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25 Mar 2015
‘Words With (Slutty) Friends' featuring Claire Robbins

Posted by Gabriel Lan

WWSF Claire Robbins SFW 2

Word Association is commonly used in therapy as a means of creating a psychiatric evaluation of someone. Participants are instructed to just respond to a given word spontaneously with the first word, thing, or phrase that comes to mind. Some experts in the field of psychology believe that the responses can reveal things about the subconscious mind of an individual. So, what is in the subconscious mind of a dirty little slut? IAFD.com wanted to know, and to help all you pud pullers out there better understand how your favorite pornstars really think and feel, we just came right out and asked them for you. In this installment, we feature the beautiful mind of multiple Spank Bank Award winner Claire Robbins.

Here are the results:

Gabriel Lan: Jelly
Claire Robbins: Rolls

Gabriel Lan: Candy
Claire Robbins: Corn

Gabriel Lan: Towel
Claire Robbins: Warm

Gabriel Lan: Wet
Claire Robbins: Pussy

Gabriel Lan: Tight
Claire Robbins: Ass


Gabriel Lan: Hard
Claire Robbins: Living

Gabriel Lan: Knob
Claire Robbins: Licking

Gabriel Lan: Noisy
Claire Robbins: Bedsprings

Gabriel Lan: Balls
Claire Robbins: Deep

Gabriel Lan: Dry
Claire Robbins: Heave

Gabriel Lan: Ejaculate
Claire Robbins: Tissues

Gabriel Lan: Gentle
Claire Robbins: Lover

Gabriel Lan: Pleasure
Claire Robbins: Pile

Gabriel Lan: Insidious
Claire Robbins: Intentions

Gabriel Lan: Asphyxiation
Claire Robbins: Please!


Gabriel Lan: Vacant
Claire Robbins: Eyes

Gabriel Lan: Lesbian
Claire Robbins: Hijinx

Gabriel Lan: Mouth
Claire Robbins: Moist

Gabriel Lan: Orgasm
Claire Robbins: More!!!

Gabriel Lan: Slippery
Claire Robbins: Fluids

Gabriel Lan: Rasberry
Claire Robbins: Pfttthhhhpppptt

Gabriel Lan: Slut
Claire Robbins: Me ;)

Gabriel Lan: Pervert
Claire Robbins: You! :p

You can find Claire all over the internet –

Find Claire Robbins’ filmography and all your other favorite pornstars on IAFD.com.

Header photo taken at AEE15, courtesy of morbidthoughts

13 Mar 2015
"Just The Facts, Ma'am" with Alina Li

Posted by Gabriel Lan

JTFM - Alina

As the premier resource for information about the American porn community on the web, the internet adult film database catalogs hundreds of thousands of pornstars and porn movie titles alike. We here at IAFD are constantly striving to provide our users with the most complete information available on all your favorite pornstars. As such, we decided to go straight to the stars themselves to find out a little more about them..... their favorite things, things they like and dislike, their hobbies, etc. in a little segment we call “Just The Facts, Ma’am”.

In this installment, we feature sexy Far East sensation Alina Li

Just The Facts, Ma’am

Name: Alina Li
Date of Birth: 09/08/94
Place of Birth: Shanghai, China
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 105 lb
Measurements: 32/22/32
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Light brown
Shoe Size: 7
Tattoos: One smoking gun tat on right hip.
Piercings: Ears only
Social Media Address(s): Twitter , Instagram, Tumblr
Amazon Wish List: Alina Li


A still from Alina’s first scene – Amateur Lesbians Fuck

1st Scene: Bangbros, Amateur Lesbians Fuck, “Party of Three”

Most Memorable Scene To Date: Every scene got a little something behind them and were all memorable.
Favorite Position(s): Doggy and cowgirl
Turn Ons: When I get touched on my back, my back is very sensitive and when someone is running their finger/tongue through it, it’s a instantly turn on for me.
Turn Offs: Bad manners, bad hygiene
Favorite Food(s): Fruits, and every kind of Asian food.
Favorite Movie(s): All of Jackie Chan’s movie.
Favorite TV Show(s): Two Broke Girls, Shark Tank, Undercover Boss
Favorite Book(s): Sasha Grey’s ‘The Juliet Society’
Favorite Music Genre(s): R&B, Hip Hop
Pet(s): None
Pastimes or Hobbies: Gym, dance, painting/drawing
Post Porn Aspirations: Perform well on the things I haven’t performed yet.

Alexis Monroe, Alina Li, Carmen Caliente and Ashley(?) in Spin the Dildo

Alexis Monroe, Alina Li, Carmen Caliente and Ashley(?) in Spin the Dildo

08 Mar 2015
The 2015 XRCO Nominations are Out!

Posted by IAFD Staff


The 2015 XRCO Nominations were announced, and Bonnie Rotten leads the performers with 6 nominations and Aftermath and Wetwork lead the movies with 3 nominations apiece.

Rounding out the Top 5 performers honored are:

The rest of the top movies with two nominations apiece are:

The awards ceremony is an industry-only event held in April somewhere in Hollywood…

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Cumback

Best Director: Features

Best Director: Non-Features

Best Director: Parody

Best Director: Web

Best Epic

Best Gonzo Movie

Best Parody: Comedy

Best Parody: Comic Book

Best Parody: Drama

Best Release

Cream Dream of the Year

Female Performer of the Year

Hall of Fame

Mainstream Adult Media Favorite

Male Performer of the Year

MILF Performer of the Year

New Starlet of the Year

New Stud of the Year

Orgasmic Analist of the Year

Orgasmic Oralist of the Year

Superslut of the Year

Unsung Siren of the Year

Unsung Swordsman of the Year

02 Mar 2015
"Just The Facts, Ma'am" with Siri

Posted by Gabriel Lan

JTFM - Siri

As the premier resource for information about the American porn community on the web, the internet adult film database catalogs hundreds of thousands of pornstars and porn movie titles alike. We here at IAFD are constantly striving to provide our users with the most complete information available on all your favorite pornstars. As such, we decided to go straight to the stars themselves to find out a little more about them..... things they like, dislike, favorite things, hobbies, etc. in a little segment we call “Just The Facts, Ma’am”.

In this installment, we feature a girl with an incredible smile – the ever popular Siri

Just The Facts, Ma'am

Name: Siri (short for Sigrid, meaning Beautiful Victory in Old Norse)
Date of Birth: June 20, 1988
Place of Birth: Minneapolis, MN
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 145
Measurements: Bra size: 30H (all natural) Bust: 38″ Waist: 27″ Hips: 38″


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Shoe Size: 9.5
Tattoos: Heart with guitar tuning knobs on left inside forearm,  Swedish Dala Horse on right inside upper arm, Hummingbird near left hip bone
Piercings: Ears
Social Media Address(s): twitter.com/SIRIpornstar, OfficialSIRI.com, DreamLover.com/SIRI


Website: SIRIpornstar.com
Amazon Wish List: SpoilSIRI.com
1st Scene: Reality Kings “Siri Says” Big Naturals with Voodoo, February 2012

A shot from Siri's first scene

A shot from Siri’s first scene

Most Memorable Scene To Date: My first anal scene, Stacked 2 from Hard X directed by Mason, with Mick Blue
Favorite Position: Doggy
Turn Ons: Confidence, nice eyes
Turn Offs: Arrogance, guys who are lazy with their hygiene
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Movie: Interstellar
Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Girls, Orange is the New Black
Favorite Books: Harry Potter series, Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins.
Favorite Music Genre: A bit of everything, from classic rock to indie pop, from old country to EDM, from Taylor Swift to Kanye. I just like whatever’s good.
Pets: I don’t have any right now. But I LOVE cats!
Pastimes or Hobbies: knitting, karaoke, singing and playing guitar/mandolin
Post Porn Aspirations: To leave my (big boob-shaped) mark on the world.

21 Feb 2015
Our Thoughts on "X Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time"

Posted by vanzetti

X Rated List

This month, Showtime is running Eli Cross/Bryn Pryor and Paul Fishbein‘s documentary X Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time; overall, I found the documentary to be a little too self-serious, and I have some issues with the list of movies they chose — most notably, there’s a gap covering the Silver and Iron Ages — between 1984 and 1992 — which should not have been overlooked, IMHO.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I am excited that this movie got produced at all, let alone scored distribution on Showtime, the other major American cable network that isn’t HBO.

Chanel Preston hosted the proceedings, providing opening and closing stand-ups, connective tissue and some brief in-studio interviews with Christy CanyonWesley Emerson (Cass Paley), Kimberly Kane and Ana Foxxx

The format was pretty rigid – generous amounts of harder-than-expected footage from the films  in question, intercut with talking heads – usually people involved in the movie. Due to the size of the list and the length of the documentary, each movie only got a bit over 2 minutes of discussion each.

(Speaking of the interviews, some of them were presented waaaay over-exposed.  I’m not sure of the stylistic choice of presenting it this way, but I found it distracting, when correctly exposed footage seemed to exist.)


In addition, when participants in the movies couldn’t be found, they relied on recent starts to offer opinions or summaries – for example, Skin Diamond (Best Oral (get it?), 2014 AVN Awards) was used to do the heavy lifting summarizing Deep Throat, since pretty everyone involved in that movie is dead now; Riley Reid talked about Blonde AmbitionCasey Calvert spoke about Nothing to Hide 1

But, BUT! They did get some great modern-day footage of performers Constance MoneyGeorgina SpelvinKay Parker, Eric EdwardsRichard Pacheco and Gloria Leonard from her final interview (courtesy of Steven Morowitz of Distribpix – Steven’s blog posting about his participation)

We talked about the doc during the latest episode of ThisAintNotTheViewXXX and how the makers completely skipped over The Silver and Iron Age of the adult movie — just off the tops of our heads, we had to wonder where was New Wave Hookers (1985) or Night Trips  (1989) or Chameleon (1989) or Adventures of Buttman (1989) or  Dog Walker (1994).  (1989 was a really great year for porn!) We couldn’t find a list of the movies, so I put my own together.

Major directors are overlooked – where is Bob Chinn? Robert McCallum? Carter StevensSvetlanaAlex DeRenzy?  Henri Fucking PachardThe Dark Brothers? John Leslie?  Cecil Howard’s great, but does he deserve three movies on the list?  No mention of Seka except for an appearance in a coming attraction that ran under the credits?

Any list will have its omissions, so I wonder if there were outside forces influencing some of the choices – was Johnny Wadd passed over because Chinn didn’t  want to participate?  (I have no clue; just using him as an example.)  Could they not get the rights to show clips from New Wave Hookers?  (Same caveat.)

Here’s their list, ordered by year of release, which is how the documentary was structured:

  1. Deep Throat (1972), directed by Gerard Damiano
  2. Behind the Green Door 1 (1972), directed by Artie Mitchell and Jim Mitchell
  3. Devil in Miss Jones 1 (1973), directed by Gerard Damiano
  4. Opening of Misty Beethoven (1975), directed by Henry Paris
  5. Barbara Broadcast (1977), directed by Henry Paris
  6. Debbie Does Dallas 1 (1978), directed by Jim Buckley
  7. Blonde Ambition (1980), directed by John Amero and Lem Amero
  8. Taboo 1 (1980), directed by Kirdy Stevens
  9. Neon Nights (1981), directed by Cecil Howard
  10. Cafe Flesh (1982), directed by Rinse Dream
  11. Scoundrels (1982), directed by Cecil Howard
  12. Roommates (1981), directed by Chuck Vincent
  13. Nothing to Hide 1 (1981*), directed by Anthony Spinelli
  14. Firestorm (1984), directed by Cecil Howard
  15. Hidden Obsessions (1992), directed by Andrew Blake
  16. Justine: Nothing to Hide 2 (1993), directed by Paul Thomas
  17. Latex (1995), directed by Michael Ninn
  18. Flashpoint (1998), directed by Brad Armstrong
  19. Looker 1 (1998), directed by Nic Cramer
  20. Seven Deadly Sins (1999), directed by Ren Savant
  21. Dark Angels (2000), directed by Nick Andrews
  22. Fashionistas 1 (2002), directed by John Stagliano
  23. Masseuse 1 (2004), directed by Paul Thomas
  24. New Devil in Miss Jones (2005), directed by Paul Thomas
  25. Pirates (2005), directed by Joone
  26. Corruption (2006), directed by Eli Cross
  27. Upload (2007), directed by Eli Cross
  28. Fallen (2008), directed by Brad Armstrong
  29. 8th Day (2009), directed by Ren Savant
  30. Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody (2012), directed by Axel Braun
  31. Underworld (2013), directed by Brad Armstrong
  32. Wasteland (2012), directed by Graham Travis
  33. Submission Of Emma Marx (2013), directed by Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell

* A quick note on years: According to the US Copyright Office, Nothing to Hide has a date of publication of December 18, 1981. The AFAA and CFAA gave it awards in 1981, it won “Best Film” at the 1982 Adam Film World awards, but AVN didn’t give it any awards until 1984, and in their book “AVN Guide to the 500 Greatest Adult Films of All Time” they list the date as 1983; which the copyright office lists as the date of registration (not the date of creation). IMDB also lists its release as 1981.

What are your thoughts on the list?

16 Feb 2015
The 2015 Spank Bank Award Winners

Posted by IAFD Staff


In its now traditional locale of @gabriel_lan‘s lavish living room in warm, sunny Nowhere Special, USA, the 5th annual Spank Bank Awards show was bigger and better than ever this year.

The Spank Bank Awards are voted on by a panel of porn critics (@gabriel_lan), noted adult film connoisseurs (@gabriel_lan), outside adult industry media insiders (@gabriel_lan), x-rated film fans (@gabriel_lan), and a committee chairman (also @gabriel_lan). Nominees who entice or influence the panel with any form of ‘sweet talking', ‘sexual innuendo', ‘buttering up', or outright eluding to sexual favors greatly increase their chances of winning.

Technical awards were given out at a luncheon ceremony held earlier in the week at an offsite location.  The winners of those honorable mentions follow the main awards:

The 2015 Spank Bank Awards

Headshot of Jennifer White

Most Spanked To Girl of the Year

Jennifer White

Headshot of Casey Calvert

Dirty Little Slut of the Year

Casey Calvert

Headshot of Adriana Chechik

Ho Holes of the Year

Adriana Chechik

Headshot of Penny Pax

America’s Porn Sweetheart

Penny Pax

Headshot of Chanel Preston

Asshole of the Year

Chanel Preston

Headshot of Remy LaCroix

Bad Ass Brunette of the Year

Remy LaCroix

Headshot of Jennifer White

BBC Slut of the Year

Jennifer White

Headshot of Chastity Lynn

Best “Come Fuck Me” Eyes

Chastity Lynn

Headshot of Chase Ryder

Best “O” Face

Chase Ryder

Headshot of Jada Stevens

Best All Around Ho

Jada Stevens

Headshot of Keisha Grey

Best Body

Keisha Grey

Headshot of Chanel Preston

Best Hands (aka Puppeteer of the Year)

Chanel Preston

Headshot of Madelyn Rose

Best High Speed DSL (Dick Sucking Lips)

Madelyn Rose

Headshot of Scarlet Red

Best Legs

Scarlet Red

Headshot of Jillian Janson

Best Smile

Jillian Janson

Headshot of Penny Pax

Best Unborn Baby Swallower

Penny Pax

Headshot of Carter Cruise

Best Vocals (While Being Railed)

Carter Cruise

Headshot of Anikka Albrite

Blonde Bombshell of the Year

Anikka Albrite

Headshot of Alex Chance

Boobalicious Babe of the Year

Alex Chance

Headshot of Adriana Chechik

Breakthrough Star of the Year

Adriana Chechik

Headshot of Maddy O'Reilly

Cock Sucking Whore of the Year

Maddy O’Reilly

Headshot of Veruca James

Cum Dumpster of the Year

Veruca James

Headshot of Sheena Ryder

Cumback of the Year

Sheena Ryder

Headshot of Mick Blue

Dick of the Year

Mick Blue

Headshot of A.J. Applegate

DP Diva of the Year

A.J. Applegate

Headshot of Emma Haize

Fetish Floozie of the Year

Emma Haize

Headshot of Dakota Skye

Fucking Nerd of the Year

Dakota Skye

Headshot of Alex Tanner

Fun Sized Fuck Bunny

Alex Tanner

Headshot of Veruca James

Gang Banged Slut of the Year

Veruca James

Headshot of Maddy O'Reilly

Hardest Working Ho in Ho Biz

Maddy O’Reilly

Headshot of Samantha Bentley

Imported Whore of the Year

Samantha Bentley

Headshot of Holly Hanna

Life Sized Human Hand Puppet

Holly Hanna

Headshot of Tara Morgan

Masturbator of the Year

Tara Morgan

Headshot of Anikka Albrite

Mattress Actress of the Year

Anikka Albrite

Headshot of Dakota Skye

Most Adorable Slut

Dakota Skye

Headshot of Kayden Kross

Most Beautiful Whore

Kayden Kross

Headshot of Missy Monroe

Most Magnificent MILF

Missy Monroe

Headshot of Violet Monroe

Most Photogenic Slut

Violet Monroe

Headshot of Leya Falcon

Most Underrated Whore

Leya Falcon

Headshot of Phoenix Marie

Most Voluptuous Vixen

Phoenix Marie

Headshot of Carter Cruise

Newcummer of the Year

Carter Cruise

Headshot of Aidra Fox

Porn’s Next “It” Girl

Aidra Fox

Headshot of Jillian Janson

Prettiest Girl In Porn

Jillian Janson

Headshot of Sarah Shevon

Pussy Eating Princess of the Year

Sarah Shevon

Headshot of Ash Hollywood

Pussy of the Year

Ash Hollywood

Headshot of Alice Green

Red Haired Harlot of the Year

Alice Green

Headshot of Karla Kush

Sexiest Inked Slut

Karla Kush

Headshot of Dahlia Sky

Sexiest Woman Alive

Dahlia Sky

Headshot of Bonnie Rotten

Super Squirter of the Year

Bonnie Rotten

Headshot of Jenna J Ross

The Girl Next Door … Only Better

Jenna J Ross

Headshot of Claire Robbins

The Total Package

Claire Robbins

Headshot of Carter Cruise

Tweeting Twat of the Year

Carter Cruise

Headshot of Casey Calvert

Two Hot Dogs in a Hallway

Casey Calvert

Headshot of Casey Calvert

Wet Dream Girl

Casey Calvert

The 2015 Spank Bank ‘Technical’ Awards

A Bad Girl To Blow Your Mind

A Booty That Don’t Need Explaining

A Little Slice of Pink Heaven

A Living, Breathing Doll

A True Evil Angel

All The Right Junk In All The Right Places

Ambidextrous Jack Off Artist

American Porn Idol

America’s Favorite Pole Dancer

America’s Next Top Porn Model

Ariana Grande’s Sluttier Doppleganger

Badass Ball Busting Bitch

Begging For a Crack Attack

Bespectacled Buttsex Addict

Best BareAss Baker

Best Canadian Treat Since Maple Syrup

Best Cleavage

Best Couch Cuddling Cooze

Best Cum Covered Grin

Best Cushion For The Pushin’

Best Demonstration of ‘Self Fisting’

Best Display of Choking on Dick

Best Dressed Slut

Best G/G Kisser

Best Gape

Best Groomed Bearded Clam

Best Honeymoon Hostess

Best Nails For Digging Into Your Back

Best New Additions

Best Piercing

Best Reason To Get Satellite Radio

Best Road Trip / Road Head Giver

Best Self Photographer

Best Thing To Come Out of Russia Since Vodka

Best Twisted Sense of Humor

Best Usage of Camel Toe in a Public Setting

Best Youtube Channel EVER!

Better Than Any Monet mASSterpiece

Bionic Blonde Starfish

Bottomless Butthole

Brainiac Bimbo of the Year

ButtFucked Bellezza

Chillest Bitch on the Planet

Chronic Masturbator

Clam Crazed Cooze

Classiest Cooze

Cornholed Comptroller

Curly Haired Sex Kitten

Cutest Pouty Face

Deepest Throat

Director of Devilish Deviants

Dirtiest Debut of the Year

Dirtiest Mind

Dirtpipe Gangsta

Exotic Goddess

Fantasy “Best Friends’ Mom”

Favorite Porn Star of Girlfriends Everywhere

Freakiest Freckle Faced Cutie

Friendliest Cum Junkie

Hot As Fuck in Any Language

Hottest Home Improvement Harlot

Hottest Video Gamer on Earth

Indestructable Poop Chute

Instagram Girl of the Year

Kitten So Good, It’s Drippin’ On Wood

Magical Pussy

Marilyn Monroe’s Porn Clone

Miss Personality

More Time Masturbating = No Time For Drama

Most Downloaded Slut of the Year

Most Eager Spanking Receiver

Most Flexible Floozie

Most ‘Hands On’ Director

Most Likely To Fuck at the Bar While in the Bar

Most Likely To Have A ‘Spitting’ Orgasm

Most Likely To Mix a Beat While Being Ass Fucked

Most Likely To Star In Her Own XXX Anime Feature

Most Magnificent Meat Curtains

Most Perverted PAWG

Most Reliable Whore

Most Squeezable Badonkadonk

Most Stunning Facial

Most Talented Tramp

Nicest Nympho

NOT ‘Gay For Pay’, But Bi EVERY Day

Perfecter of the Perfect Stroke

Perfection Personified

Prettiest Pink Stink

Prettiest Pink Taco

Princess of Profanity

Proof of the Existence of Amazonian Warriors

Prototype of All Future Sex Machines

Pussy Pumping Party Hostess

Queen of the Chicken Wing

Queen of the Dommed

Queen of the Rim Job

Queen of the Slurp

Real Life Mythical Creature

Ropeburn’s Best Friend

Ruling The World With A Manicured Iron Fist

Runway Model Gone Bad

She’ll Leave You Breathless

Size Queen of the Year

Smoothest Cock Sockets

Sphincter Wizard Surrounded By Muggles

Stunning Sweetheart

Teenage Dream

Thank God She Does Anal Now!

Thank God She Does Anal Now! Part 2

Thank God She Does Anal Now! Part 3

Thank God She Takes Vitamin ‘D’ Now!

The 7 AM Cookie Monster

The American Dream

The Darker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice

The Gaped Crusader

The Grandest Canyon

The Human Party

The Notorious V.A.G.

The Pale (Cock) Rider

The Perfect All American Girl

The Porn Stars’ Favorite Pussy Eater

The Queen of B&W Photography

The Unspoken Of Filthy Disney Princess

Total Jackoff Material

Triple (Penetration) Threat

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio

World’s Most Beautiful Envelope Licker

World’s Sexiest Sci-Fi Nerd

World’s Sweetest Slut

Worship Worthy Booty

30 Jan 2015
The 2015 Spank Bank Awards Nominations Are Here!

Posted by IAFD Staff



Writer Gabriel Lan, back when he was at Fox Magazine, founded the Spank Bank Awards, an irreverent group of categories meant to honor the gals (and guys) who helped us make many deposits into our own personal Spank Bank over the past year.

When Gabriel joined our team, he brought the awards with him, so we’re happy to announce The 2015 Spank Bank Awards Nominees.

The most nominated star is Casey Calvert with 15 noms. Close on her heels is Carter Cruise with 14. Trailing close behind with 12 noms each are Jennifer WhiteChanel PrestonAdriana ChechikAnikka AlbriteMaddy O’Reilly and Penny Pax. Rounding out the Top 10 with 11 noms each are Veruca James, Bonnie Rotten and Ash Hollywood.

Winners will be announced as soon as we wring every last piece of social media traffic out of this… so in about a week or so. :-)

Follow @iafdcom and @gabriel_lan on Twitter for details and to get the heads up on the big reveal.  Use the hashtag #spankbank15

Most Spanked To Girl of the Year

Dirty Little Slut of the Year

Ho Holes of the Year

America’s Porn Sweetheart

Asshole of the Year

Bad Ass Brunette of the Year

BBC Slut of the Year

Best “Come Fuck Me” Eyes

Best “O” Face

Best All Around Ho

Best Body

Best Hands (aka Puppeteer of the Year)

Best High Speed DSL (Dick Sucking Lips)

Best Legs

Best Smile

Best Unborn Baby Swallower

Best Vocals (While Being Railed)

Blonde Bombshell of the Year

Boobalicious Babe of the Year

Breakthrough Star of the Year

Cock Sucking Whore of the Year

Cum Dumpster of the Year

Cumback of the Year

Dick of the Year

DP Diva of the Year

Fetish Floozie of the Year

Fucking Nerd of the Year

Fun Sized Fuck Bunny

Gang Banged Slut of the Year

Hardest Working Ho in Ho Biz

Imported Whore of the Year

Life Sized Human Hand Puppet

Masturbator of the Year

Mattress Actress of the Year

Most Adorable Slut

Most Beautiful Whore

Most Magnificent MILF

Most Photogenic Slut

Most Underrated Whore

Most Voluptuous Vixen

Newcummer of the Year

Porn’s Next “It” Girl

Prettiest Girl In Porn

Pussy Eating Princess of the Year

Pussy of the Year

Red Haired Harlot of the Year

Sexiest Inked Slut

Sexiest Woman Alive

Super Squirter of the Year

The Girl Next Door … Only Better

The Total Package

Tweeting Twat of the Year

Two Hot Dogs in a Hallway

Wet Dream Girl

23 Jan 2015
This Ain't Not The View XXX - A New Podcast

Posted by IAFD Staff


So, Rog of RogReviews.com, Dr. Chauntelle of ChauntelleTibbals.com and myself have joined forces and are going to throw our hat into the podcasting ring, with a casual chat about the industry.  We’re calling the new venture This Ain’t Not The View XXX and we’re hoping to have other people sit in on future installments.  We took some inspiration from This Week in Tech by recording our first episode in person at a trade show… our next episode will be recorded remotely via Skype and the plan it to be recording new episodes biweekly.

The show will live at ThisAintNotTheViewXXX.com

We hope you enjoy the episode.

19 Jan 2015
A Small Site Tweak to the Matchups Page

Posted by IAFD Staff

Tweaks 1

Got an email today:

Dear IAFD,

I’m trying to ID the source of a scene featuring Leslie Taylor and a female named Caroline . Your page of pairings lists 3 females with that name , and 6 movies, none of which matches the scene I have on file.

I suspect my main problem is that most performers have used more than one name … While IAFD lists only a matching performer’s ”principal” name on that matchups page , the file provider may have used one of the AKAs .

Currently my alternative is to search either ALL the headshots (there are 646 , and I find many females ”don’t look much like” their headshots) , or LOTS of movies (in this case , since I’m looking at a file from 2002 , I may only have to check 280 of the 807 movies in his list , released in 2002 or earlier). Either way isn’t ”fun” … and , in fact , neither is guaranteed to work .

If IAFD printed out (on the matchups page) all AKA names along with the “principal” name , that would make the ID task a lot easier . But , that might
also upset the appearance of the matchups page, especially for performers that have a lot of AKA.s .


At present , I have no idea if either of these changes could easily be made , or would be of interest to other IAFD visitors . And there may be something else you have in mind that could also help … (I have other scenes to ID , too).

So, it took all of 30 seconds to add the performer AKA to the MatchUps page and tweak the CSS to make it look pretty, so that’s what we did.


16 Jan 2015
Congrats to the XBiz Award Winners!

Posted by IAFD Staff

2Well, we’re a little sad. Another year goes by, and it’s merely an honor to be nominated… FreeOnes took the Adult Site of the Year: Fan Site award for the whatever year running (but who’s counting?). Along with them, a bunch of other people won awards, here they are. It’s almost 4 AM on the East Coast, so I’m calling it a night with only the most minimal data analysis…

On the performer side, the big winners were Carter Cruise and James Deen who both won 3 awards.

The big winner was Eli Cross’ Wetwork (2014) which won SEVEN awards; Not Jersey Boys XXX: A Porn Musical (2014) and Second Chances (2014) were tied for second-most honored with 4 wins apiece.

So, here’s the breakdown:

All-Black Release of the Year

All-Girl Release of the Year

All-Sex Release of the Year

Amateur Release of the Year

Asian-Themed Release of the Year

BDSM Release of the Year

Best Actor – Couples-Themed Release

Best Actor – Feature Movie

Best Actor – Parody Release

Best Actress – All-Girl Release

Best Actress – Couples-Themed Release

Best Actress – Feature Movie

Best Art Direction

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Music

Best New Starlet

Best Non-Sex Acting Performance

Best Scene – All-Girl

Best Scene – Couples-Themed Release

Best Scene – Non-Feature Release

Best Scene – Parody Release

Best Scene – Vignette Release

Best Special Effects

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Couples-Themed Release of the Year

Crossover Star of the Year

Director of the Year – Feature Release

Director of the Year – Non-Feature Release

Director of the Year – Parody

Director of the Year: Body of Work

European Director of the Year

European Feature Release of the Year

European Non-Feature Release of the Year

Feature Movie of the Year

Female Performer of the Year

Feminist Porn Release of the Year

Fetish Release of the Year

Foreign Female Performer of the Year

Foreign Male Performer of the Year

Gay Director of the Year

Gay Movie of the Year

Gay Performer of the Year

Girl/Girl Performer of the Year

Gonzo Release of the Year

Interracial Release of the Year

Latin-Themed Release of the Year

Male Performer of the Year

MILF Performer of the Year

Parody Release of the Year: Comedy

Parody Release of the Year: Drama

Pro-Am Release of the Year

Screenplay of the Year

Specialty Release of the Year

Transsexual Director of the Year

Transsexual Performer of the Year

Transsexual Release of the Year

Vignette Release of the Year

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