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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
1001 Erotic Nights06/24/2005RAME Reviews
All American Girls11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Anna Obsessed07/29/2006RAME Reviews
Babyface05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Bacchanale11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Bad Girls07/29/2006RAME Reviews
Bad Girls 309/30/2004RAME Reviews
Balling For Dollars10/19/2003RAME Reviews
Beauty11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Beyond Shame02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Blonde Next Door11/21/2004RAME Reviews
Blue Ribbon Blue06/24/2005RAME Reviews
Boiling Point02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Bordello06/24/2005RAME Reviews
Casanova 202/03/2006RAME Reviews
Charli07/29/2006RAME Reviews
China Desade11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Defiance05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Devil Inside Her05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Devil Inside Her06/15/2003RAME Reviews
Diversions11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Diversions11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Dixie11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Dracula Exotica02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Erotic Adventures Of Candy02/22/2004RAME Reviews
Every Woman Has A Fantasy02/15/2007RAME Reviews
F01/04/2004RAME Reviews
Fantasy World12/28/2003RAME Reviews
Female Athletes07/29/2006RAME Reviews
Fireworks Woman09/28/2003RAME Reviews
Flesh Gordon07/17/2005RAME Reviews
Flesh Gordon06/29/2005RAME Reviews
Flight Sensations02/05/2003RAME Reviews
Flight Sensations10/19/2003RAME Reviews
Garage Girls11/06/2005RAME Reviews
Getting Off05/11/2003RAME Reviews
Girl Meets Girl Collection05/28/2006RAME Reviews 
Go Fly A Kite07/29/2006RAME Reviews
Good Old Naughty Days07/07/2004RAME Reviews 
Grafenberg Spot03/07/2004RAME Reviews
Gunilla02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Hanky Panky05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Heavenly Desires02/19/2005RAME Reviews
High School Memories11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Honeypie07/29/2006RAME Reviews
Hot Cookies11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Hot Dreams05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Indecent Exposure11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Inside Desiree Cousteau01/20/2003RAME Reviews
Irresistible07/29/2006RAME Reviews
Jailhouse Girls02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Jim Holliday's Top 4005/28/2006RAME Reviews 
Justine and Juliette05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Legend Of Lady Blue02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Legend Of Lady Blue02/20/2007RAME Reviews
Lollipop Palace11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Love Bites06/24/2005RAME Reviews
Midnight Desires11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Ms. Magnificent05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Never So Deep05/17/2005RAME Reviews
Never So Deep02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Night Dreams02/19/2007RAME Reviews
Opening Of Misty Beethoven11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Oriental Blue02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Other Side Of Julie01/25/2004RAME Reviews
Pizza Girls07/29/2006RAME Reviews
Pizza Girls11/08/2006RAME Reviews 
Platinum Paradise05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Porn In The Usa11/20/2005RAME Reviews
Portrait Of Seduction02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Pretty Peaches01/16/2005RAME Reviews
Prisoner Of Paradise06/24/2005RAME Reviews
Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Private Moments06/29/2005RAME Reviews
Randy The Electric Lady02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Red Hot Pizza Girls03/08/2003RAME Reviews
Rocking With Seka09/28/2003RAME Reviews
Satisfactions11/06/2005RAME Reviews
Second Coming Of Eva07/29/2006RAME Reviews
Seka's Fantasies12/16/2005RAME Reviews
Seven Seductions Of Mme. Lau11/06/2005RAME Reviews
Sex Boat03/02/2004RAME Reviews
Sex World02/15/2007RAME Reviews
Skin Flicks11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Skintight10/19/2003RAME Reviews
Smoker03/25/2005RAME Reviews
Society Affairs11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Swedish Sin 1969-200002/15/2007RAME Reviews 
Sweet Cakes11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Sweet Cakes02/15/2004RAME Reviews
Talk Dirty To Me 309/30/2004RAME Reviews
Talk Dirty To Me 309/07/2004RAME Reviews
Thundercrack11/08/2006RAME Reviews
Tiffany Minx05/28/2006RAME Reviews
Tigresses And Other Man-eaters03/25/2005RAME Reviews
Young Like It Hot09/07/2004RAME Reviews