcritic
Big and Real 206/05/2012Xcritic
Big and Real 306/13/2012Xcritic
Big Boob Car Wash08/22/2010Xcritic 
Big Boob Orgy 202/01/2010Xcritic
Big Busty Workout11/21/2013Xcritic
Big Rack Attack 702/21/2010Xcritic 
Big Tit Mother Fuckers03/31/2010Xcritic 
Big Tit Oil Orgy05/18/2010Xcritic
Big Tits At School 1407/11/2012Xcritic
Big Tits at School 710/18/2009Xcritic
Big Tits At School 802/10/2010Xcritic
Big Tits At School 907/10/2010Xcritic
Big Tits At Work 1504/01/2012Xcritic
Big Tits At Work 811/17/2009Xcritic
Big Tits Boss 1901/11/2012Xcritic
Big Tits in Sports 201/16/2010Xcritic
Big Tits In Sports 407/31/2010Xcritic
Big Tits In Sports 905/07/2012Xcritic
Big Tits In Uniform06/29/2010Xcritic
Big Wet Butts 205/10/2010Xcritic
Big Wet Tits 1103/27/2012Xcritic
Bleached To The Bone 303/14/2010Xcritic
Blonde Bombs11/28/2009Xcritic
Bore My Asshole 402/27/2010Xcritic
Bossy MILFS10/25/2009Xcritic
Bossy MILFS 406/16/2010Xcritic
Bossy MILFS 610/13/2010Xcritic
Breakin' 'Em In 1502/09/2012Xcritic
Busted Butts02/11/2012Xcritic 
Busty Beauties Big Tit Buffet02/23/2014Xcritic
Busty Beauties POV10/15/2013Xcritic
Busty Beauties: The A List 205/14/2010Xcritic
Busty Beauties: The A List 408/18/2010Xcritic
Busty Beauties: Top Shelf Titties03/13/2012Xcritic 
Busty Office MILFs 409/03/2013Xcritic
Cheerleaders Gone Bad06/16/2012Xcritic 
College Rules 1006/26/2013Xcritic
College Rules 1301/23/2014Xcritic
College Rules 508/03/2012Xcritic
Creampied Cheerleaders03/06/2010Xcritic 
Crowd Control10/12/2009Xcritic 
Cum Drippers 1008/20/2013Xcritic
Cum For Cover 611/29/2009Xcritic
Cum Swallowing Auditions 108/11/2013Xcritic
Cum Swallowing Auditions 209/08/2013Xcritic
Cum Swallowing Auditions 311/21/2013Xcritic
Cute And Innocent?09/08/2013Xcritic
Cuties 304/04/2012Xcritic
Day With A Pornstar 407/05/2013Xcritic
Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 212/03/2009Xcritic
Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 405/12/2012Xcritic
Doctor Adventures 1205/12/2012Xcritic 
Doctor 311/21/2009Xcritic
Doctor 601/21/2010Xcritic
Double Duty04/18/2012Xcritic
Downtown Girls03/08/2010Xcritic 
Dressed For Fantasy09/07/2009Xcritic 
Eazy Lube09/07/2009Xcritic
Every Girl Loves A Facial12/22/2013Xcritic 
Extreme Girls Love To Fuck 201/17/2010Xcritic 
Farm Fresh 203/06/2010Xcritic
Fresh Outta High School 1912/04/2009Xcritic
Fresh Outta High School 2011/21/2009Xcritic
Fresh Squeeze09/12/2009Xcritic 
Fucked At Random 309/08/2009Xcritic
Fucked On Sight 610/18/2009Xcritic
Full Service Detail03/08/2010Xcritic
Girls Of Red Light District, The: Nautica Thorn02/01/2010Xcritic 
Girls' Fantasies 1003/08/2010Xcritic 
Give Me Pink 1310/01/2013Xcritic
Golden Globes: Big Titty MILFs 203/06/2010Xcritic 
Great Big Tits11/18/2011Xcritic
Great Big Tits 602/10/2010Xcritic
Head Master 303/23/2010Xcritic
Hearts and Minds 2: Modern Warfare08/18/2009Xcritic
Horny Joe's Gym11/01/2011Xcritic 
Horny Older Women01/18/2012Xcritic
Hot Sauce 809/12/2009Xcritic
Hustler's Amateur Action 408/20/2013Xcritic
I Know That Girl 1107/09/2013Xcritic
I Know That Girl 907/09/2013Xcritic
I Like Phat Bunz 302/21/2010Xcritic
I'm a Big Girl Now 1011/02/2009Xcritic
I'm a Big Girl Now 908/18/2009Xcritic
I've Been Sodomized 709/08/2009Xcritic
In Both Holes01/27/2012Xcritic
In It Goes Out It Cums 701/20/2010Xcritic
Initiations 2509/07/2009Xcritic
Inside The Orient 112/21/2009Xcritic
Inside The Orient 211/21/2009Xcritic
Internal Injections 609/12/2009Xcritic 
Jack on Moms09/11/2010Xcritic
Joys Of Anal08/05/2012Xcritic
Just Over Eighteen 2302/23/2010Xcritic
Liquid Diet06/16/2012Xcritic
Little Jean Shorts08/28/2013Xcritic
Mamasan's Knock You Out03/14/2010Xcritic
Massage Creep 211/08/2011Xcritic
Massive Facials 402/11/2012Xcritic
Me Luv U Long Time 1311/17/2009Xcritic
Meet The Fuckers 911/21/2009Xcritic
MILFS In Charge01/24/2012Xcritic
MILFS Like It Big 1103/27/2012Xcritic
Modern MILFs04/04/2012Xcritic
Mom's Baking Brownies11/06/2009Xcritic
Mommy Got Boobs 1305/07/2012Xcritic
Mother Suckers 205/18/2010Xcritic 
Mrs. Demeanor10/25/2009Xcritic
My Evil Sluts 811/19/2011Xcritic
My Oldest Fuck11/06/2009Xcritic 
My Sister's Hot Friend 3302/22/2014Xcritic
My Wife And I Are Fucking The Babysitter 206/04/2012Xcritic
My XXX Secretary 211/28/2009Xcritic
My XXX Secretary 311/28/2009Xcritic
Nature's Breast03/14/2010Xcritic 
Naughty Book Worms 1512/21/2009Xcritic
Naughty Book Worms 1712/21/2009Xcritic
New Chicks Cum First 1109/12/2009Xcritic
New To The Game 510/25/2009Xcritic
Nylons 1110/29/2013Xcritic
Nylons 509/21/2009Xcritic
Nylons 611/28/2009Xcritic
Nylons 706/06/2010Xcritic
Nylons 908/23/2012Xcritic
Oral Olympics02/05/2010Xcritic 
Pervs On Patrol 1007/14/2013Xcritic
Point of View Times Two10/12/2009Xcritic
Pornstars Like It Big 805/29/2010Xcritic
Pound The Round P.O.V.11/21/2009Xcritic 
Pound The Round P.O.V. 302/27/2010Xcritic
Pound The Round P.O.V. 405/10/2010Xcritic
Pound The Round P.O.V. 608/01/2010Xcritic
Pound The Round P.O.V. 905/02/2012Xcritic
POV Junkie02/10/2010Xcritic 
POV Junkie 207/24/2010Xcritic
Prime Cups 609/03/2009Xcritic
Prime Cups 701/16/2010Xcritic
Public Pickups 208/01/2013Xcritic
Rack It Up 208/18/2009Xcritic
Rack It Up 411/24/2009Xcritic
Real Racks 603/31/2010Xcritic
Real Wife Stories 511/13/2009Xcritic
Real Wife Stories 810/13/2010Xcritic
Riley Steele So Fine05/10/2010Xcritic
S.W.A.T: Sex With a Teenager 511/28/2009Xcritic 
Sex With Young Girls 1203/24/2010Xcritic
Sexual Gymnastics05/07/2012Xcritic
She Does Porn?01/24/2010Xcritic 
She's So Cute 609/08/2013Xcritic 
Shot Glasses10/12/2009Xcritic 
Shot Glasses 211/24/2009Xcritic
So Young So Sexy P.O.V. 503/09/2012Xcritic
Sperm Receptacles 510/12/2009Xcritic
Strip Tease Then Fuck 1110/12/2009Xcritic
Teen Babysitters07/31/2010Xcritic 
Teen Idol 706/16/2010Xcritic
Teen POV10/18/2009Xcritic 
Teenage Wasteland 210/25/2009Xcritic 
Teens Like It Big 1408/01/2013Xcritic
Teens Talking Trash 212/22/2013Xcritic
Teens with Tits 1409/17/2009Xcritic
Texass Tales05/29/2010Xcritic
Tits Ahoy 911/19/2009Xcritic
Tits and Ass 202/10/2010Xcritic 
Too Good To Be True 203/09/2012Xcritic
Too Small To Take It All 203/23/2010Xcritic
Trouble At The Slumber Party02/03/2012Xcritic
Unplanned Parenthood03/31/2010Xcritic
Untapped Assets12/04/2009Xcritic 
Vogue Nasty02/01/2010Xcritic
Watch Your Back 211/06/2009Xcritic
Watch Your Back 311/24/2009Xcritic
We Fuck 'Em Young 301/11/2010Xcritic
Wet Tits 208/12/2013Xcritic
Whatabooty 709/21/2009Xcritic
Who's Your Daddy? 1211/19/2009Xcritic
You've Been Busted 202/21/2010Xcritic
Young and Nasty 611/13/2009Xcritic
Young Girls With Big Tits 903/06/2010Xcritic 
Young Ripe Mellons 1012/12/2011Xcritic
Young Ripe Mellons 1110/01/2013Xcritic