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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
101 Ethnic Beauties01/09/2006Xcritic 
110% Natural 1309/24/2007Xcritic
2 Girls For Every Guy02/22/2006Xcritic
3 Into Tia Bella10/26/2003Xcritic 
5 Star Sky04/02/2004Xcritic 
8th Street Latinas 402/04/2008Xcritic
8th Street Latinas 506/30/2008Xcritic
A Taste Of Pleasure07/12/2005Xcritic 
Acting Out02/20/2005Xcritic 
American Ass 210/13/2004Xcritic
American Daydreams 403/04/2007Xcritic
American MILF02/02/2008Xcritic 
Anal Hazard 103/29/2005Xcritic
Anal Impact 207/06/2005Xcritic
Anal Perversions 307/18/2004Xcritic 
Anal Whores05/18/2006Xcritic 
Analicious Adventures06/13/2005Xcritic 
And the Winner Is... Christy Canyon10/29/2003Xcritic 
Angel Perverse 811/23/2007Xcritic
Ass Crackin' 403/05/2005Xcritic
Assparade 1108/06/2007Xcritic
Assparade 307/22/2005Xcritic
Assparade 411/20/2005Xcritic
Assparade 607/04/2006Xcritic
Assparade 708/28/2006Xcritic
Azz Fest 203/17/2004Xcritic
Azz Fest 307/07/2004Xcritic
Azz Fest 408/21/2004Xcritic
Baby Face 212/26/2004Xcritic
Ball Honeys11/21/2005Xcritic 
Ball Honeys 1106/26/2008Xcritic
Ball Honeys 308/28/2006Xcritic
Ball Honeys 603/23/2007Xcritic
Bang Bus 707/24/2005Xcritic
Bang Bus 811/21/2005Xcritic
Bang My Juice Boxxx: Latina Squeeze03/26/2007Xcritic
Bare Naked12/10/2005Xcritic
Barefoot Maniacs12/10/2005Xcritic 
Barely Legal Innocence 112/14/2004Xcritic
Barrio Booty05/07/2006Xcritic 
Barrio Booty 311/25/2007Xcritic
Best of the Best: 1997-200201/16/2004Xcritic 
Best Of Tyler Faith08/08/2005Xcritic
Big Black Wet Asses!01/06/2005Xcritic 
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 107/26/2004Xcritic
Big Giant Titties 408/07/2007Xcritic
Big Mommy Boobs08/07/2007Xcritic 
Big Natural Tits 1808/08/2007Xcritic
Big Round Latin Culos08/27/2006Xcritic
Big Round Latin Culos08/27/2006Xcritic
Big Sausage Pizza 704/12/2006Xcritic
Big Tits Boss v209/09/2008Xcritic 
Big Tits Round Asses 412/19/2007Xcritic
Big Titty Moms08/06/2007Xcritic 
Big Wet Asses 306/22/2004Xcritic
Black Boned05/20/2005Xcritic
Black Boned 205/20/2005Xcritic
Black Dicks in White Chicks 906/03/2005Xcritic
Black Mamba 2: Algo Mas Sexsual05/18/2007Xcritic 
Black Sugar11/10/2003Xcritic
Blondes Deluxxxe06/25/2005Xcritic
Blow Job Mania03/05/2005Xcritic
Boning Bonita Chicas05/18/2007Xcritic
Boob Squad 1110/15/2006Xcritic
Booty Juice 207/18/2004Xcritic
Born for Porn06/02/2005Xcritic 
Brazilian Ass Whores D.P. Style04/10/2006Xcritic
Brazilian Butts01/10/2005Xcritic
Brazilian Girlfriends12/12/2006Xcritic
Brazilian Island 311/22/2006Xcritic
Bukkake 205/05/2005Xcritic
Busty Adventures 612/26/2007Xcritic
Busty Beauties 1209/16/2004Xcritic
Caliente (Sin City)07/15/2006Xcritic 
Capital Punishment04/15/2005Xcritic 
Cheating Housewives 203/01/2006Xcritic 
Cheating Housewives 306/29/2006Xcritic
Cherokee's Stripper Academy07/27/2004Xcritic
Cherry Lickers 209/02/2006Xcritic
Cherry Nurses02/22/2004Xcritic 
Cherry Pickers03/03/2004Xcritic
Chicas Calientes05/05/2005Xcritic
Chicks and Salsa 305/07/2006Xcritic
Chicks and Salsa 405/18/2007Xcritic
Chiquita You So Freaky!!09/06/2005Xcritic
Cleopatra 207/11/2004Xcritic 
Clothes Freaks12/25/2007Xcritic
Club's Room Service03/09/2006Xcritic
Coral Honeymoon05/25/2004Xcritic 
Cream Pie For The Straight Guy 606/27/2007Xcritic
Creamy Caramel07/26/2004Xcritic
Crema Latina08/03/2004Xcritic
Cum on My Latin Tongue and Shy's Ass05/20/2005Xcritic 
Cunt Licking Cherries04/13/2004Xcritic 
D.P. Mamacitas06/29/2006Xcritic 
D.P. Mamacitas 504/09/2006Xcritic
Diary of a MILF08/28/2006Xcritic 
Diary of A Milf 712/19/2007Xcritic
Do It.04/19/2004Xcritic
Double Decker Sandwich 605/06/2005Xcritic
Double Dippin'08/16/2004Xcritic 
Driving Mercedez Wild02/20/2005Xcritic
Every Last Drop 406/26/2008Xcritic
Everybody Loves Big Boobies08/09/2004Xcritic 
Extreme Behavior 408/31/2004Xcritic
Fantasy Lagoon08/13/2005Xcritic 
Filthy's Sinoritas 202/09/2008Xcritic
Flower's Squirt Shower08/15/2005Xcritic 
Freak Nasty12/13/2005Xcritic 
Fresh Mex09/07/2004Xcritic 
Fresh New Faces 611/20/2005Xcritic
Gallery of Sin 404/03/2004Xcritic
Gaping Cherries04/06/2004Xcritic 
Gigantic Joggies12/12/2006Xcritic 
Gina Ryder AKA Filthy Whore04/20/2004Xcritic
Girls Night Out In Tijuana09/07/2004Xcritic
Girls of Latin America, The: Bogota Colombia07/06/2006Xcritic 
Goin' Deep 304/05/2005Xcritic
Going Down With Love09/27/2004Xcritic
Grin and Bare-It02/18/2006Xcritic
Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 311/07/2005Xcritic
Gym Nasties10/13/2004Xcritic
Hardcore Training 508/09/2004Xcritic
Harder Than Steel 312/24/2007Xcritic
Hate: A Love Story07/22/2005Xcritic
Hollywood Orgies: Nikki Dial11/01/2003Xcritic 
Hook-Ups 1203/27/2007Xcritic
Horny Spanish Flies 202/08/2006Xcritic
Hot Ass Latinas 105/05/2004Xcritic
Hot Cherry Pies04/16/2004Xcritic 
Hot Sauce 502/27/2008Xcritic
Hot Tubbin' Latin Lovin'06/30/2008Xcritic 
Hot Young Cherries04/05/2004Xcritic 
House of Ass 611/14/2007Xcritic
Housewife 1 on 1 1109/01/2008Xcritic
Housewife 1 on 1 706/27/2007Xcritic
I Love 'Em Latin 205/07/2006Xcritic
I Love Carmen03/07/2006Xcritic 
I Love Carmen 205/18/2006Xcritic
I Love Latinas05/21/2007Xcritic
I'm Into Big Tits04/21/2004Xcritic 
I'm Into Latinas05/20/2004Xcritic 
Ice LaFox is Damaged06/07/2006Xcritic 
Internal Revenues06/13/2005Xcritic
It Tastes Like Candy02/12/2004Xcritic
JKP Hardcore 201/18/2005Xcritic
Kara Davis 109/24/2007Xcritic
Karrine Steffans: Super Head05/17/2006Xcritic 
Killer Grip 204/15/2005Xcritic
Killer Grip 301/31/2006Xcritic
Kim Kardashian, Superstar04/06/2007Xcritic
Kim Kardashian, Superstar (Uncut)02/03/2008Xcritic 
Lascivious Latinas03/29/2005Xcritic 
Lascivious Latinas 209/24/2005Xcritic
Lascivious Latinas 305/07/2006Xcritic
Lascivious Latinas 410/23/2006Xcritic
Lascivious Latinas 709/02/2008Xcritic
Latin Adultery 105/10/2005Xcritic
Latin Adultery 202/28/2006Xcritic
Latin Adultery 307/04/2006Xcritic
Latin Adultery 411/25/2007Xcritic
Latin Blow Bang Auditions04/19/2005Xcritic 
Latin Eye Candy 603/10/2004Xcritic
Latin Eye Candy 704/23/2004Xcritic
Latin Girls 1008/03/2004Xcritic 
Latin Girls 1312/14/2004Xcritic 
Latin Girls 1404/14/2005Xcritic 
Latin Hoochies11/08/2003Xcritic 
Latin Love Dollz08/28/2006Xcritic
Latin Mother Fuckers07/10/2005Xcritic 
Latin Spice06/12/2006Xcritic
Latin Teen Tryouts08/09/2004Xcritic 
Latin Teen Tryouts 206/07/2005Xcritic
Latin Teen Tryouts 310/26/2005Xcritic
Latin Throat Bangers 201/10/2005Xcritic
Latina Anal Assault 206/06/2006Xcritic
Latina Anal Heartbreakers05/18/2007Xcritic
Latina Cum Queens 306/06/2006Xcritic
Latina Dayworkers11/22/2006Xcritic
Latina Deluxe 304/21/2008Xcritic
Latina Heat09/06/2008Xcritic 
Latina Hollywood Hookers09/08/2008Xcritic
Lay Me Down05/24/2004Xcritic
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 406/02/2005Xcritic
Lethal Latinas 210/02/2005Xcritic
Lil' Latinas 202/28/2005Xcritic
Lil' Latinas 302/28/2005Xcritic
Liquid City 1&212/01/2004Xcritic 
Loca Latina Sluts 106/27/2007Xcritic
Love Sick01/05/2005Xcritic 
Lusting for Latinas07/06/2006Xcritic
Malibu's Most Latin 210/16/2006Xcritic
Mamacitas 512/27/2004Xcritic
Mami Culo Grande05/11/2005Xcritic 
Mami Culo Grande 201/30/2006Xcritic
Mami Culo Grande 310/15/2006Xcritic
Manhammer 110/13/2004Xcritic
Measure For Measure09/07/2004Xcritic
Mercedez Takes Control09/24/2007Xcritic
Mexicunts 304/17/2006Xcritic
Milf Cumpies02/27/2008Xcritic
MILF Lessons 1208/30/2007Xcritic
MILF Lessons 1402/09/2008Xcritic
MILF Lessons 1709/03/2008Xcritic
MILF Lessons 609/02/2006Xcritic
MILF Worship 309/24/2007Xcritic
Miss Phat Booty04/06/2005Xcritic 
Mommy Got Boobs 209/01/2008Xcritic
Monsters of Cock 511/20/2005Xcritic
Muy Caliente! 302/21/2008Xcritic
Muy Caliente! 406/30/2008Xcritic
My Sister's Hot Friend 1104/22/2008Xcritic
My Sister's Hot Friend 305/18/2006Xcritic
Nacho Rides Again07/19/2006Xcritic
Nasty As I Wanna Be05/07/2004Xcritic 
Nasty As I Wanna Be07/23/2004Xcritic 
Nasty Hardcore Latinas 205/05/2005Xcritic
Naughty America and The Chocolate Factory02/24/2007Xcritic
Naughty Book Worms 205/18/2006Xcritic
Naughty Office 205/06/2006Xcritic
Naughty Office 306/12/2006Xcritic
Naughty Office 808/06/2007Xcritic
No Man's Land Latin Edition 412/14/2004Xcritic
No Man's Land Latin Edition 707/17/2006Xcritic
Nookii Toy: In The Mood For Love04/24/2008Xcritic 
Pamela Principle03/01/2006Xcritic
Perfect Kiss04/06/2005Xcritic
Pick-Up Girls02/19/2006Xcritic 
Pirate Box Set 307/04/2005Xcritic 
Playing With Cytherea05/18/2006Xcritic
Poke Her04/01/2005Xcritic 
Porn Fidelity 909/27/2007Xcritic
Private Colors03/30/2005Xcritic 
Private Stories 504/28/2004Xcritic
Private Stories 604/27/2004Xcritic
Pros 204/06/2005Xcritic 
Proud To Be A Baby Doll09/15/2004Xcritic
Puerto Rican Affairs11/07/2005Xcritic 
Pussy Party 1 Issue 604/24/2005Xcritic 
Real Celeste02/06/2004Xcritic
Real Christy Canyon07/23/2004Xcritic 
Real Raylene02/26/2004Xcritic 
Real Taylor Hayes05/12/2004Xcritic 
Ring Me Up08/11/2004Xcritic
Rio De Janeiro: Top To Bottom09/21/2005Xcritic
Rock Hard04/25/2005Xcritic
Round and Brown02/11/2007Xcritic 
Run for the Border05/06/2006Xcritic 
Run For the Border 404/21/2008Xcritic
Score Xtra 603/26/2004Xcritic 
Search For the Ripe Peach 205/03/2004Xcritic
Secretary's Day04/21/2008Xcritic 
Seduced and Abandoned01/16/2005Xcritic
Sex Collections01/16/2005Xcritic
Sex with Young Girls 811/20/2005Xcritic
Shaved Cherries04/05/2004Xcritic 
Simply Girls11/15/2004Xcritic
Sin-A-Matic 310/08/2003Xcritic
Sista 2112/10/2005Xcritic
Slutinas 210/17/2006Xcritic
Slutinas 408/05/2007Xcritic
Snow Job02/02/2005Xcritic
Sodomy Sessions04/06/2005Xcritic
South of the Border 211/15/2004Xcritic 
Spanish Harlem 205/18/2007Xcritic
Spunk'd 605/18/2007Xcritic 
Starlet Hardcore 211/14/2007Xcritic
Stocking Secrets 1004/24/2005Xcritic
Stocking Secrets 904/15/2005Xcritic
Sweet Latina Sluts06/12/2006Xcritic
Tales From The Script 310/13/2004Xcritic
Teen Idol 206/13/2005Xcritic
Teen Latin Dolls 208/21/2004Xcritic
Teen Sensations 1302/18/2006Xcritic
Tell Me What You Want 204/02/2004Xcritic
Tell Me What You Want 304/24/2004Xcritic
Tell Me What You Want 408/21/2004Xcritic
Thigh Spy09/29/2007Xcritic 
Three Muffkateers07/12/2007Xcritic 
Three's Humpany09/29/2007Xcritic 
Tia Bella Uncensored10/23/2003Xcritic 
Tom Byron's 3rd POV Fuck Movie11/25/2007Xcritic 
Top Notch Bitches08/22/2004Xcritic 
Triple Hexxx06/06/2005Xcritic
Tug Jobs 407/22/2005Xcritic
Tug Jobs 511/11/2005Xcritic
Tug Jobs 605/06/2006Xcritic
Tug Jobs 707/04/2006Xcritic
Ultimate Tia Bella10/20/2003Xcritic 
Under Contract: Kira Kener12/14/2003Xcritic 
Under Contract: Mercedez07/07/2004Xcritic 
Under Contract: Tia Bella03/23/2004Xcritic 
Uniform Behavior06/27/2007Xcritic 
Up Your Ass 2210/13/2004Xcritic
Virtual Daisy05/21/2006Xcritic
Viva La Cream Pie02/28/2006Xcritic
Vivid Girl Confidential: Alex Taylor08/05/2004Xcritic 
Vivid Girl Confidential: Tia Bella05/09/2004Xcritic
Welcome to the Valley 301/16/2005Xcritic
When Vivid Girls Go Latin11/01/2003Xcritic 
White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 1212/10/2005Xcritic
White Hot11/18/2003Xcritic 
Whole Enchilada10/16/2006Xcritic 
Women of Color 606/21/2004Xcritic
Working Latinas 106/30/2008Xcritic
X The Series 1: Anal08/26/2005Xcritic
Yo Quiero Chocolatte11/22/2006Xcritic 
Young Latin Ass 202/03/2006Xcritic
Young Latin Ass 508/09/2005Xcritic
Young Sluts, Inc. 1608/10/2004Xcritic
Young Tight Latinas 1404/21/2008Xcritic
Young Tight Latinas 806/13/2005Xcritic
Yours Truly03/22/2007Xcritic