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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
A Family Of Perverts01/12/2017Xcritic
Accidental Like05/21/2018Xcritic
Angela Loves Women 305/21/2017Xcritic
Angela White is Titwoman03/21/2018Xcritic
Art of Older Women04/20/2017Xcritic
Assistant - Lynn Vega and Val Dodds06/29/2017Xcritic 
Booty Lust 208/28/2017Xcritic
Breastfeeding The Babysitter05/09/2018Xcritic
Cheating On Lust12/15/2016Xcritic
Cheating With The Nanny03/03/2017Xcritic
Consoling My Stepsister05/14/2018Xcritic
Coven Wives02/13/2018Xcritic
Dream Pairings: Chapter One08/14/2017Xcritic
Fashion Model05/25/2017Xcritic
Girls, Girls, Girls02/15/2017Xcritic
How to Date Glam, Busty MILF Lisa Ann02/14/2018Xcritic 
It's All Pink Inside07/30/2017Xcritic
Kendra Lust Fucks Couples 209/25/2017Xcritic
Kendra Lust Loves Big Titty MILFs 207/17/2017Xcritic
Lesbian Anal09/10/2017Xcritic
Lesbian Beauties 18: Black and Blonde07/02/2017Xcritic
Lesbian Family Affair 403/25/2017Xcritic
Lesbian Psycho Dramas 2312/01/2016Xcritic
Lesbian Sex Volume: 1707/20/2017Xcritic 
Lesbian Triangles 3602/01/2017Xcritic
Lily Lane04/26/2017Xcritic 
My First Black Girlfriend02/07/2018Xcritic
My Virgin Daughter01/25/2017Xcritic
Naughty Natasha12/10/2017Xcritic
Porn The Game02/09/2017Xcritic 
Seduced By Mommy 1103/27/2017Xcritic
Seduced By Mommy 1405/07/2017Xcritic
Teach Me to Twerk05/21/2018Xcritic
True Lesbian Lovers 410/24/2017Xcritic
Women by Julia Ann 209/21/2017Xcritic
Women Seeking Women 13501/03/2017Xcritic
Women Seeking Women 13704/07/2017Xcritic