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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
'57 Pick-Up02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
110° In Tucson (110 Degrees)08/02/2005Adult DVD Talk 
2nd Cumming02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
2nd Cumming05/21/2002Adult DVD Talk
5 New York Classics05/13/2004Adult DVD Talk
7 In a Barn12/29/2005Adult DVD Talk
8 Simple Rules For Doing My Son12/21/2007Adult DVD Talk
A Few Hard Men08/17/2006Adult DVD Talk
A Night At Halsted's06/30/2006Adult DVD Talk
After School Group Sex09/01/2003Adult DVD Talk
After School Special (Club 1821)02/20/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Alien Encounters11/07/2007Adult DVD Talk
All About Bel Ami06/03/2006Adult DVD Talk
All American (Huge Video)07/02/2006Adult DVD Talk 
All American Boys (His)07/03/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Alpine Passion02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
American Booty 2 (Hollywood)07/04/2003Adult DVD Talk 
American City07/05/2004Adult DVD Talk
AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning12/29/2005Adult DVD Talk
Anal Associates07/26/2006Adult DVD Talk
Animal Instincts (Arena)02/22/2004Adult DVD Talk
Apartments08/31/2003Adult DVD Talk
Apprentice 2, The: Dark Heart (Delta Productions)05/18/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Aqua02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Arcade on Route 909/10/2006Adult DVD Talk
Ass Stretcher 1 (Treasure Island)01/23/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Ass Stretcher 2 (Treasure Island)07/11/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Ass Stretcher 4 (Treasure Island)11/10/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Atilla The Hun02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Auditions 19 (Lucas)11/16/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Auditions 2 (Lucas)12/30/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Auditions 3 (Lucas)04/05/2006Adult DVD Talk
Auditions 5 (Lucas)11/19/2005Adult DVD Talk
Austin Cum03/20/2008Adult DVD Talk
Austin's Beach Buddies08/30/2003Adult DVD Talk
Auzziebums08/14/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bachelor Party (US Male)10/12/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Bachelor, The (All Worlds)08/08/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Back Row02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Back To Barstow12/02/2004Adult DVD Talk
Backside Boys08/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Backyard Tails02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Bad Conduct (Titan Media)08/15/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media)11/24/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Banging College Boys02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Banished From Heaven04/08/2004Adult DVD Talk
Barbarians08/02/2007Adult DVD Talk
Barcelona Rocks09/21/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bare Boners04/02/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bare Bottoms Up In London12/24/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Bare Encounters07/30/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bare Lessons07/27/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Bare My Back04/10/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Bare Tales (Pacific Sun / Tyger)05/16/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Bareback At the Sauna09/24/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Barracks Buddies 310/31/2008Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Beginners 1401/28/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Beginners 1511/23/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Beginners 310/02/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Beginners 501/05/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Bi Sex Lovers 310/23/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Boy's Club03/12/2003Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Boyfriends 301/28/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Buddies (Hot Desert Knights)05/30/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Bareback Butt Suckers06/11/2008Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Frenzy06/02/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Getaway11/25/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Bareback Holes and Raw Loads07/22/2008Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Lovers 2: Return To Love11/27/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Bareback Men In Uniform 109/18/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Bareback Orgy 212/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Porn Star Gangbang01/20/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bareback Recruits 2: The Cole War10/16/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Bareback Temptation (Hammer Entertainment)09/30/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Bareback Wood Workers08/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
Barebackin' Brothers04/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
Barebacking Across America01/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
Barebacking With Carlos Morales01/28/2007Adult DVD Talk
Barebacking With Jason Reed03/13/2008Adult DVD Talk
Barebacking With Jeff Palmer11/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
Barebacking With Jeff Palmer 309/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Barn Storm (Titan Men)09/29/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Basket Balling02/05/2003Adult DVD Talk
Battle Creek Break Down (Titan Men)09/18/2010Adult DVD Talk 
Bear Fluffer04/04/2004Adult DVD Talk
Beast Within, The (Arena)03/20/2004Adult DVD Talk
Behind Closed Doors (Falcon)03/26/2006Adult DVD Talk
Behind Closed Doors (South American Pictures / Arena)05/29/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Behind The Curtain: The Making of Moscow02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Behind the Secret Door06/04/2006Adult DVD Talk
Best Men, The (ARI)09/15/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Best Of Colt 5 and 602/09/2004Adult DVD Talk
Best Of Colt 5 and 602/09/2004Adult DVD Talk
Best Of Jason Ridge04/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Betrayed (Falcon Studios)08/27/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Beyond Paradise03/08/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Bi Clinic08/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bi Naturals03/14/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bi Naturals 203/14/2006Adult DVD Talk
Big Brother's Watching02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Big on the Inside06/30/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bigger Than Huge11/06/2004Adult DVD Talk
Bigger than Life07/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bigger the Better, The (Falcon)11/09/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Bigger the Better, The (HIS)12/28/2005Adult DVD Talk
BIGmuscle.com11/13/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bikeboy03/26/2006Adult DVD Talk
Bill and Ted's- Sexellent Adventure05/14/2003Adult DVD Talk
Billy Cums Home07/07/2006Adult DVD Talk
Birthday Orgy 1 (US Male)05/15/2005Adult DVD Talk
Black and White Lovers05/25/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Black Cocks In White Jocks09/10/2007Adult DVD Talk
Black Justice04/30/2003Adult DVD Talk
Black Sex Party06/03/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Blacks In Da House 202/08/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Blaze (GAI)01/02/2003Adult DVD Talk
Blonds Do It Best07/18/2003Adult DVD Talk
Blow Me 2 (Paladin)02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Blue Collar Buddies09/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bobby's Marines08/06/2002Adult DVD Talk
Body Search: The Evidence Is In07/23/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Boiler04/07/2007Adult DVD Talk
Bone Deep11/01/2009Adult DVD Talk
Bone Mountain04/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bones For Cumpuppy12/10/2004Adult DVD Talk
Bonesucker11/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Boot Camp (ARI)07/03/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Boot Camp 2 (Ari)07/03/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Borderline of Dreams02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Born In America 18 and Hard: Freshman Ball Games02/09/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Born To Grind06/11/2005Adult DVD Talk
Bottoming Desire02/22/2007Adult DVD Talk
Boulder Boys02/22/2004Adult DVD Talk
Bouncer03/06/2004Adult DVD Talk
Boy Butts02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Boy Next Door (Queer Britannia)12/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Boy Sweat07/18/2004Adult DVD Talk
Boys Are Back In Town, The (Arena)05/25/2005Adult DVD Talk
Boys at Play02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Boys Casting01/09/2005Adult DVD Talk
Boys Meet Boys in Brazil03/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Boys Next Door (Bacchus)02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Boys Night Out (Hot Desert Knights)02/14/2005Adult DVD Talk
Boys on Fire: Fire Island Cruising 202/28/2003Adult DVD Talk
Brad McGuire's 20-Hole Weekend08/02/2007Adult DVD Talk
Brad'$ Buddie$06/24/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Brandon's Big Weekend02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Brazil Nuts 402/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Brazil Nuts 702/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Brazilian Beach Boys (All Worlds)02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Brazilian Holiday05/15/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Brazilian Holiday 202/22/2006Adult DVD Talk
Brazilian Pride Adventures08/30/2005Adult DVD Talk
Brazilian Tails 406/14/2004Adult DVD Talk
Breakers02/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
Breakers (Blu-Ray)03/15/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Breathless (Titan Men)01/20/2007Adult DVD Talk
Breeding Ian Jay02/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Breeze01/31/2003Adult DVD Talk
British Slave Boys08/13/2009Adult DVD Talk
Broke Straight Boys12/02/2007Adult DVD Talk
Brother Hustlers09/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
Brother's Desire03/21/2003Adult DVD Talk
Brute09/18/2004Adult DVD Talk
Bucketful O' Chicken03/16/2003Adult DVD Talk
Built To Fuck (Treasure Island Media)10/01/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Bulls Of Guadalajara 310/16/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Bunk Bed Buddies09/05/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Bustin' Ass (Factory Video)07/31/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Cafe Cum Leche06/25/2005Adult DVD Talk
California Sweet Cum 103/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Campus Boyz 301/05/2004Adult DVD Talk
Campus Pizza08/19/2007Adult DVD Talk
Campus Players05/23/2004Adult DVD Talk
Can't Hide that Feeling 102/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Can't Hide That Feeling 201/11/2003Adult DVD Talk
Canvas12/07/2003Adult DVD Talk
Caribbean Beat02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Carnal Haze08/20/2004Adult DVD Talk
Carnaval in Rio03/13/2003Adult DVD Talk
Carnival (Tribal Pulse)11/27/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Chained Heroes 2: P.O.W. In Pain01/08/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Chainsaw06/20/2008Adult DVD Talk
Chateau D' Lust03/01/2006Adult DVD Talk
Chest07/19/2006Adult DVD Talk
Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Chicken Gang Bang02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Chocolate and Cream and the Fucking Machine06/14/2003Adult DVD Talk
Cirque Noir12/31/2005Adult DVD Talk
Citi Boyz: Stud Pups In Heat02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Closed Set: Titan Stage One04/19/2006Adult DVD Talk
Coat My Throat11/25/2009Adult DVD Talk
Cockpit Club04/06/2003Adult DVD Talk
Code Red05/27/2006Adult DVD Talk
College Studs and Bareback Buds12/22/2005Adult DVD Talk
Color Me Bad03/28/2003Adult DVD Talk
Command Post01/04/2008Adult DVD Talk
Cop Shack 2: Crossing the Line03/08/2007Adult DVD Talk
Cop Shack on 10112/22/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Copperhead Canyon09/06/2008Adult DVD Talk
Countdown (Centaur)10/31/2004Adult DVD Talk
Country Time, Country Fine03/07/2003Adult DVD Talk
Cousins (Catalina)11/08/2004Adult DVD Talk
Cowboy02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Coxxx and Cops03/02/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Craving Foreskin02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Criminal Intent02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Crossroads of Desire04/27/2003Adult DVD Talk
Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In and Out12/09/2006Adult DVD Talk
Cruisers02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk 
Cruising (SEVP)02/03/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Cruising Budapest 1: Michael Lucas07/21/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Cruising For Glory Holes12/05/2007Adult DVD Talk
Cum Eating07/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Cum Fuckers: Director's Cut10/27/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Cum Shots 1: Short and Sweet12/20/2003Adult DVD Talk
Cum-Greedy Fuckholes11/26/2010Adult DVD Talk
Customer Service (Asian Guys)02/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Daddies Boys06/21/2008Adult DVD Talk
Daddy Hunt 101/20/2007Adult DVD Talk
Daddy's Discipline08/21/2002Adult DVD Talk
Damian Ford In Hawaii05/08/2005Adult DVD Talk
Damon Blows America04/25/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Damon Blows America 10: Denver11/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Damon Blows America 4: Seattle08/29/2004Adult DVD Talk
Damon Blows America 5: New Orleans09/28/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Damon Blows America 6: New York03/05/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Damon Blows America 7: Phoenix06/02/2006Adult DVD Talk
Damon Blows America 8: Los Angeles07/06/2007Adult DVD Talk
Damon Blows America 9: Ft. Lauderdale02/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Dangerous Liaisons (Lucas Entertainment)11/09/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Dark Erections 310/23/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Dealers and Players04/20/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Deep South 108/07/2003Adult DVD Talk
Deep South 208/09/2003Adult DVD Talk
Deep Water: Beach Patrol05/21/2006Adult DVD Talk
Deeper (Treasure Island)09/11/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Desires Of Men10/26/2003Adult DVD Talk
Desires Of the Devil05/27/2006Adult DVD Talk
Devil Dogs 111/26/2004Adult DVD Talk
Dirty Hairy (All Worlds)02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Dirty Little Sins07/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Distraction10/23/2010Adult DVD Talk
Ditch the Bitch and Make the Switch07/26/2007Adult DVD Talk
Doggie Style (Jet Set)05/31/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Doin' Time 2069 202/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Don't Kiss Me I'm Straight07/30/2006Adult DVD Talk
Don't Tease Me! 106/03/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dore Alley Bears01/17/2004Adult DVD Talk
Double Barrel04/01/2009Adult DVD Talk
Double Pleasure02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Double Standard10/05/2008Adult DVD Talk
Double Wide: The Best of Rick Van Sant05/25/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Down On The Farm06/20/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Down To His Knee07/20/2003Adult DVD Talk
Dream Boy03/20/2004Adult DVD Talk
Dreamer's Stories04/18/2007Adult DVD Talk
Dreamers: An Erotic Journey03/28/2003Adult DVD Talk
Dreams (Gai Studios)01/24/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Dribble, Squirt and Shoot04/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Drifter, The (Red Devil)06/25/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Drill: To the Point03/20/2005Adult DVD Talk
Dripping Wet (Falcon)03/21/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Drunk on Cum 312/23/2006Adult DVD Talk
Dune Buddies05/25/2009Adult DVD Talk
Dynastud02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Easy Cum Easy Ho (Fineline Films)08/21/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Easy Numbers11/06/2007Adult DVD Talk
Eddie Perez Story02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
El Bicho Caliente03/14/2008Adult DVD Talk
Exhibition (Titan Media) - Director's Expanded Edit07/26/2003Adult DVD Talk 
EZ2 Please01/22/2007Adult DVD Talk
F Word08/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Factory Fresh08/30/2007Adult DVD Talk
Fade Out09/23/2006Adult DVD Talk
Falconhead 206/04/2006Adult DVD Talk
Fallen Angel 5: Horse (Director's Cut)12/21/2004Adult DVD Talk
Farm Fresh (Titan Media)11/07/2006Adult DVD Talk
Farm Hands (Titan)03/09/2007Adult DVD Talk
Father Figure 2 (All Words Video)07/03/2003Adult DVD Talk
Fear (Titan Media)10/27/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Fever (Titan)03/19/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Few Good Men, A (San Diego Boy)05/13/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Field Of Creams12/30/2007Adult DVD Talk
Fill Me Up Sir09/20/2008Adult DVD Talk
Finish Me Off02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Fire Island Cruising02/23/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Fire Island Cruising 402/28/2003Adult DVD Talk
First Crush (Fresh Cut)02/15/2003Adult DVD Talk 
First Experiences (Pacific Sun / Fraternity Studios)02/14/2003Adult DVD Talk 
First Time 602/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
First Time Fuckers (Barrack X 69)06/11/2005Adult DVD Talk 
First Time, The (Falcon / Jocks)03/09/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Fleshtones07/20/2003Adult DVD Talk
Flogd and Fukt and Painful Endurance09/16/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Folsom Filth (Retail Version)11/25/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Folsom Flesh06/26/2009Adult DVD Talk
Folsom Leather07/08/2007Adult DVD Talk
Folsom Prison07/06/2008Adult DVD Talk
Folsom Undercover11/08/2008Adult DVD Talk
Foot Frenzy (Pacific Sun)02/03/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Foreskin Cadets02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Foreskin Frenzy (Third World)11/25/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Foul Play02/22/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Four Score08/18/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Frat Boys, The (Malesolos)11/08/2009Adult DVD Talk
Frat House Frenzy02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Frat Pack Box Set (HIS / VCA)04/23/2007Adult DVD Talk
Frat Pack Box Set (HIS / VCA)04/23/2007Adult DVD Talk
Fraternity Pledge 202/03/2004Adult DVD Talk
Freak Factor: Looking For a Host10/22/2004Adult DVD Talk
Freaky Thugz: The Fire Within06/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
French Connections 1: Temptation07/19/2006Adult DVD Talk
French Connections 2: Conquest07/20/2006Adult DVD Talk
French Desire10/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
French Farmers07/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
French Kiss (Red Devil Entertainment)11/20/2004Adult DVD Talk
Fresh Flesh (Legend)02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Fresh Meat (Raw Twink X / AVNS)03/21/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Freshmen Feet06/14/2003Adult DVD Talk
From Russian Boys with Pride03/07/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Fuck Engine09/24/2008Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Fever06/11/2008Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Holes (Treasure Island)02/06/2006Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Holes 2 (Treasure Island)05/02/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Fucking Twins07/08/2008Adult DVD Talk
Full Grown Full Blown11/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Funhouse (Blu-Ray) (TitanMen)12/13/2008Adult DVD Talk
Gag the Fag 404/29/2008Adult DVD Talk
Games Men Play03/07/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Gang's All Here11/26/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Gang's All Here11/26/2004Adult DVD Talk 
Gangbang Cafe12/30/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Gay Amateur Spunk 704/29/2008Adult DVD Talk
Gay Sex Resort11/23/2007Adult DVD Talk
Gaytanamo07/06/2007Adult DVD Talk
Genderella06/29/2002Adult DVD Talk
Getting Off Campus08/19/2006Adult DVD Talk
Giants (Midnight)07/20/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Glory Holes Of Las Vegas10/30/2005Adult DVD Talk
Go Fuck Your Self (Erotic Men)02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Going Down and Cumming Out In Beverly Hills02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Good and Bad01/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Good Sex Karma02/03/2006Adult DVD Talk
Gorge02/02/2003Adult DVD Talk
Gulp 2 (Gai Studios)02/22/2006Adult DVD Talk
Gunnery Sgt. McCool12/06/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Gym Nasties01/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
Gypsies07/10/2008Adult DVD Talk
H2O06/17/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Hand Jive 805/04/2003Adult DVD Talk
HandPacked07/23/2004Adult DVD Talk
Hands On (Mustang)05/29/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Handsome Drifters04/30/2006Adult DVD Talk
Hangar10/01/2005Adult DVD Talk
Hard02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Hard As Rock02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Hard Days08/05/2003Adult DVD Talk
Hard Disk Drive04/29/2008Adult DVD Talk
Hard Rock High02/26/2009Adult DVD Talk
Hard Studies01/01/2007Adult DVD Talk
Hard Trip To Berlin02/17/2006Adult DVD Talk
Hardcore Film Classics: Vito and The Love Bandit02/03/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Hats Off02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Haunted House On Sex Hill09/13/2003Adult DVD Talk
Hazy Days of Summer02/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
He's Dating a Dildo12/24/2006Adult DVD Talk
His First Gay Sex07/07/2006Adult DVD Talk
His First Huge Cock 105/10/2006Adult DVD Talk
Hitch10/21/2006Adult DVD Talk
Hole, The (Jet Set)06/30/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Holier Than Thou11/10/2006Adult DVD Talk
Hollywood Hunks01/18/2003Adult DVD Talk
Hollywood Raw07/09/2006Adult DVD Talk
Home Invasion (Titan Men)01/18/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Homo Erectus (MSR)02/01/2006Adult DVD Talk
Homo-Eroticon02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Honor Thy Brother10/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Horny Poles 204/08/2006Adult DVD Talk
Horny Poles 304/22/2006Adult DVD Talk
Horsedicks 106/26/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Hot Boys From Brazil08/22/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Hot For Cash11/10/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Hot Georgia Knights02/16/2003Adult DVD Talk
Hot Lunch07/06/2007Adult DVD Talk
Hot Male Mechanics08/24/2003Adult DVD Talk
Hot Tools11/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
Hot Type02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Hot Type05/14/2002Adult DVD Talk
Hotel Cazzo08/20/2003Adult DVD Talk
Hotel Hookup06/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
House Of Bareback (US Male)11/26/2006Adult DVD Talk 
How I Got the Story05/31/2008Adult DVD Talk
How To Seduce a Straight Man03/03/2007Adult DVD Talk
Hunter02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
I'm In the Nude For...?06/10/2006Adult DVD Talk
Ignition06/04/2007Adult DVD Talk
Illusion (Cyber Bears)10/12/2004Adult DVD Talk
In Hot Pursuit (Catalina)12/28/2005Adult DVD Talk 
In Man's Country03/13/2003Adult DVD Talk
In the Sling01/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
In the Stretch11/29/2003Adult DVD Talk
Inches02/10/2003Adult DVD Talk
Induction07/11/2006Adult DVD Talk
Indulge07/05/2003Adult DVD Talk
Inevitable Love02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Intern09/16/2007Adult DVD Talk
Intrusion02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Invitation To Paradise07/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Island Fever (Kristen Bjorn)02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Jackson Price Bare09/12/2003Adult DVD Talk
Jan Dvorak Story02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Jason Crew: The Making Of a Porn Star12/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Jet Set Diary01/04/2006Adult DVD Talk
Jizz Gym10/09/2006Adult DVD Talk
Joe Gage Sex Files 104/13/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Joint Sex Venture03/09/2006Adult DVD Talk
Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads04/28/2007Adult DVD Talk
Junior Division11/01/2006Adult DVD Talk
Just In01/26/2004Adult DVD Talk
Just Off The Train In Paris02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Karel at Home03/02/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Kazaks02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk 
King Size (His)06/25/2006Adult DVD Talk 
Knight Gallery04/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
Knight In Paris02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Knocked Up01/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
Kostas' Friends05/25/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Kum Phuque Klub08/09/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Bareback Videos 508/15/2008Adult DVD Talk 
L'Elisir D'Amore02/22/2003Adult DVD Talk
L.A. Boyz Swallow07/19/2006Adult DVD Talk
L.A. Daze01/31/2003Adult DVD Talk
L.A. Lust (Pacific Sun)02/21/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Las Vegas Love Gods02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Last Train (Bacchus)02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Latin Thugz 207/04/2005Adult DVD Talk
Latin Tongues02/22/2009Adult DVD Talk
Latino Playmates02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Lauderdale Strip06/25/2005Adult DVD Talk
Le Desir En Ballade09/02/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Lean, Mean Fighting Machines06/26/2005Adult DVD Talk
Leather Daddies Gang Banging Brad Benton09/21/2005Adult DVD Talk
Legendary Studs: Jesse O'toole09/21/2008Adult DVD Talk
Lifeguard the Men Of Deep Water Beach08/03/2006Adult DVD Talk
Lifestyles Special Edition02/20/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Lights and Darks04/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
Loaded (Treasure Island)11/04/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Locker Room Cum Eater08/30/2003Adult DVD Talk
London Calling (Titan)07/20/2005Adult DVD Talk 
Love From Cannes06/29/2006Adult DVD Talk
Lucas On Top02/28/2003Adult DVD Talk
Lumberjack Gang Bang03/23/2003Adult DVD Talk
Lust Counseling09/07/2005Adult DVD Talk
Lust In Translation04/09/2005Adult DVD Talk
Machismo - and How to Get It06/18/2005Adult DVD Talk
Macho Men03/21/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Making It Huge09/02/2005Adult DVD Talk
Male.Cum02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Man Hunt 2 (Blue Lagoon)08/26/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Man of the Year (Jet Set)06/29/2003Adult DVD Talk 
Man's Tail11/29/2003Adult DVD Talk
Man-Driller02/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Manhattan Fantasies04/04/2004Adult DVD Talk
Manhattan Latin05/02/2003Adult DVD Talk
Manplay Double Pack: Deeper Throat and Size Is Everything03/08/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus and the List05/25/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen and First Crush11/09/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Manplay Double Pack: Shooters and White Trash05/25/2009Adult DVD Talk 
ManPlay MP-00402/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
ManPlay MP-00502/20/2010Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-00910/05/2003Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01010/29/2003Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01101/14/2004Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01203/06/2004Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01303/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01406/28/2004Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01507/26/2004Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01609/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01711/05/2004Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01803/10/2005Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-01904/23/2005Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-02006/11/2005Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-02212/09/2005Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-02305/04/2006Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-024: Boot Camp07/24/2006Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-025: Man-Sized09/23/2006Adult DVD Talk
Manplay MP-026: Nailed12/11/2006Adult DVD Talk
ManPlay MP-027: Double Pack02/03/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Manplay MP-02804/15/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Manplay MP-02906/02/2007Adult DVD Talk 
Manplay Xtreme 204/24/2004Adult DVD Talk
Mansize 1: Marc Anthony12/22/2003Adult DVD Talk
Mansize 2: Soccer Boy03/31/2004Adult DVD Talk
Mansize 5: Jailhouse Cock12/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Mansize: Working Day04/22/2006Adult DVD Talk
Manstars 1: George07/17/2005Adult DVD Talk
Manstars 2: Deny10/05/2005Adult DVD Talk
Maric's Weekend06/06/2003Adult DVD Talk