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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
1 Night In Paris11/11/2004Adult DVD Talk
2 Hot To Handle03/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Absolute Ass04/20/2005Adult DVD Talk
Absolute Ass 206/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Anal Cum Addicts04/29/2005Adult DVD Talk
Anal POV Sluts 105/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Anal Retentive 504/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Anal Romance 205/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Art Of Oral Sex02/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Asian Brotha Lovers 105/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ass 2 Mouth 111/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Ass 2 Mouth 2 (Platinum X Pictures)02/26/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Ass 4 Cash05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Ass 4 Cash 204/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ass Wreckage12/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Assed Out 202/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Asstronomical06/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
ATM City03/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Back 2 Black Retribution06/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Backdoor Teens03/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Baker's Dozen05/03/2004Adult DVD Talk
Baker's Dozen 210/30/2004Adult DVD Talk
Baker's Dozen 301/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Baker's Dozen 403/30/2005Adult DVD Talk
Best By Private 65: Anal Madness04/15/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Best By Private: I Want To Fuck You In The Bathroom11/29/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 304/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Big Tit Anal Whores04/29/2005Adult DVD Talk
Big Tit Brotha Lovers04/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 204/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Tits (Elegant Angel)03/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Biggz and the Beauties 1203/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Black 'N' Blonde Sex Acts 111/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Black and The Blonde 311/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Black Dick In Me: P.O.V.05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Black In the Blondes03/13/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Black In the Blondes 205/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Black On White Crime 606/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Blue Angels: The Second Coming01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bombarded With Sperm11/21/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Bridebang07/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Broken English (Platinum X Pictures)11/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Bros and Blondes 204/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Butt Lick'in Sweethearts 111/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Cage02/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cameltoe Perversions 201/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Can You Be a Pornstar? 1 and 201/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Chix In the Mix 212/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Chloe and Rose: Fucked Up Adventure01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Club Freak12/19/2004Adult DVD Talk
Crazy For Daisy04/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Crema Latina04/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Craving Teens 207/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Drenched Tits01/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Guzzlers 212/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Cum Oozing Holes05/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Swallowers07/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Tales 101/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dear Diary (Wicked)12/19/2004Adult DVD Talk
Deep Throat This: Take That02/22/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Devinn Lane Show Episode 412/19/2004Adult DVD Talk
Diamond Girl02/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Digital Daydreams04/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Double D P.O.V. (Platinum X Pictures)04/29/2005Adult DVD Talk
Double Parked 1104/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Double Vag03/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dripping Wet Sex 1002/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dual Invasion 205/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
DVDA: Double Vaginal Double Anal 204/20/2005Adult DVD Talk 
E.R. Sluts11/21/2004Adult DVD Talk
Early Entries 201/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Evoke07/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Extreme Schoolgirls 1004/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
F-ing Teens05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Feeding Frenzy 411/10/2004Adult DVD Talk
Firebush 202/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
First Class Euro Sluts 403/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Fragile04/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Friends and Lovers (Sin City)02/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Dolls 407/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Gang Bang Darlings 304/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Gangland Cream Pie 401/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Gauge Unchained01/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Getting Personal (Wicked)03/13/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Getting Stoned01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Gina Lynn and Belladonna Unleashed04/15/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Gina's Black Attack05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Gina's Filthy Ho's 104/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Glazed and Confused 4 (Elegant Angel)03/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Gobble the Goop02/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Good Girls Gone Black03/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Good Source Of Iron 205/03/2004Adult DVD Talk
Good Source Of Iron 312/19/2004Adult DVD Talk
Good Source Of Iron 403/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Grudgefuck 307/12/2005Adult DVD Talk
Guess Who's Cumming (Elegant Angel)04/24/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Harlot06/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
HK-01 Himiko: Hiyori Shiraishi11/21/2004Adult DVD Talk 
HK-03 Himiko: Ran Asakawa11/21/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Hook-Ups 807/12/2005Adult DVD Talk
Hot Ass Latinas 305/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
I Can't Believe I Took the Whole Thing 107/12/2005Adult DVD Talk
In Da White Booty05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Inside Myself12/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Intensities In 10 Cities 204/29/2005Adult DVD Talk
Interracial Hole Stretchers05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Iron Head 201/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ironhead 101/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
It's Your Wife01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Jenna Jameson's Wicked Anthology 312/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Juicy G-Spots 202/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups All Stars11/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Jungle Love 404/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Latin Car Show Queens02/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Lick Between the Lines05/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Magic Sex Genie01/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Mamacitas 502/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Mami Culo Grande06/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Maximum Thrust 401/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
MILF POV06/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Miss Passion and Love Bites06/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Monster 3: The Movie05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Myne Tease 202/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Nasty Hardcore Latinas12/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Nasty Hardcore Latinas 203/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Naughty College School Girls 3907/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
New Chicks On The Cock 411/21/2004Adult DVD Talk
New Girls 2 (Platinum X)03/13/2005Adult DVD Talk 
No Swallowing Allowed 211/09/2004Adult DVD Talk
Not Too Young For Cum 2 (Elegant Angel)03/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ole' In and Out03/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Open For Anal (Platinum X)03/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Oral Hygiene 401/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Party Of Sex 302/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Peaches and Cream: Country Girls11/11/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Photographic Mammaries05/03/2004Adult DVD Talk
Photographic Mammaries 211/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Photographic Mammaries 312/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Please Cum Inside Me 1401/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
POP 2: The Girls of Innocence01/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
POV Fantasy06/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private Bukkake 1: Mon Amour04/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls02/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private Tropical 10: Caribbean Airlines11/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private Tropical: Coral Honeymoon11/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private Tropical: Ocean Dream11/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private: Anal Mermaids11/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Private: Bukkake 206/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Private: Voodoo Sex Dolls12/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Pros 204/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ride 'em and Wreck 'em 205/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Rodney Moore's Goo Girls 1504/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Rodney Moore's Goo Girls 1605/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Rodney's Blastrovan 205/22/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Rodney's Blastrovan 306/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Ron Jeremey On The Loose 4: San Francisco12/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Runaround Sue01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 2402/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Sex and Groping05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Sex Fiends12/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Sex Fiends 2 (Platinum X Pictures)05/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Seymore Butts' Anal Princess01/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Seymore Butts' Assgasms 204/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Seymore Butts' Best of Bunghole Fever04/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Seymore Butts' Thighs Wide Open12/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Shane's World 30: Keepin' It Real02/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Six Pack11/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Sizzling Hot Tamales 204/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Smooth Ride (Wicked)12/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Snowstorm: The Best Of Aurora Snow12/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Sperm Smiles 101/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Squirting 101 302/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Stalker06/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Steve Holmes' Perversions 2 (Platinum X Pictures)02/27/2005Adult DVD Talk
Stretched Out Snatch 207/12/2005Adult DVD Talk
Strip Tease Then Fuck 501/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Stuffin' Young Muffins 407/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Superwhores 211/09/2004Adult DVD Talk
Superwhores 302/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Tails From the Hollywood Hills07/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Take It Black (Hustler)02/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Taste Her Ass01/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Teen Fuck Holes 102/27/2005Adult DVD Talk
Teen Spirit 6 (Metro)04/24/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Teenage Brotha Lovers04/24/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Ten Little Piggies 512/15/2004Adult DVD Talk
Throat Gaggers 703/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Throat Yogurt 202/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Top Notch Bitches 204/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
True Hardwood Stories01/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Undressed and Oversexed01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Uniform Babes03/23/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Voracious01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Voyeur 3006/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
We Swallow 504/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
We Swallow 704/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Wet Brunettes 202/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Wet Brunettes 302/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Wet Teens 6 (Simon Wolf)03/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 602/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
White Girls Suck and Swallow03/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
White Wife Black Cock 507/12/2005Adult DVD Talk
White-Hot Nurses 707/12/2005Adult DVD Talk
Who's Your Daddy? 604/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
Writer's Block (Wicked)04/24/2005Adult DVD Talk
XXX Platinum Blondes 303/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Young and Filthy03/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Young Cream Pies 1302/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Young Cummers01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Young Tight Latinas 701/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Young, Wet Bitches (Antigua Pictures)06/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
ZOD-01 Zoom 111/21/2004Adult DVD Talk