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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
Adult Stars at Home01/30/2003Adult DVD Talk
Allure03/31/2003Adult DVD Talk
Anal Manor02/04/2003Adult DVD Talk
Asian Fever 1106/30/2003Adult DVD Talk
Asian Fever 601/30/2003Adult DVD Talk
Asian Girls06/26/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Babes Illustrated 501/03/2004Adult DVD Talk
Bare Necessities06/19/2003Adult DVD Talk
Basically Becca06/02/2003Adult DVD Talk
Believe It Or Not 201/23/2003Adult DVD Talk
Best Friends (Wicked)04/16/2003Adult DVD Talk
Big Member03/31/2003Adult DVD Talk
Briana Banks Exposed03/27/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Briana Banks Exposed03/28/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Castings 15: Anita's First Time09/22/2003Adult DVD Talk
Crazy Like a Fox04/07/2003Adult DVD Talk
Devinn Lane Show Episode 206/30/2003Adult DVD Talk
Domination03/18/2003Adult DVD Talk
Enchanted01/19/2004Adult DVD Talk
Felicia Exposed02/14/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Free Ride02/11/2004Adult DVD Talk
Fresh New Faces 210/06/2003Adult DVD Talk
Girl Power (Adam and Eve)09/14/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Good Bad and the Wicked02/17/2003Adult DVD Talk
Interviewing Jenna02/14/2003Adult DVD Talk
Jail Babes 2302/05/2003Adult DVD Talk
Little Lace Panties 502/04/2003Adult DVD Talk
Love Muffins01/28/2003Adult DVD Talk
Mail Order Bride04/08/2003Adult DVD Talk
Miko Lee and Friends03/06/2003Adult DVD Talk
More Than a Handful 1206/10/2003Adult DVD Talk
My Play Toy08/04/2003Adult DVD Talk
Nikki Dial Exposed03/18/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Other Face of Pleasure05/06/2003Adult DVD Talk
Private Castings 11: Micaella Tender Black Beauty01/27/2003Adult DVD Talk
Private Gladiator 304/01/2003Adult DVD Talk
Private Penthouse Box Set05/03/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Private Presents: DVD Sampler 502/22/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Racquel On Fire05/25/2003Adult DVD Talk
Reality 11: Singularity04/17/2003Adult DVD Talk
Reality 7: Wild Adventures05/03/2003Adult DVD Talk
Redheads On Fire07/11/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Return of the Cheerleader Nurses02/04/2003Adult DVD Talk
Sabrine Maui Exposed08/26/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Sakura Tales 205/26/2003Adult DVD Talk
Second Chance07/10/2003Adult DVD Talk
Serenity In Denim12/29/2003Adult DVD Talk
Sex On Film03/24/2003Adult DVD Talk
Sex On Film03/26/2003Adult DVD Talk
Sista 1701/03/2004Adult DVD Talk
Something So Right02/17/2003Adult DVD Talk
Squirting Adventures of Dr. G01/24/2003Adult DVD Talk
Sunrise01/22/2003Adult DVD Talk
Warehouse of Whores08/01/2003Adult DVD Talk
Wide Open Spaces07/10/2003Adult DVD Talk
Young Latin Girls 306/17/2003Adult DVD Talk
Your Time is Up03/03/2003Adult DVD Talk