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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
2 Big 2 Be True 1112/05/2008Adult DVD Talk
2 Holes 1 Pole12/05/2008Adult DVD Talk 
69 Flava's10/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
After Dark Nurses08/06/2009Adult DVD Talk
All That Ass: The Orgy 610/20/2008Adult DVD Talk
All That Ass: The Orgy 704/12/2009Adult DVD Talk
All-Star Overdose02/23/2010Adult DVD Talk
Anal Junkies On Cock 203/12/2010Adult DVD Talk
Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video)11/30/2009Adult DVD Talk
Annette Schwarz's Fairly Abused08/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Apple Bottomz 501/28/2009Adult DVD Talk
Art Of the Cum Fart 203/31/2009Adult DVD Talk
Ashlynn and Friends 703/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Ass Cleavage 1002/25/2009Adult DVD Talk
Ass Like That 604/12/2009Adult DVD Talk
Ass Worship 1108/14/2009Adult DVD Talk
Ass Worship 1203/03/2011Adult DVD Talk
Azz and Mo Ass 1311/14/2011Adult DVD Talk
Ba Dunk A Bounce 505/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Battle Of the Asses07/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Battle Of the Bootys (Jules Jordan)07/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Belladonna's Evil Pink 403/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Belladonna's Foot Soldiers03/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Belladonna's Fuck Face02/23/2010Adult DVD Talk
Belladonna's Odd Jobs 403/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Best Brazilian Orgies04/27/2009Adult DVD Talk
Best Brazilian Orgies 204/27/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Big Ass Anal Heaven 1311/14/2011Adult DVD Talk
Big Ass Boot Camp08/14/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Ass Cheerleaders04/13/2010Adult DVD Talk
Big Ass Fixation 406/05/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Ass Quake 408/06/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Black Poles In Little White Holes 1611/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
Big Black Racks 4 (Black Ice)01/29/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Booty Bash10/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
Big Booty Remix 411/14/2011Adult DVD Talk 
Big Butt Bachelor Party10/23/2008Adult DVD Talk
Big Butt Bachelor Party 206/26/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 1210/07/2008Adult DVD Talk
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 1403/31/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Butts Like It Big 306/05/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Loves 401/29/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Natural Tits 2103/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Phat Onion Booty10/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Big Phat Onion Booty 305/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 1403/31/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 1609/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Tits At School 503/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Big Wet Asses 1602/25/2010Adult DVD Talk
Biggest Blackest Orgies 304/27/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Biggest Blackest Orgies 409/09/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Black Amateur Swinger's Party08/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Amateur Swinger's Party 205/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Black Ass Addiction 511/30/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Ass In Your Face03/05/2012Adult DVD Talk 
Black Assassin 505/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Azz Orgy 406/05/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Azz Orgy 506/05/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Azz Orgy 611/30/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Bottom Girls 510/20/2008Adult DVD Talk
Black Brazilian Booty 303/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Bubble Butt Hunt 505/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Girls Get Nasty Too09/17/2008Adult DVD Talk
Black Listed (Vince Vouyer Unleashed)09/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Black Mommas11/14/2008Adult DVD Talk
Black Mother Fuckers 2, The (West Coast)03/05/2012Adult DVD Talk
Black Mother Fuckers, The (West Coast)07/04/2011Adult DVD Talk
Black Oil Orgy02/12/2010Adult DVD Talk
Black Out 3 (Vengeance XXX)01/29/2009Adult DVD Talk
Bleached To the Bone 203/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Booty Bangers (Booty Licious)08/04/2009Adult DVD Talk
Booty Call 910/02/2010Adult DVD Talk
Booty I Like 411/15/2008Adult DVD Talk
Booty I Like 604/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Booty Juice 1110/04/2008Adult DVD Talk
Booty Juice 1203/31/2009Adult DVD Talk
Booty Quake (Candy Shop)10/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Booty Quake 305/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Booty Talk 9207/04/2011Adult DVD Talk
Booty Talk 9311/14/2011Adult DVD Talk
Bottom Line (Evil Angel)03/12/2010Adult DVD Talk
Boz Has Chocolate Fever09/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Breast Seller 607/10/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Brother Load 2, The (Jules Jordan)04/13/2010Adult DVD Talk
Bubble (Jules Jordan Video)05/12/2011Adult DVD Talk 
Bubble Butt Barbecue10/01/2008Adult DVD Talk
Busty Cops on Patrol07/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian Ass10/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Crack Her Jack 911/14/2008Adult DVD Talk
Crazy Big Booty 803/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Cream Filled Phatties 304/12/2009Adult DVD Talk
Curve Appeal10/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Deep Anal Drilling 310/09/2011Adult DVD Talk
Deep Black Ass 502/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Dreamgirlz 202/25/2009Adult DVD Talk
Dynamic Booty 510/02/2010Adult DVD Talk
Ebony XXX 604/03/2009Adult DVD Talk
Elastic Assholes 807/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Flava Of Lust01/28/2009Adult DVD Talk
Freaknic (Black Ice)10/22/2008Adult DVD Talk
Fresh Out the Box 1206/26/2009Adult DVD Talk
Fuck Slaves Greatest Fucks04/03/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Full Anal Access (Jules Jordan Video)06/03/2010Adult DVD Talk
Get In My Belly05/26/2011Adult DVD Talk
Girlgasmic 206/05/2009Adult DVD Talk
Heavy Metal 711/30/2009Adult DVD Talk
Hellcats 1411/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Hot Wet and Sexy03/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Hot Wet and Sexy 204/22/2010Adult DVD Talk 
I Love Asians 512/05/2008Adult DVD Talk
I Love Big Butts 203/11/2009Adult DVD Talk 
I Love Big Butts 303/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
I Love Latinas 612/05/2008Adult DVD Talk 
Invasian 4 (Jules Jordan Video)04/13/2010Adult DVD Talk
Jose and Juan's XXXcellent Adventure: Brazil03/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Josh And Asante Stone Do Brazil10/02/2010Adult DVD Talk
Juicy Latin Coochie 204/27/2009Adult DVD Talk
Let Off In Me 401/29/2009Adult DVD Talk
Let Off In Me 501/29/2009Adult DVD Talk
Let Off In Me 606/17/2009Adult DVD Talk
Lex Steele XXX 1107/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Lex the Impaler 602/12/2011Adult DVD Talk
Lexington Loves Big Black Tits09/09/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Lexington Loves Big White Booty09/09/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Lexington Loves Phat Black Ass09/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Lisa Ann's Bases Loaded05/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Long and Strong10/09/2008Adult DVD Talk
Look At That Big Ass 311/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
M.I.L.F. Chocolate (Black Ice)11/14/2008Adult DVD Talk
M.I.L.F. Chocolate 2 (Black Ice)11/14/2008Adult DVD Talk
Made In Xspana 203/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Made In Xspana 505/26/2011Adult DVD Talk
Made In Xspana 605/26/2011Adult DVD Talk
Made In Xspana 705/26/2011Adult DVD Talk
Mami Culo Grande 709/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Massive Wet White Asses08/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Mike John's Peep Show 307/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
MILF Magnet 304/03/2009Adult DVD Talk
MILFs Like It Big 203/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
MILFs Like it Big 408/06/2009Adult DVD Talk
MILFs Take Diesel 410/01/2008Adult DVD Talk
Miss Big Ass Brazil 310/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Miss Big Ass Brazil 410/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Miss Big Ass Brazil 610/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Miss Phat Booty 401/28/2009Adult DVD Talk
Mommy Got Boobs 303/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Mommy Got Boobs 403/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Monster Meat 1605/07/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Nasty Talk P.O.V.11/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
Need For Seed 302/25/2009Adult DVD Talk
Night Vision (Black Ice)10/15/2008Adult DVD Talk
Night Vision 2 (Black Ice)02/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Nightstick: Black POV 504/03/2009Adult DVD Talk
Nuttin Butt Azz 305/07/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Nuttin Butt Azz 505/07/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Nuttin Butt Azz 906/03/2010Adult DVD Talk 
Nuttin Butt Roxy05/12/2011Adult DVD Talk 
Office Confessionals 211/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Oil Overload 303/12/2010Adult DVD Talk
Oil Rigs10/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Oiled Up Brazilian Butts 211/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
Oiled Up Brazilian Butts 309/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Outrageous Asses 203/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Overnight Success09/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Performers Of The Year 201002/23/2010Adult DVD Talk
Phat Black Wet Asses 510/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Phuck Girl 209/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Phuck Girl 404/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Phuck Girl 504/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Pig Latin06/05/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Pinky Vs. Cherokee05/07/2009Adult DVD Talk 
Pole Position 906/26/2009Adult DVD Talk
Porn's Top Black Models03/06/2010Adult DVD Talk
Pound Pussy11/12/2008Adult DVD Talk
Pro-Am Pussy Adventures 205/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Racially Motivated 204/13/2010Adult DVD Talk
Ready Wet Go 605/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Real Wife Stories 303/31/2009Adult DVD Talk
Real Wife Stories 407/10/2009Adult DVD Talk
Red Hot Phat Girl05/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Rico The Destroyer 203/06/2010Adult DVD Talk
Rocco: Animal Trainer 2603/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Rocco: Puppet Master 304/27/2009Adult DVD Talk
Roxy's World05/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Seasoned Players 1204/13/2010Adult DVD Talk
She's Off the Chain03/08/2009Adult DVD Talk
Slut Puppies 5 (Jules Jordan Video)10/09/2011Adult DVD Talk
Slutty and Sluttier 905/07/2009Adult DVD Talk
Smothered In Ass 206/17/2009Adult DVD Talk
Soon XXX TV04/12/2009Adult DVD Talk
South Beach Cruisin' 209/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
South Beach Cruisin' 404/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Sporty Girls 204/12/2009Adult DVD Talk
SuperWhores 1304/12/2009Adult DVD Talk
Swap Meat 2 (3rd Degree)06/24/2009Adult DVD Talk
Swimsuit Calendar Girls 203/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Swimsuit Calendar Girls 3: Latin Edition07/08/2009Adult DVD Talk
Sydnee Capri Vs. Beauty03/03/2011Adult DVD Talk 
Teen Cream POV (Jules Jordan Video)11/14/2011Adult DVD Talk
Teens Like It Big 203/11/2009Adult DVD Talk
Thick BBW Forum 209/09/2009Adult DVD Talk
Thick Chocolate Shakes (Third World)10/27/2008Adult DVD Talk
Thong Team08/04/2009Adult DVD Talk
Throat Injection 208/06/2009Adult DVD Talk
Throat Injection 306/03/2010Adult DVD Talk
Titty Sweat 211/30/2009Adult DVD Talk
Too Small To Take It All06/24/2009Adult DVD Talk
Top Guns 904/03/2009Adult DVD Talk
Up That Black Ass 410/20/2008Adult DVD Talk
Vanilla Thick Shakes 205/22/2010Adult DVD Talk
Watch Your Back 202/25/2009Adult DVD Talk
We All Scream For Ass Cream 211/02/2008Adult DVD Talk
White Booty Worship 203/12/2010Adult DVD Talk
White Bubble Butts 310/21/2008Adult DVD Talk
Whole Lotta Azz 505/07/2009Adult DVD Talk