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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
$2 Bill03/01/2006Xcritic
1 Dick 2 Chicks 310/16/2004Xcritic
1 Girl 1 Camera 310/06/2014Xcritic
1 in the Pink 1 in the Stink10/11/2003Xcritic 
1 in the Pink 1 in the Stink 304/25/2004Xcritic
1 Room 4 Girls 208/07/2015Xcritic
1 Room 4 Girls: The Perfect Ass04/18/2015Xcritic 
1 Way Out10/19/2003Xcritic 
100% American Teens10/31/2015Xcritic 
100% Masturbations 403/28/2004Xcritic
100% Silvia06/16/2005Xcritic 
1000 Words09/11/2006Xcritic
110% Natural 1006/19/2006Xcritic
110% Natural 402/01/2003Xcritic
110% Natural 508/16/2003Xcritic
110% Natural 605/30/2004Xcritic
110% Natural 903/21/2006Xcritic
12 Nasty Girls Masturbating 708/30/2006Xcritic
12 Years After Throat10/11/2005Xcritic 
18 and Lost11/06/2003Xcritic 
18 and Natural11/02/2003Xcritic
18 With Proof!01/28/2009Xcritic 
18 With Proof! 203/24/2009Xcritic
18 With Proof! 309/04/2009Xcritic
18 Year Old Pussy 206/15/2004Xcritic
18 Year Old Pussy 412/11/2004Xcritic
1st Anal Lust04/22/2016Xcritic
2 + Me = 303/18/2005Xcritic
2 Big 2 Be True11/20/2007Xcritic 
2 Big 2 Be True08/12/2006Xcritic 
2 Chicks and a Cock12/22/2004Xcritic 
2 Chicks Same Time 108/04/2008Xcritic
2 Cute 4 Porn06/08/2015Xcritic
2 Cute 4 Porn 209/23/2015Xcritic
2 Cute 4 Porn 301/19/2016Xcritic
2 Dicks in 1 Chick03/30/2003Xcritic 
2 Dicks in 1 Chick 206/22/2003Xcritic
2 Dicks in 1 Chick 411/01/2003Xcritic
2 Horny Hotties One Lucky Gent!04/28/2014Xcritic 
2 in 1 Hole01/01/2007Xcritic 
2 in the Chamber08/01/2007Xcritic 
2 Million Dollar Ass10/20/2004Xcritic 
2 Pricks and a Chick02/28/2004Xcritic
2 Up In Her06/15/2004Xcritic
2 Young To Fall In Love 303/27/2007Xcritic
20 Year-Old Virgin11/27/2006Xcritic
2003 AVN Awards12/20/2003Xcritic 
2006 AVN Awards Show09/05/2006Xcritic 
3 Into Blondes12/18/2003Xcritic 
3 Into Briana Banks11/01/2003Xcritic 
3 Into Dasha10/01/2003Xcritic 
3 Into Jenteal01/20/2003Xcritic 
3 Into Sky11/16/2003Xcritic 
3 Into Tiffany Mynx01/20/2003Xcritic 
3 Mistresses04/19/2012Xcritic
3 On Me POV05/08/2006Xcritic
3 Pete06/14/2004Xcritic
3 Way12/26/2011Xcritic
3 Way-Stravaganza! 211/30/2009Xcritic 
4 Finger Club 2209/11/2005Xcritic 
4 Finger Club 2302/10/2007Xcritic 
4 Finger Club 2504/22/2008Xcritic 
4 Finger Club 2606/02/2008Xcritic 
4 Finger Club 2703/24/2009Xcritic 
4 Finger Club 806/16/2005Xcritic 
40 Inch Plus 211/20/2007Xcritic
40 Inch Plus 403/31/2008Xcritic
40 Years of Adam and Eve03/21/2011Xcritic 
40th Anniversary: The Ultimate Anthology 196505/28/2005Xcritic 
5 Keys of Pleasure06/14/2003Xcritic 
5 Star Asia Carrera06/22/2004Xcritic 
5 Star Cassidey06/22/2004Xcritic 
5 Star Cheyenne04/17/2004Xcritic 
5 Star Dasha11/29/2003Xcritic 
5 Star Dayton04/17/2004Xcritic 
5 Star Jenna05/31/2004Xcritic 
5 Star Tia Bella12/18/2003Xcritic 
5-Speed G-Spot12/24/2008Xcritic 
59 Seconds01/30/2008Xcritic
5th Horseman01/06/2003Xcritic
69th Parallel06/16/2005Xcritic
6th Trick06/18/2005Xcritic
7 the Hardway 207/21/2003Xcritic
7x Twin Minis06/04/2008Xcritic 
8 To 401/02/2005Xcritic
8th Day08/25/2009Xcritic
9 1/2 Weeks: An Erotic XXX Parody07/22/2014Xcritic
A (Anal) List09/10/2015Xcritic 
A Black and White Affair08/28/2015Xcritic 
A Couples Guide To Fifty Shades 202/05/2015Xcritic 
A Different Point Of View10/23/2005Xcritic 
A Few of Jenna's Favorite Things06/02/2015Xcritic 
A Girl A Boy And A Toy08/09/2010Xcritic 
A Gonzo Story 2: Open House11/01/2015Xcritic 
A Gonzo Story 4: Creampie Virgin04/27/2016Xcritic 
A Gonzo Story: The Mansion Family03/23/2015Xcritic 
A Gonzo Story: Whorehouse Virgin03/29/2016Xcritic 
A Good Source of Iron 205/08/2004Xcritic 
A Good Source of Iron 508/12/2005Xcritic 
A Group Thing 203/07/2003Xcritic 
A Hotwife Blindfolded02/04/2015Xcritic 
A Hotwife Blindfolded 210/13/2015Xcritic 
A Hotwife Is A Happy Wife 204/17/2016Xcritic 
A Is For Asia06/16/2005Xcritic
A Is For Asses07/24/2016Xcritic 
A Jungle Story08/01/2007Xcritic 
A Lesbian Romance 204/16/2016Xcritic 
A Lesbian Romance 306/18/2016Xcritic 
A Life of Porn07/31/2005Xcritic 
A List06/26/2006Xcritic 
A Love Triangle 208/05/2014Xcritic 
A Milf's Tale 311/24/2012Xcritic 
A Mother Daughter Thing09/11/2014Xcritic 
A Perverted Point of View 1002/14/2006Xcritic 
A POV Sphinctacular 208/29/2014Xcritic 
A River Runs Through Her: The Very Best of Cytherea04/18/2005Xcritic 
A Sperm-Load a Day01/25/2007Xcritic 
A Sperm-Load a Day 212/11/2008Xcritic
A Taste of Stoya08/10/2009Xcritic 
A Thing of Beauty06/07/2015Xcritic 
A Touch of Pink01/30/2005Xcritic 
A Witch's Tail11/27/2004Xcritic 
A Wolf's Tail01/03/2005Xcritic 
A-Team: A XXX Parody09/03/2010Xcritic 
A.N.A.L 312/09/2004Xcritic
A2M 9: The Art of Ass to Mouth08/12/2006Xcritic 
Aaliyah Love 109/09/2014Xcritic 
Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille Enjoy Interracial Threesome05/30/2015Xcritic 
About a Woman08/03/2003Xcritic
About Face09/13/2006Xcritic 
About Face P.O.V. 305/23/2006Xcritic 
Absolute Ass06/13/2004Xcritic 
Absolute Ass 212/18/2004Xcritic
Absolute Ass 512/20/2005Xcritic
Absolute Asses11/28/2006Xcritic
Absolutely Adorable01/03/2007Xcritic
Aces in the Holes08/23/2003Xcritic
Acid Dreams08/20/2003Xcritic
Action Sports Sex 606/16/2005Xcritic
Adam and Eve Anal Pleaser06/29/2009Xcritic 
Adam and Eve Clitoral Kisser Vibrator07/29/2009Xcritic 
Adam and Eve DP Vibrating Cock Ring09/03/2009Xcritic 
Adam and Eve Glass Spinner03/23/2010Xcritic 
Adam and Eve Plum Crazy Vibrating Orgasm Balls03/23/2010Xcritic 
Adam and Eve Wicked Ponytail Anal Plug07/29/2009Xcritic 
Adam and Even Glass Finger Sleeve03/09/2009Xcritic 
Addams Family: An Exquisite Films Parody12/01/2011Xcritic
Addicted 408/20/2008Xcritic
Addicted Again08/22/2006Xcritic 
Addicted Forever09/26/2007Xcritic 
Addicted To Toys08/07/2012Xcritic
Adriana Chechik Is Evil08/04/2016Xcritic
Adriana's A Slut09/29/2015Xcritic
Adult Stars at Home 308/24/2003Xcritic
Adult Stars at Home 401/25/2004Xcritic
Adult Stars at Home 505/09/2004Xcritic
Adventures In Babysitting03/11/2008Xcritic 
Adventures of a Teddy Bear05/31/2014Xcritic 
Adventures of Shorty Mac01/01/2007Xcritic 
Adventures of Shorty Mac 201/29/2007Xcritic
Adventures of Shorty Mac 301/30/2007Xcritic
Adventures of Shorty Mac 405/01/2007Xcritic
Adventures of Squirt Girl11/28/2006Xcritic 
After Midnight12/28/2003Xcritic 
Age Play P.O.V. Style!06/08/2006Xcritic
Agent Filthy6906/06/2007Xcritic
Aiden Riley's Girl Train 302/27/2015Xcritic 
Air Tight 106/14/2005Xcritic
AJ Bailey Experiment09/02/2009Xcritic
AJ Bailey is Tight12/11/2009Xcritic
Alexis Ford Darkside10/04/2012Xcritic
Alexis Meets Alexis08/12/2010Xcritic
Alexis Texas Experience03/21/2015Xcritic 
Alexis Texas Fleshlight11/07/2012Xcritic 
Alexis Texas is Buttwoman11/11/2008Xcritic
Alexis Texas is Buttwoman (Blu-Ray)11/16/2008Xcritic 
Alexis Texas is Buttwoman (Blu-Ray)11/16/2009Xcritic 
Alexis Texas Superstar10/31/2010Xcritic
Alexis Texas Vs. Shyla Stylez11/30/2010Xcritic 
Alien Ass Party06/24/2014Xcritic
Alien Ass Party 208/14/2014Xcritic
Alien Ass Party 310/24/2014Xcritic
Alien Ass Party 402/27/2015Xcritic
Alien Love Fantasy03/16/2005Xcritic
All About Allie07/12/2013Xcritic
All About Anna02/20/2008Xcritic
All About Ass02/05/2014Xcritic
All About Eva Angelina 211/30/2009Xcritic
All About Kagney Linn Karter06/07/2011Xcritic
All About Keri02/15/2006Xcritic
All About Me02/19/2008Xcritic
All About Me 212/08/2008Xcritic
All About Me 306/23/2009Xcritic
All About Sara Sloane03/16/2010Xcritic
All About That Bass04/20/2015Xcritic
All Access Carter Cruise04/30/2015Xcritic
All Access: Abella Danger08/27/2015Xcritic
All Alone01/31/2007Xcritic 
All Alone 210/01/2007Xcritic
All Alone 411/30/2008Xcritic
All By Myself02/05/2007Xcritic
All By Myself 210/01/2007Xcritic 
All By Myself 304/08/2008Xcritic 
All Day Anal03/29/2015Xcritic
All Dressed Up03/17/2009Xcritic
All In The Family08/07/2014Xcritic 
All In Your Head10/06/2015Xcritic
All Internal 1804/18/2012Xcritic
All Internal 206/06/2007Xcritic
All Internal 307/25/2007Xcritic
All Internal 409/05/2007Xcritic
All Internal 509/12/2007Xcritic
All Internal Volume 612/05/2007Xcritic 
All New Beaver Hunt 405/24/2012Xcritic
All Sex01/03/2004Xcritic
All Star06/17/2005Xcritic
All Star Anal Sluts 211/01/2012Xcritic 
All Star: Blondes11/01/2003Xcritic 
All Star: Naturals12/20/2003Xcritic 
All Star: Orgies12/20/2003Xcritic 
All Stuffed Up05/21/2015Xcritic
All Sunny All the Time05/11/2010Xcritic
All Things Anal10/10/2013Xcritic 
All Things Anal 207/31/2014Xcritic
All You Need Is Luv: The Best of Bunny Luv10/15/2004Xcritic 
All-American Cheerleaders 108/04/2011Xcritic
All-Star Anal Sluts 310/31/2013Xcritic
All-Star Overdose02/01/2010Xcritic
All-Star Overdose 201/31/2012Xcritic 
All-Star Super Sluts12/23/2015Xcritic
Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled08/29/2012Xcritic
Ally McFeal09/13/2003Xcritic
Almost Relatives05/04/2015Xcritic
Almost Virgins 309/27/2006Xcritic
Alone in the Dark09/25/2006Xcritic 
Alone Time11/18/2015Xcritic
Alpha 15: Reform School Girls08/29/2006Xcritic
Altered Assholes11/16/2004Xcritic 
Altered Assholes 310/23/2005Xcritic
Altered Minds01/02/2007Xcritic
Alternative Worldz04/26/2005Xcritic 
Always and Forever03/11/2009Xcritic
Amanda's Diary 206/17/2005Xcritic
Amateur Angels 1007/13/2003Xcritic
Amateur Angels 1110/01/2003Xcritic
Amateur Angels 1301/25/2004Xcritic
Amateur Beaver Hunt12/27/2005Xcritic 
Amateur Handjobs 306/13/2012Xcritic
Amateur Introductions 905/03/2014Xcritic
Amateur P.O.V.12/06/2006Xcritic
Amateur P.O.V. 204/01/2007Xcritic
Amazing Anal Adventures09/06/2015Xcritic 
Amazing Asses 1302/16/2014Xcritic
Amazing Asses 1405/15/2014Xcritic
Amazing Asses 1507/11/2014Xcritic
Amazing Asses 1608/21/2014Xcritic
Amazing Asses 1710/10/2014Xcritic
America XXX02/14/2003Xcritic 
America's Favorite Commercials Gone Porn10/18/2011Xcritic
American Cocksucking Sluts08/10/2011Xcritic 
American Cocksucking Sluts 204/19/2012Xcritic
American Cocksucking Sluts 306/27/2013Xcritic
American Daydreams 1403/19/2015Xcritic
American Dream03/20/2007Xcritic
American Dreams05/30/2005Xcritic
American Girls07/13/2003Xcritic 
American Gokkun 7 (Blu-Ray)10/14/2008Xcritic 
American Hustle XXX09/03/2014Xcritic 
American Innocence11/14/2014Xcritic
American Nannies01/19/2015Xcritic
American Sex Idol08/04/2006Xcritic
An Ass Built For Anal01/13/2015Xcritic
Anal Academics: Special Edition07/28/2009Xcritic 
Anal Academy07/08/2012Xcritic 
Anal Academy 203/29/2014Xcritic
Anal Acrobats10/29/2007Xcritic 
Anal Acrobats 508/31/2010Xcritic
Anal Acrobats 608/10/2011Xcritic
Anal Acrobats 701/11/2012Xcritic
Anal Acrobats 811/29/2013Xcritic
Anal Acrobats 904/24/2015Xcritic
Anal Agenda05/04/2014Xcritic
Anal Ambitions10/10/2014Xcritic
Anal Appetite06/13/2013Xcritic 
Anal Appetite 203/28/2014Xcritic
Anal Asses04/25/2013Xcritic
Anal Asspirations 1004/15/2009Xcritic
Anal Attack 701/20/2012Xcritic
Anal Attack 801/20/2012Xcritic
Anal Avenue Sluts10/26/2015Xcritic
Anal Bandits02/13/2006Xcritic 
Anal Beach Buns 212/10/2009Xcritic
Anal Beach Buns: Special Extended Set07/30/2008Xcritic 
Anal Beauty08/18/2015Xcritic
Anal Boot Camp06/26/2012Xcritic
Anal Boot Camp 201/03/2014Xcritic
Anal Boot Camp 308/26/2015Xcritic
Anal Buffet06/09/2009Xcritic 
Anal Buffet 1001/10/2015Xcritic
Anal Buffet 1106/06/2015Xcritic
Anal Buffet 1210/29/2015Xcritic
Anal Buffet 209/04/2009Xcritic
Anal Buffet 304/14/2010Xcritic
Anal Buffet 407/07/2010Xcritic
Anal Buffet 502/09/2011Xcritic
Anal Buffet 608/18/2011Xcritic
Anal Buffet 711/23/2011Xcritic
Anal Buffet 807/05/2013Xcritic
Anal Buffet 902/06/2014Xcritic
Anal Candy Disco Chicks08/18/2014Xcritic
Anal Casting Calls09/08/2011Xcritic 
Anal Casting Calls 206/19/2013Xcritic
Anal Casting Calls 308/28/2014Xcritic
Anal Cavity Search 206/06/2006Xcritic
Anal Cavity Search 305/17/2007Xcritic
Anal Cavity Search 404/02/2008Xcritic
Anal Cavity Search 709/29/2009Xcritic
Anal Cavity Search 806/25/2010Xcritic
Anal Champions Of The World08/26/2012Xcritic 
Anal Champions of the World 208/11/2014Xcritic
Anal Chronicles 2, The: A Compilation06/21/2016Xcritic 
Anal Chronicles: A Compilation08/30/2013Xcritic 
Anal Conduct06/12/2007Xcritic 
Anal Corruption07/05/2013Xcritic 
Anal Corruption 202/06/2014Xcritic
Anal Craving MILFs07/01/2016Xcritic
Anal Cum Addicts05/11/2005Xcritic
Anal Cuties 105/31/2014Xcritic
Anal Cuties 207/24/2015Xcritic
Anal Cuties 312/19/2015Xcritic
Anal Day03/09/2015Xcritic
Anal Day 207/03/2015Xcritic
Anal Delights 211/07/2011Xcritic
Anal Delinquents07/17/2004Xcritic 
Anal Delinquents 211/20/2004Xcritic
Anal Delinquents 308/23/2005Xcritic
Anal Desires09/13/2003Xcritic 
Anal Dream Team04/04/2013Xcritic
Anal Enthusiasts09/19/2013Xcritic
Anal Expedition 1006/20/2006Xcritic
Anal Expedition 1104/02/2007Xcritic
Anal Expedition 307/11/2004Xcritic
Anal Expedition 412/11/2004Xcritic
Anal Expedition 501/20/2005Xcritic
Anal Expedition 812/12/2005Xcritic
Anal Expedition 903/14/2006Xcritic
Anal Expedition and Teen Cum Squad09/05/2007Xcritic 
Anal Fanatic09/29/2010Xcritic 
Anal Fanatic 311/15/2011Xcritic
Anal Fanatic 509/05/2013Xcritic
Anal Fanatic 604/10/2014Xcritic
Anal Fever10/01/2003Xcritic 
Anal Fever 308/31/2003Xcritic
Anal Fever 407/13/2003Xcritic
Anal Fever 508/31/2003Xcritic
Anal Freaks02/04/2014Xcritic 
Anal Freedom03/25/2005Xcritic 
Anal Frenzy02/09/2011Xcritic
Anal Frenzy 209/04/2013Xcritic
Anal Fuck Fest12/13/2003Xcritic 
Anal Gapers Club01/24/2016Xcritic
Anal Gaping Sluts11/23/2011Xcritic
Anal Honeys12/14/2012Xcritic 
Anal Hotties06/07/2015Xcritic 
Anal Inferno05/11/2011Xcritic
Anal Inferno 205/22/2013Xcritic
Anal Inferno 307/06/2014Xcritic
Anal Ink04/09/2016Xcritic
Anal Integrity12/12/2009Xcritic
Anal Intensity12/26/2011Xcritic 
Anal Intensity 301/30/2015Xcritic
Anal Intensive 503/07/2003Xcritic
Anal Intensive 606/08/2003Xcritic
Anal Intensive 707/21/2003Xcritic
Anal Intensive 809/21/2003Xcritic
Anal Interviews07/03/2015Xcritic
Anal Intrusion04/11/2013Xcritic 
Anal Intrusion 202/20/2014Xcritic
Anal Invitation03/20/2012Xcritic
Anal Is My Business11/01/2013Xcritic
Anal Is My Business 203/10/2016Xcritic
Anal Junkies on Cock06/30/2009Xcritic 
Anal Junkies On Cock 202/23/2010Xcritic
Anal Junkies On Cock 303/28/2012Xcritic
Anal Lessons07/25/2012Xcritic 
Anal Lessons 205/12/2014Xcritic
Anal Lessons 302/28/2015Xcritic
Anal Lolitas06/08/2003Xcritic 
Anal Love Stories05/03/2005Xcritic 
Anal Madness03/15/2005Xcritic 
Anal Management10/01/2003Xcritic 
Anal Motherfucker06/21/2012Xcritic 
Anal Motherfucker 211/01/2013Xcritic
Anal Newbies03/13/2015Xcritic 
Anal Newbies 207/30/2015Xcritic
Anal Newbies 403/28/2016Xcritic
Anal Occupation06/19/2012Xcritic
Anal Only10/19/2011Xcritic
Anal Overdose07/22/2010Xcritic 
Anal Overdose 308/06/2014Xcritic
Anal Overload 208/24/2014Xcritic
Anal P.O.V. 206/26/2004Xcritic 
Anal Paradise09/10/2015Xcritic 
Anal Perversions02/28/2004Xcritic 
Anal Players12/28/2015Xcritic
Anal Playground08/05/2011Xcritic 
Anal Plungers09/19/2012Xcritic
Anal Plungers 204/18/2013Xcritic
Anal Pornsluts04/20/2011Xcritic
Anal POV (Prostitutes on Video) 312/29/2005Xcritic 
Anal POV (Prostitutes on Video) 403/19/2007Xcritic 
Anal POV (Prostitutes on Video) 711/12/2009Xcritic 
Anal POV (Prostitutes on Video) 810/19/2010Xcritic 
Anal POV Sluts05/26/2005Xcritic 
Anal POV Sluts 208/14/2005Xcritic
Anal POV Style08/17/2014Xcritic
Anal Princess Diaries 209/25/2006Xcritic
Anal Pros04/16/2016Xcritic 
Anal Prostitutes on Video 505/21/2008Xcritic
Anal Provocateur02/24/2015Xcritic
Anal Required08/25/2013Xcritic
Anal Required 201/30/2014Xcritic
Anal Required 305/11/2014Xcritic
Anal Required 411/21/2014Xcritic
Anal Required 504/25/2015Xcritic
Anal Retentive06/15/2004Xcritic
Anal Retentive 403/15/2005Xcritic
Anal Romance12/21/2004Xcritic
Anal Romance 205/30/2005Xcritic
Anal Romance 310/08/2006Xcritic
Anal Royalty04/23/2016Xcritic
Anal School10/17/2005Xcritic 
Anal Seduction 108/03/2003Xcritic
Anal Seduction 212/06/2003Xcritic
Anal Seduction 312/20/2003Xcritic
Anal Sex Slaves04/12/2016Xcritic
Anal Showdown07/03/2014Xcritic 
Anal Skills11/29/2013Xcritic
Anal Spinners05/09/2013Xcritic
Anal Starlets12/03/2010Xcritic 
Anal Starlets 212/10/2013Xcritic
Anal Students03/15/2012Xcritic
Anal Students 206/13/2013Xcritic
Anal Supersluts11/01/2012Xcritic 
Anal Supersluts 209/09/2014Xcritic
Anal Sweetness01/01/2013Xcritic 
Anal Sweetness 207/17/2014Xcritic
Anal Swine09/05/2006Xcritic
Anal Swinger Orgy04/09/2015Xcritic
Anal Threesomes09/19/2012Xcritic 
Anal Trainer07/27/2003Xcritic
Anal Trainer 1002/15/2006Xcritic
Anal Trainer 1102/18/2006Xcritic
Anal Trainer 410/26/2003Xcritic
Anal Trainer 904/27/2005Xcritic
Anal Training06/02/2008Xcritic 
Anal Training Day03/29/2014Xcritic
Anal Violation12/19/2005Xcritic 
Anal Vixens12/05/2005Xcritic
Anal Warehouse Auditions 208/22/2014Xcritic 
Anal Warriors01/22/2015Xcritic
Anal Workout06/22/2011Xcritic 
Anal Workout 202/22/2013Xcritic
Anal Young 'Uns09/26/2014Xcritic
Anal Young 'Uns 201/14/2015Xcritic
Anal Young 'Uns 305/09/2015Xcritic
Analgeddon 211/10/2004Xcritic
Anally Drilled07/25/2013Xcritic
Anally Greedy12/11/2013Xcritic
Anally Talented06/08/2012Xcritic 
Anally Talented 201/02/2014Xcritic
Anally Talented 309/29/2014Xcritic
Analmals 201/01/2016Xcritic
Analogy 212/30/2005Xcritic
Anchorwoman: A XXX Parody09/28/2015Xcritic
And the Winner Is... Briana Banks07/21/2003Xcritic 
And the Winner Is... Cheyenne07/06/2003Xcritic 
And the Winner Is... Dasha07/21/2003Xcritic 
And the Winner Is... Dayton11/01/2003Xcritic 
And the Winner Is... Janine04/04/2003Xcritic
And the Winner Is... Racquel Darrian11/01/2003Xcritic
And the Winner Is... Sky11/01/2003Xcritic 
And The Winner Is...Lexus10/19/2010Xcritic 
Andrew Blake X06/05/2007Xcritic 
Andrew Blake's Exhibitionists06/17/2005Xcritic