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Movie Title Date Added Site Name IAFD
3 Days In June07/05/2010Xcritic
8 Russian Teens08/24/2012Xcritic 
A Big Dick For A Cutie04/08/2012Xcritic 
A Little Part Of Me02/17/2011Xcritic 
A Young Girl's Desires 206/23/2012Xcritic 
Adult Supervision Required11/20/2010Xcritic
Adventures In Babysitting07/21/2011Xcritic 
Allie Haze07/04/2011Xcritic 
Almost Heaven12/10/2010Xcritic
Alt Nation08/20/2011Xcritic
Amateur Angels 2311/24/2011Xcritic
Amateur Hook-Ups 203/22/2011Xcritic
Amateurs At Home06/16/2011Xcritic
American Werewolf In London XXX Porn Parody01/23/2012Xcritic
Anal Annihilations10/06/2010Xcritic 
Anal Prom Queens06/06/2011Xcritic
Angel Perverse 1507/05/2010Xcritic
Assfucked Sluts Adult DVD04/26/2011Xcritic 
ATK Access Restricted: No Boys02/12/2011Xcritic
ATK All 18 410/03/2010Xcritic
ATK Amateurs in Action12/01/2010Xcritic
ATK Galleria 12: Amateur Cuties09/19/2010Xcritic
ATK Galleria 15: My Dirty Blonde07/08/2011Xcritic 
ATK Galleria Vol 13 Hottest Girls Next Door09/21/2010Xcritic 
ATK Newcomers10/23/2010Xcritic 
ATK Petites11/13/2010Xcritic 
ATK Petites 201/07/2011Xcritic
ATK Petites 305/28/2011Xcritic
ATK Socially Active Babes07/02/2011Xcritic
Awakening To Love07/16/2010Xcritic
Baby Face02/27/2012Xcritic 
Babysitter Diaries 212/20/2010Xcritic
Babysitter Diaries 312/23/2010Xcritic
Babysitter Diaries 611/25/2011Xcritic
Babysitter Diaries 706/04/2012Xcritic
Babysitters Gone Bad07/19/2011Xcritic 
Bad Apples 606/29/2012Xcritic
Bald Beavers 212/19/2010Xcritic 
Bang 'Em All11/17/2010Xcritic
Bangin' The Naughty Spot06/30/2012Xcritic 
Barely Legal 10506/21/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 10707/04/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 11010/10/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 11111/23/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 11212/29/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal 11301/16/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal 11402/05/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal 11503/11/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal 11705/26/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal 11907/09/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal 12109/30/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal 12310/21/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal 12404/22/2012Xcritic
Barely Legal 12906/10/2012Xcritic
Barely Legal 13007/10/2012Xcritic
Barely Legal All Anal10/05/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal Babysitters 207/02/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal BFF's08/04/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal Bikini Blondes 203/26/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal Casting Sessions03/18/2011Xcritic
Barely Legal Innocence 1007/03/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal P.O.V. 1110/16/2012Xcritic
Barely Legal School Girls 607/21/2010Xcritic
Barely Legal: My First Day of Stripping08/18/2012Xcritic 
Barley Legal 12008/15/2011Xcritic 
Beach Babe Amateurs09/06/2012Xcritic
Belladonna: Slut!07/20/2010Xcritic
Big Ass Cheerleaders 203/02/2011Xcritic
Big Ass Fixation 808/03/2011Xcritic
Big Boob Carwash 208/28/2012Xcritic
Big Boob Film School Dropouts06/01/2011Xcritic
Big Dick Gloryholes 612/24/2010Xcritic
Big Tit Patrol 1006/06/2011Xcritic
BJ's In PJ's09/18/2010Xcritic 
Blonde Side09/28/2010Xcritic
Blowjob Winner 912/21/2010Xcritic
Boffing The Babysitter 1009/14/2011Xcritic
Boffing The Babysitter 1308/21/2012Xcritic
Boffing The Babysitter 406/09/2010Xcritic
Boffing The Babysitter 711/28/2010Xcritic
Boffing The Babysitter 803/18/2011Xcritic
Bra, Panties, Scissors07/27/2011Xcritic
Breakfast Club, The: XXX08/08/2010Xcritic 
Breakin' 'Em In 1303/21/2011Xcritic
Bridesmaids XXX Porn Parody09/22/2011Xcritic 
Burning Angel Newbies01/29/2011Xcritic
Bus Stop Girls12/30/2010Xcritic
Bus Stop Girls 201/07/2011Xcritic
Butt Fuck Bukkake11/27/2010Xcritic
Casting Couch Confessions12/04/2010Xcritic
Charlie's Porno Adventure05/29/2011Xcritic 
Cheaters Retreat 203/14/2011Xcritic
Cock Sucking Challenge08/14/2010Xcritic 
Cock Sucking Challenge 202/20/2011Xcritic
Cock Sucking Challenge 405/25/2011Xcritic
Cock Sucking Challenge 505/31/2011Xcritic
Cock Sucking Challenge 606/28/2011Xcritic
Cocksucking Teens 109/07/2012Xcritic
Corrupt Schoolgirls05/30/2012Xcritic 
Couples Bang The Babysitter 401/31/2011Xcritic
Couples Seduce Teens 1506/21/2010Xcritic
Couples Seduce Teens 2010/15/2011Xcritic
Cum Glazed 204/23/2011Xcritic 
Cum Hunters 710/03/2010Xcritic
Cum Hunters 810/14/2010Xcritic
Dear Abby07/11/2011Xcritic
Diabolic Young Amateurs07/02/2010Xcritic
Diabolical Amateurs 207/29/2010Xcritic
Diabolical Amateurs 312/29/2010Xcritic
Diary Of Love08/15/2012Xcritic 
Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 303/03/2012Xcritic
Divorcee 2: This Ain't People's Court06/05/2011Xcritic 
Don't Make Me Beg 408/26/2011Xcritic
Don't Tell My Wife I Assfucked The Babysitter 501/28/2011Xcritic
Double Penetration Tryouts 908/06/2010Xcritic
Down Your Throat 706/04/2011Xcritic
Engagement Party08/04/2010Xcritic
Everybody Loves Kayden09/24/2010Xcritic 
Face Fucking, Inc. 1105/29/2011Xcritic
Family Guy: The XXX Parody05/05/2012Xcritic
Farm Fresh 309/30/2010Xcritic
Father Figure Vol.209/03/2012Xcritic 
Fifty Shades Of Grey: A XXX Adaption09/07/2012Xcritic 
Filthy Family 201/30/2011Xcritic
Finger Lickin Girlfriends02/06/2011Xcritic 
Finger Lickin Girlfriends 203/13/2012Xcritic
First Day Jitters 212/04/2011Xcritic
First Time Amateurs06/19/2010Xcritic
Flintstones, The: A XXX Parody12/13/2010Xcritic 
Fluffers 209/05/2010Xcritic
Fluffers 309/20/2010Xcritic
Fluffers 512/03/2010Xcritic
Fluffers 703/01/2011Xcritic
Forever Love Trust06/29/2012Xcritic
Fresh And Easy03/14/2011Xcritic
Fresh Outta High School 2107/19/2011Xcritic
Fresh Outta High School 2206/10/2012Xcritic
Fresh Squeeze 303/19/2011Xcritic
Freshmen Anal Orientation03/02/2011Xcritic
Friend Zone03/24/2012Xcritic
Friends and Family12/31/2010Xcritic 
Friends And Family 203/30/2011Xcritic
Friends And Family 305/20/2012Xcritic
Fuck A Fan 1008/16/2010Xcritic 
Fuck A Fan 1211/14/2010Xcritic 
Fuck A Fan 1301/15/2011Xcritic
Fuck My Mom and Me 1309/07/2010Xcritic
Fuckabilly 209/26/2012Xcritic
Games Couples Play02/02/2011Xcritic 
Girlfriends Get Even06/29/2012Xcritic 
Halloween XXX Porn Parody08/17/2011Xcritic
Hand Job Winner 709/15/2010Xcritic
Hand Job Winner 811/20/2010Xcritic
Hand Job Winner 911/29/2010Xcritic
Happy Handies07/05/2011Xcritic
High Heels And Panties09/29/2011Xcritic 
High Heels And Panties 211/24/2011Xcritic
Hot Anal Adventures06/25/2010Xcritic
Hot For Teacher06/18/2011Xcritic 
Hot Teen Next Door 707/03/2012Xcritic
Hot Teen Next Door 810/02/2012Xcritic
House Keeping01/17/2011Xcritic
Hustler's Amateur Action06/05/2011Xcritic 
Hustler's Untrue Hollywood Stories: Lindsay Goes to Jail09/10/2010Xcritic
I Fucked The Babysitter06/06/2012Xcritic 
I'm Here For The Gangbang10/01/2010Xcritic
Innocent But Nasty05/29/2012Xcritic
It's Okay! He's My Stepbrother04/07/2012Xcritic 
It's Okay! She's My Step Daughter 1003/01/2012Xcritic
It's Okay! She's My Step Daughter 706/03/2011Xcritic
It's Okay! She's My Step Daughter 808/07/2011Xcritic
It's Okay! She's My Step Sister 310/07/2012Xcritic
It's Okay! She's My Stepsister 206/10/2012Xcritic
Jack Napier's Keepin' It Real03/07/2011Xcritic
Jay Rock POV 111/23/2010Xcritic 
Jay Rock POV 211/30/2010Xcritic 
Joanna Angel and James Deen's Summer Vacation01/02/2011Xcritic
Joanna Angel Breaks 'Em In12/01/2010Xcritic
Joanna Angel Exposed04/23/2012Xcritic
Just Over 18 807/19/2010Xcritic
Just Over Eighteen 2410/03/2010Xcritic
Let Me Suck You 301/18/2012Xcritic
Lost And Found03/04/2011Xcritic
Love Is a Dangerous Game10/20/2011Xcritic
Love or Lust06/03/2012Xcritic
Malibu Massage Parlor12/28/2010Xcritic 
Malibu Massage Parlor 210/16/2011Xcritic
MOFOs: Real Slut Party 204/07/2011Xcritic 
Mommy and Me 202/06/2011Xcritic
Mothers Teaching Daughters How To Suck Cock 1207/15/2012Xcritic
Mothers Teaching Daughters How To Suck Cock 701/03/2011Xcritic
Mr. POV06/28/2010Xcritic
My Best Friend's Dad06/29/2012Xcritic 
My Creepy Uncle01/14/2011Xcritic
My Favorite Emo Sluts02/16/2011Xcritic
My First Orgy 204/02/2011Xcritic
My Friend's Hot Girl 109/25/2012Xcritic
My Little Panties 311/23/2011Xcritic
My New White Stepdaddy 206/30/2011Xcritic
My Oldest Fuck 206/07/2010Xcritic
My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad 209/10/2010Xcritic
My Teen Swallows07/30/2010Xcritic
My Wife And I Are Fucking The Babysitter 307/12/2012Xcritic
Naughty Cheerleaders07/09/2010Xcritic 
Naughty Nanny 303/01/2011Xcritic
Naughty Newbies12/19/2010Xcritic
Naughty Noobies 204/23/2011Xcritic
Naughty Noobies 310/21/2011Xcritic
Naughty Rich Girls 609/15/2011Xcritic
New Girl in Town 101/15/2012Xcritic 
New Pussy For Crushin'02/26/2011Xcritic 
New Releases 709/06/2010Xcritic
New To The Game 704/08/2011Xcritic
Newbies 206/16/2011Xcritic
Newlywed Sinners06/17/2011Xcritic
Not M*A*S*H XXX08/31/2010Xcritic
Official Californication Parody02/26/2011Xcritic
Official Deal or No Deal Parody04/03/2011Xcritic
OMG! I fucked my daughter's BFF!09/30/2011Xcritic 
On The Job Training01/02/2011Xcritic 
Only Pussy Please10/01/2011Xcritic
P.I.T. Pornstars In Traning09/15/2010Xcritic 
P.I.T.: Pornstars In Traning 206/20/2011Xcritic 
P.O.V. Punx 411/15/2010Xcritic
POV Cocksuckers 1112/19/2010Xcritic
Power and Control04/03/2012Xcritic
Prince The Penetrator06/04/2012Xcritic
Pure 18 volume 1909/14/2011Xcritic 
Pussy Eating Club 308/25/2010Xcritic
Real Rockin' Racks12/08/2011Xcritic
Rebel Girl08/15/2010Xcritic
Rectal Fuckfest06/01/2011Xcritic
Registered Nurse 312/28/2010Xcritic
Relax He's My Stepdad 206/24/2010Xcritic
Rocco's Bitch Party 209/01/2010Xcritic
Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy10/14/2010Xcritic 
Saw: A Hardcore Parody Adult DVD11/24/2010Xcritic 
Schoolgirl P.O.V. 806/27/2010Xcritic
Schoolgirl Sex03/13/2012Xcritic
Scurvy Girls 312/18/2010Xcritic
Seasoned Players 1606/01/2011Xcritic
Secretary's Day 507/01/2011Xcritic
Seven Years Of Marriage09/03/2012Xcritic
Sexual Ussault Vehicle01/04/2011Xcritic
Shameless Amateurs 406/27/2010Xcritic
She's Gonna Blow P.O.V. 207/13/2010Xcritic
She's So Anal07/01/2012Xcritic 
She's So Cute12/05/2010Xcritic 
She's So Cute 202/11/2011Xcritic 
She's So Cute 307/14/2011Xcritic 
Slumber Party 110/18/2010Xcritic
Slumber Party 1008/18/2011Xcritic 
Slumber Party 210/08/2010Xcritic 
Slumber Party 402/16/2011Xcritic 
Slumber Party 906/30/2011Xcritic 
Snort That Cum 508/29/2010Xcritic
Snort That Cum 711/17/2010Xcritic
So Young So Sexy P.O.V.09/18/2010Xcritic 
So Young So Sexy P.O.V. 202/19/2011Xcritic
So Young So Sexy P.O.V. 401/29/2012Xcritic
Spanish Teen Lolitas (Best of Private 174)09/18/2012Xcritic 
Squirtamania 1003/13/2011Xcritic
Squirtamania 710/17/2010Xcritic
Street Vendors 404/02/2011Xcritic
Study Buddy Booty Call12/16/2010Xcritic
Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone 212/12/2010Xcritic
Teen Babysitters06/28/2010Xcritic
Teen Cream POV09/30/2011Xcritic
Teen Glazing07/07/2010Xcritic
Teens For Cash 2407/13/2012Xcritic
Teens Like It Big 707/09/2010Xcritic
Teens Like It Big 905/30/2011Xcritic
Teens On Cock10/22/2010Xcritic
Teeny Bopper Club 806/04/2011Xcritic
Tiny Teen Titties11/16/2010Xcritic
Tiny Titty Amateurs 108/21/2012Xcritic 
Tits, Tats N Ass03/12/2011Xcritic
Too Big For Teens 312/14/2010Xcritic
Too Big For Teens 403/02/2011Xcritic
Too Big For Teens 512/06/2010Xcritic
Too Big For Teens 906/10/2012Xcritic
Too Cute03/21/2012Xcritic 
Too Small To Take It All 404/09/2012Xcritic
Toss My Salad 108/22/2011Xcritic
Toss My Salad 2: Teens Toss It Best10/01/2011Xcritic
Trained Teens 408/08/2011Xcritic
Troubled Teens05/24/2012Xcritic
Truth, Dare Or Bare03/11/2012Xcritic
Twisted Youth01/26/2012Xcritic 
University Gangbang 807/31/2011Xcritic
Unplanned Orgies and Spontaneous Gang Bangs 108/01/2011Xcritic
Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First 1002/15/2011Xcritic
We Are Fucking With Our Neighbors10/16/2011Xcritic 
We Are Fucking With Our Neighbors 307/15/2012Xcritic
We Suck! 308/03/2010Xcritic
Welcome To The Jungle10/22/2010Xcritic
Wet, Wild and Young 206/20/2010Xcritic
Wet, Wild and Young 309/17/2010Xcritic
Wheel of Debauchery 207/03/2011Xcritic
White Wife Black Cock 911/28/2011Xcritic
With This Ring12/26/2011Xcritic
Young and Cravin' Cum12/15/2010Xcritic 
Young Mouth Club06/27/2011Xcritic
Youth Gone Wild06/06/2012Xcritic