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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
18 And Over Anxious 304/09/1997RAME Reviews
A Coming Fortune06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
A Cum Sucking Whore Named Vanessa Chase02/08/1999RAME Reviews
A Pussy To Die For02/09/1997RAME Reviews
A Terminal Case Of Love01/04/1999RAME Reviews
American Garter06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Anal Candy Ass09/21/1996RAME Reviews
Anal Climax 302/09/1997RAME Reviews
Anal Dynamite06/15/1998RAME Reviews
Anal Innocence09/17/1996RAME Reviews
Anal Rampage06/15/1998RAME Reviews
Anal Revolution02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Anal Siege06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Awakening06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Bachelor Party 202/09/1997RAME Reviews
Back In Style02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Bare Market06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Barely 1812/20/1999RAME Reviews
Barely Legal 612/06/2000RAME Reviews
Battle Of The Superstars06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Beaver Hunt 102/09/1997RAME Reviews
Blind Spot06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Bodacious Boobs03/24/1999RAME Reviews
Body Music 206/22/1996RAME Reviews
Campus Girls 102/09/1997RAME Reviews
Campus Girls 202/09/1997RAME Reviews
Candy Factory06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Car Wash Angels04/18/1997RAME Reviews
Carnal College 2: Class Of Ninety Sex02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Casanova 106/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Casanova 2: Lady Killer06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Casanova 4: The Conquest02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Certifiably Anal06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Cherry Cheeks06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Chug a Lug Girls 202/09/1997RAME Reviews
Clark Entertainment06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3 
Cloud 906/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
College Cuties05/03/1999RAME Reviews
County Line02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Cum Stoppers 1302/24/1999RAME Reviews
Dangerous Curves09/21/1996RAME Reviews
Deep Dreams02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Devil Or Angel05/03/1999RAME Reviews
Dinner Party 206/22/1998RAME Reviews
Dirty Looks06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Dirty Tricks09/21/1996RAME Reviews
Drop Sex08/02/1997RAME Reviews
Dunbar's Good Facials02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Dunbar's Top 2502/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Electric Sex05/03/1999RAME Reviews
En Garde!02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Endlessly06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Erotica02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Escapades11/02/1999RAME Reviews
Essentially Juli01/04/1999RAME Reviews
Eternal Lust06/15/1998RAME Reviews
Extreme Teen 712/06/2000RAME Reviews
Face Jam05/08/1997RAME Reviews
Fever Of Laure07/02/1999RAME Reviews
Gangbang Girl 1206/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Gangbang Girl 1306/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Girls and Guns02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Grind!06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Grrl Power! 204/22/2001RAME Reviews
Happy Birthday06/24/2001RAME Reviews
Hard To Stop06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Harder She Craved06/15/1998RAME Reviews
Heinfeld06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Hotel Sodom 206/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
If These Walls Could Talk 1: Wicked Whispers02/09/1997RAME Reviews
If These Walls Could Talk 2: Burning Secrets02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Initiations 112/20/1999RAME Reviews
Initiations 412/06/2000RAME Reviews
Interactive02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Intercourse With A Vampire06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Italians Are Cumming 406/25/2001RAME Reviews 
Jiggly Queens02/09/1997RAME Reviews
John Wayne Bobbit:Uncut06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Juicy Cheerleaders02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Just 18 412/06/2000RAME Reviews
KSEX 106.906/15/1998RAME Reviews
La Dolce Vita Hotel02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Leena02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Leena Is Nasty02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Les Femmes Erotiques06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Lewd Conduct 812/06/2000RAME Reviews
Man Who Loved Women02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Mile High Club06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Misfits09/21/1996RAME Reviews
Misty at Midnight06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
More Dirty Debutantes 6608/02/1997RAME Reviews
Naughty College Schoolgirls 912/06/2000RAME Reviews
Needful Sins06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
New Wave Hookers 512/12/1997RAME Reviews
Nikki's Last Stand02/09/1997RAME Reviews
No Motive09/17/1996RAME Reviews
Nobody's Looking06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
North Pole 1012/20/1999RAME Reviews
Nurse Tails06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Oh! Zone09/17/1996RAME Reviews
Orgy, Part 106/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Outlaws06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Passion In Venice03/24/1997RAME Reviews
Pick Up Lines 1906/15/1998RAME Reviews
Pigtails07/20/2001RAME Reviews
Private Gold 12: The Pyramid 202/06/1997RAME Reviews
Private Gold 20: Dead Man's Wish06/15/1998RAME Reviews
Private Gold 22: The Fugitive 106/15/1998RAME Reviews
Private Stories 106/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Ratings Notes (Imperator Please Read)06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3 
Re: Dunbar Reviews: Mile High Club (W/Nikki Randall)06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Reflections06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Rehearsal02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Ring Of Passion06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Riot Girls06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Rocco's True Anal Stories 612/20/1999RAME Reviews
Romeo Syndrome03/22/1999RAME Reviews
Ruthless Affairs07/02/1999RAME Reviews
Sabotage07/26/1997RAME Reviews
Saints and Sinners06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Savage Fury 201/26/1998RAME Reviews
Scarlet Woman02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Seduction Of Julia Ann06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Sensual Spirits03/24/1999RAME Reviews
Sex 2: Fate06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Sex 4 Life Too11/04/1999RAME Reviews
Sex Offenders 0401/04/1999RAME Reviews
Sex Stories06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Seymore And Shane Do Ireland06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Seymore And Shane Mount Tiffany06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Seymore Butts: My Travels With The Tramp02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Shameless Strippers11/17/1997RAME Reviews
Shane's World 1002/03/1998RAME Reviews
Shane's World 9: Sex-Mex06/15/1998RAME Reviews
Shifting Gere06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Simply 18 404/22/2001RAME Reviews
Sindy Does Anal02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Smooth Ride08/03/1997RAME Reviews
Snatch Motors09/21/1996RAME Reviews
Sodom and Gomorrah : A Tail Of Two Cities06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Some Like It Hard09/21/1996RAME Reviews
Spa06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Sperm Burpers 406/24/2001RAME Reviews
Starbangers 506/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Stiff Competition 206/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Strange Magic11/04/1999RAME Reviews
Stranger, Volume One03/08/1997RAME Reviews
Stryker's Angels06/15/1998RAME Reviews 
Supermarket Babes In Heat02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Surprise!05/03/1999RAME Reviews
Sweet Little 18 7: Brittany Gets Speared12/06/2000RAME Reviews 
Sweetest Taboo09/17/1996RAME Reviews
Taboo 1106/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Teen Tryouts Audition 406/25/2001RAME Reviews
Teen Tryouts Audition 606/25/2001RAME Reviews 
There's Something About Jack 912/06/2000RAME Reviews
Things Change 206/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Tongue05/22/1997RAME Reviews
Twin Freaks02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Twister05/12/1997RAME Reviews
Undercover06/15/1998RAME Reviews
University Coeds 1812/20/1999RAME Reviews
Unnatural Sex 207/20/2001RAME Reviews
Up and Cummers 1106/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Venom 203/24/1999RAME Reviews
Videography: Alexis Devell, Part One02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Alexis Devell, Part Two02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Alicyn Sterling02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Anita Blond01/21/1998RAME Reviews 
Videography: April West (Jennifer Miles)01/27/1998RAME Reviews 
Videography: Brittany O'Connell06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3 
Videography: Kelly O'dell02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Melissa Melendez02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Nikki Dial02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Norma Jean02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Peter North Facials02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Racquel Darrian With Other Men02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Tamara Lee02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videography: Vanessa Chase02/09/1997RAME Reviews 
Videoography: Dominica Leone12/06/2000RAME Reviews 
Voyeur06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Voyeur06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Voyeur 606/15/1998RAME Reviews
Watcher 1504/22/2001RAME Reviews
Whack Attack 307/02/1999RAME Reviews
Whispers06/12/1996Heretic's RAME Review Archive 3
Wicked Whispers02/09/1997RAME Reviews
Wild and Wicked 302/09/1997RAME Reviews
Wild Brat06/15/1998RAME Reviews
World Class Ass12/20/1999RAME Reviews